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Here you will find our recommendation and reviews for the best lighted makeup mirror [magnifying & flexible] and bathroom vanity mirror with lights for makeup and shaving.

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Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror [Magnifying]

A wall mounted magnifying makeup mirror is basically a vanity mirror with some type of magnification and it’s designed to be mounted into the wall by screwing or using a strong suction cup. These types of mirrors can either be lighted or non-lighted.

Wall mount magnifying makeup mirror is ideal for everyone from professional makeup artists, hairdressers and almost any makeup enthusiast that loves to work on their look.

From perfect smokey eye to a dramatic winged liner, having a clear and precise view of what you are doing is vital when it comes to makeup application.

If you want a more permanent mirror and you have a permanent location where you can put it, then a wall-mounted magnifying mirror is a perfect option for you. It’s also a great choice for those with poor eyesight or those who put on contact lenses.

The Best Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirrors


Tabletop Magnifying Makeup Mirror

A tabletop magnifying makeup mirror has one or more mirrors of different magnifications attached to stand or a base. They can fit perfectly on flat surfaces such as a table or desk. They come in two types circular or oval with lights or not and rectangular or square mirrors.

Who will need a tabletop magnifying makeup mirror?

  • Just anyone: A tabletop (or freestanding) magnifying makeup mirror is an essential tool for anyone who does regular makeup application or practices regular facial grooming. It’s not just an excellent tool for women but men as well where it can help to shave or trim a beard with great precision.
  • Makeup Artists: For makeup artists, a small tabletop lighted makeup mirror will certainly give you a bit of professional edge against your peers and allow your clients to have a clear view of their face and your work. Some clients often prefer applying certain makeup themselves, thereby, having a magnifying makeup mirror with light is a big plus.
  • Travelers: If you are a frequent traveler, then you will definitely need a tabletop mirror as it is portable and flexible to keep you looking at your best throughout.

The Best Tabletop Magnifying Mirrors


Vanity Mirror With Lights

A vanity mirror with lights is a medium-sized personal grooming mirror that’s commonly used by ladies to check their appearance and most importantly, to apply makeup and hair products.

In fact, lighted makeup vanity mirrors come with LED lights built into their outside edges making them absolutely the best option for applying makeup as they are specifically designed to help you to look your best.

When it comes to putting on makeup, having the right mirror and lighting is of utmost importance. You can have every beauty products you need, but with dim light falling on your face, your chances of ending up with an unwanted messy makeup are very high.

Who Will Need A Vanity Mirror With Lights?

Generally speaking, a vanity makeup mirror with built-in light is a pretty useful tool for anyone that wants to look good. It’s a valuable mirror for women in particular, very essential for proper makeup application and avoiding those hair product mishaps.

However, it’s not just meant for makeup appliers out there. All the members of the family can use it, including men who shave often. With better lighting, you will be less likely to pierce your skin or miss a spot when shaving.

It’s also a valuable tool for any makeup artists who want to transform their work. Investing in a top-quality lighted vanity mirror can allow you to bring out the best in yourself and your clients as well.

The Best Vanity Mirrors With Lights


The Main Features

2X 3X 5X 7X 8X 10X 15X cordless dimable halo light led light lighted non-lighted rectangular round shape scissor arm suction cup