Alvorog 5X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

Stunning in every way-elegant look, quality, and functionality. The alvorog mirror is sure to deliver a powerful magnification coupled with great features to ensure you get just the right illumination for your makeup application, daily grooming, shaving and more.

You are recommended to use the 5x mirror while keeping a distance of 15cm between to avoid distortion for a better result.

Switching to the 7x magnification side enabled you to zoom in critical areas for more detailed view ensuring there are no blemishes left. However, for a regular glimpse of the entire face and hair styling switch to 1x view.

Lighting & Power

Aesthetics aside, this mirror features built-in 15 LED lights which provides a bright, even and super white light to illuminate your entire face.

The complete ring of light focuses directly on the face giving you shadow-free reflection and also increase visibility even in a dark room.

The color temperature is of this bright LED lights is 6000 kelvins quite cool and effective for applying makeup. Plus, these lights are powerful and energy saving with a long-life span of up to 50, 000 use without replacement.

Besides, the alvorog mirror has an on/off switch located at the top center of the mirror. With this simple to use mechanism simply turn the lights on/off the when you want to use it. Remember in order to save power and extend the use time, switch off the lights when not in use.

The LED lights run on 4 AAA batteries (not included). The unit is energy-efficient and the batteries can last for 5-8 hours of everyday use. To conserve batteries energy remove them when not in regular use.

Size & Shape

This 7” lighted magnifying mirror is perfectly round shaped and offers a wide – view angle that covers your entire face and provides a high definition of clarity.

In contrast to other one-sided mirrors, this alvorog 7” mirror features a double-sided mirror face. One side being the standard unmagnified mirror and the other side features a clear, 5X magnification with distortion-free reflection.

Design & Matching

First of all, this mirror is well constructed with such a great design and focus on the aesthetic feel that fits any décor in your home, spas, bathroom, and hotels. The built quality is sturdy, flexible and durable made of stainless steel material with a silver finish.

The silver brushed stainless steel creates an extra reflection surface plus it’s resistant to rust making it easy to clean.


For convenience, this mirror incorporates a 360-degree swivel rotation mechanism so that you are able to switch angles and sides when need be.

Another impressive feature is the flexible foldable arm that effortlessly moves in all directions to provide a great viewing angle.

The adjustable 24-inches arm allows you to move the mirror back and forth to get the best viewpoint of your preference. This makes it highly reliable and convenient for makeup application and hair styling.


This mirror installation is a breeze. It comes with a guide that directs you, step by step on how to mount it on the wall.

Using the screws, the base is attached on either concrete, wood or tiles wall for a sturdy hold. The extending arm can be folded against the wall to save up space making it convenient for room or bathrooms with small space.

To sum it up, this alvorog 7-inch lighted magnifying mirror is among the best wall mounted mirrors that can withstand the test of time. It is well built, elegantly designed, produce a super white glow and it’ s magnified which is an essential feature of a mirror.


  • 5x magnification power
  • Durable LED lighting
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Foldable with an extending arm
  • Sturdy wall-mount unit
  • Adjustable with 360 degrees angle rotation
  • Elegantly, quality build
  • Rust-proof


  • Lights are not dimmable
  • It doesn’t store charge

Price & Rating

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