Better Home Better Life Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

If you’re on a hunt, searching for a backlit makeup mirror that is large enough to cover your entire face and can be mounted on your bathroom wall, Better Home Better Life got you. This mirror is simple and stylish with a frameless design that can go with different bathroom décor.

To start with, the mirror has a modern contemporary design. It is a perfect rectangle vertical mirror measuring 24 widths,2.0 length, and 32 height inches. The glass is backed with a quality silver reflection layer to provide a clear, crisp and perfect reflection.

Convenient features like the top and back lacquers are moisture and environmental proof, therefore, eliminates the accumulating fog automatically.

One of the greatest features is the touch button on the bottom center part of the mirror. It is super-sensitive compared to traditional switch and you can just touch to turn the lights on and off.

This feature makes it simple to use, ideal for makeup application, shaving and doing your hair. A must-have piece for those who want to get perfect unparalleled beauty in their daily appearance.

This solid and sturdy energy-efficient LED-backlit vertical mirror is truly functional art. The LED light is fixed around the rectangular mirror provides a soft bright blue light that lights up the entire mirror for flawless results.

The lights are designed to save energy hence it can serve your grooming needs for about 500 000 hours of your lifetime. Also, the lights are safe to your eyes and has a 5500-6000K color temperature that glows up your bathroom.

The LED lights are hard-wired to run on 110V power source, but it doesn’t store energy since there’re no built-in batteries attached. Make sure the AC adapter is plugged into the socket and then switched on before you turn on the LED mirror lights. This means you’ll probably get an electrician to install it for you.

This makeup mirror is designed to hang vertically on your bathroom vanity. However, for a sturdy hold, you have an option to screw-mount it onto the wall. Since the mirror is frameless, it’s easy to clean and built to withstand heavy use.

With no visible cables, screws, and spot magnification or any extra features, this mirror is designed for simple and efficient use.

Better Home Better Life guarantees you a certain degree of satisfaction. The mirror has a strong packaging to ensure you get your mirror in perfect condition.

Upon arrival in case of any defects, you can get either full replacement or refund. Including on the package is a step to step instruction and 2 years manufacturer warranty.

Overall, while it doesn’t have magnification abilities, it definitely checks all the boxes in term of design, lights, power source, size, and stability. This high-quality mirror might be the ideal wall mount backlit mirror for you.



  • On/off touch controls button
  • Energy-efficient LED lights
  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish
  • Soft and natural lights
  • Environmental and moisture proof
  • Large mirror view
  • Expensive
  • Has no magnification properties

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ProductBetter Home Better Life Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews
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Better Home Better Life Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror Reviews