ALHAKIN 10X Non-Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

When it comes to cosmetics application, the truth is that even the greatest makeup artists need a vanity mirror that is reliable, functional and of the highest quality. The Alhakin 10X magnified makeup mirror is designed and built to cater for all your personal care activities.


On one side is the standard 1X magnification while on the other side is the 10X magnification.

The normal 1X magnification side is mainly used for hairstyling and general viewing of your makeup. On the other hand, the 10X magnified side is mainly used to offer closeup views’ ideal for shaving, tweezing and wearing eye contacts.

However, when using the 10X magnification side to ensure every detail of your makeup is in place, it is advised that you be within a distance of at least 2-inches to the mirror for true, clear and undistorted images. if you are far from the mirror, you will have dizzy images.

Size & Shape

Besides, the unit’s construction involves a sturdy wall mount base, a two-parts extension arm, and a rotatable mirror head. With a metallic frame of 8-inches diameter and 0.8-inch wide, the mirror-head holds and supports the dual-sided reflective surface.

Also, when packaged, the entire unit measures 12.5-inch by 1.2-inch by 16.8-inch. With such a compact size and good-looking package, the mirror makes a perfect gift to show love to your lover, friend, and parents.

Design & Matching

By incorporating a simple cordless design and general outlook appearance, the makeup mirror is perfect for adding glamour to any home. The cordless design means that no power cords are required for the non-lighted mirror thus making it clutter-free.

A clutter-free wall mount mirror is an ideal decorative piece to enhance your wall décor. The non-lighted makeup mirror arrives in an attractive polished nickel finish to complement any interior room decorations and other appliances.

The mirror is carefully constructed with you in mind. Made using durable stainless-steel, it can be used for both personal grooming and professional makeup artistry. Besides, the mirror is rust and corrosion resistant meaning you can safely use it in your bathrooms.


Besides the strong magnification, this double-sided makeup mirror features a 360-degree endless swivel axis to aid you to find the most appropriate angles for various makeup and hairdo requirements.

Another amazing feature is the two-part extension arm that adds on the flexibility of the wall mount mirror. The long arm is close to the base and measures 8-inches whereas the short arm is close to the mirror head and has a dimension of 4-inches.

When fully extended, the two-parts arm extends up to 12-inches from the wall. Made using durable steel, the strong extension arm offers maximum support to the mirror. However, it is recommended that you avoid hanging heavy items on the arm to prevent breakage.


In terms of installation, this wall mount mirror has a sturdy base measuring 5-inches long by 2-inches wide.

The base is wide enough to provide maximum stability and requires screws to make it stable on the wall. Having the right hardware, installation and mounting is a breeze.

Generally, the Alhakin 10X magnified is highly recommended for anyone on a hunt for a simply designed wall mount makeup mirror that is foldable and saves on space.



  • Extendable Arm
  • Dual-sided cordless design
  • 360-degree swivel rotation
  • Foldable space saving design
  • Rust resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Non-lighted

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ProductALHAKIN 10X Non-Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews
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ALHAKIN 10X Non-Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

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