AmnoAmno 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

The AmnoAmno wall mounted, lighted magnifying mirror offers you a great design, built to last construction, functionality, set up and sophistication. The mirror is uniquely designed with the best lighting system that ensures your eyes is always be protected.


Besides lighting, the mirror features one side with a standard normal mirror and the other side has a 10X magnifying mirror. You can decide to use either side for different applications.

The 10X magnification is idle for those with slight visual trouble. It enables you to get very crystal-clear images which ensure each detail of your face is taken care of.

With this magnification, you can spot imperfections that need corrections, perform more intricate makeup procedures and even pluck stray hairs better.

Unlike most mirrors with stronger magnification power, you will not get a distorted image if you adhere to the instructions.

It is recommended that you place your face in the center of the magnifying spot to view the full detail clearly. You can always flip the mirror to the un-magnified side for a regular view and hairstyling.

Lighting & Power

The AmnoAmno mirror itself features durable built-in 27 pieces of LEDs light installed all around and on both sides. The surest guarantee is that you will get to use these LEDs light for as long as you need without replacement.

Additionally, the ultra-bright ring of LED light emulates the effect of natural daylight that allows you to carry out your grooming needs in order to look and feel your best every day.

The AmnoAmno wall mounted is best known for its multiple lights settings and the light shining bright up to a maximum of 900lux. The light can be adjusted into three different light tone quite an advantage, right?

Another great feature is that the mirror has a smart control located at its base. By conveniently pressing the touch sensor key, you can adjust the light easily.

Press one time to get 30% light brightness, press twice to get 60% brightness and thrice for a full 100% bright light.

This means you can always adjust the light to suit any of your situations. For instance, the 300lux is more of warm white light, the 500 lux is a bit cool while the 900lux provides natural daylight perfect for professional makeup application.

The light shines comfortably bright without UV, or flickering ensuring your eyes are protected.

Size & Shape

Setting a new bar for competition, this mirror features a double-sided design. The head frame inclusive of the light and reflective surface measures 8.6 inches by 11.4 inches.

The reflective surface of the mirror alone is about 6.5- inches wide, quite enough angle view for you to see your facial features clearly when applying makeup.

Since the mirror surface is slightly concave, you are required to move closer to the mirror in order to get an un-distorted image which can be a challenge to some. Also, the mirror surface is made of quality glass for high-precision and durability.

Design & Matching

This round shaped mirror is constructed using high-quality materials that makes the mirror sturdy and durable. With its aesthetic style, coupled with the chromium finish you will not get disappointed, this is a classic magnified mirror that will satisfy you in every way possible.


The 360-degrees rotation is quite spectacular. You can easily switch between the two sides with just a single flip of the head mirror.

The full angle rotation is applicable in all the axis of the mirror for convenience of the vain and dandy. With that said, you can freely adjust to find the idle angle that comfortably suits your position.

Now you don’t have to lean towards your mirror in order to get a sharper and closer image of your face. With the 5.1-inches long arm and 4.7-inches short arm, you can easily extend up to 9.8-inches so that you can get a better viewpoint.


The AmnoAmno wall-mounted, a magnifying mirror is electrical and can only be plugged into a 110V external power source. Having a straight 4-inches electrical cord is quite convenient for a wall mounted mirror.

This unit also comes packed with hardware and installation instructions which o, is pretty easy to handle. Since the mirror is designed to be wall mounted, you can easily mount on the desired location using the provided glue. Plus, it doesn’t occupy too much space.

However, the best way to mount is by using toggle style anchors on all sides to get it to sit against the wall securely. Absolutely super sturdy that can withstand daily pulling and folding. When not in use fold it back against the wall to create more space.

Finally, we can say the AmnoAmno wall mounted mirror is definitely equipped with great features, well made with good quality light and yet stylish and functional. It offers the versatility that will make your daily cosmetics needs a breeze. We would highly recommend.



  • Long-lasting LED lights
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy built
  • Elegant design
  • Multiples brightness level
  • Distortion-free 10x magnification power
  • Comfortable natural lighting
  • 360-degrees rotation with extendable arm
  • The plug is of poor quality
  • Concave not flat against the wall

Price & Rating

ProductAmnoAmno 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews
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AmnoAmno 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews