Chende Hollywood 8065 Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror Reviews Summary

This is the short summary of 588 reviews and feedback about the Chende Hollywood 8065 lighted vanity makeup mirror that I’ve learned.

I read every single review (both positive and negative) about the vanity makeup mirror from the verified purchase customers, then combined into this reviews summary with a satisfying chart.

In this summary, everything is short and super clear in one place, and that’s the easiest (fastest) way for you to have an overview and see what other people comment or say about the Chende Hollywood 8065.

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Model:8065 Black
Mirror dimensions & Shape:– Mirror size: 24.4” x 18.5”
– Frame size: 31.5” x 25.6” x 2.4”
Light:– 110V 3W dimmable LED bulb
– 270 lumens warm white
– 12 + 2 bulbs come with the mirror
– On/Off/Dimmable rotary button switch
Features:– It has an outlet on the left
Finish:– Wooden base
– Aluminum frame
– Available in Black, White, and Frameless
Power source:Hard wired with a plug

The video below provides more details about this lighted vanity makeup mirror


Satisfying Chart



Reviews Summary

Satisfied (77.2%)

  • On/Off/Dimmer rotatory switch is impressed
  • The light is amazing, not hot, the brightness range on the dimmer is broad, the LED is plastic covered that safer.
  • The size is big and perfect
  • The wooden base is solid and stable
  • Very easy to assemble
  • It comes in 3 options maximize decoration matching and the 2 extra bulbs for replacement
  • The mirror comes with well packaged
  • This mirror is great and worth every penny

Acceptable (7.1%)

  • The instructions are lacking completely,
  • The mirror is way too big and heavy
  • The base is big, it takes lots of space on your vanity table
  • The lights dim when using the side-outlet for another device
  • The lights flicker when you dim it
  • The lights dim and shut off before the (knob) click happens
  • Functions stopped working after a while
  • Someone received a wrong mirror or problems like broken(the mirror, bulbs…), a small crack or scratch, functions were not working (bim button, outlet, lights…), holes were not line up, lack of installing hardware, excess glue around the mirror. But they solved the problems themselves or received customer services.
  • It’s quite pricey for someone

Unhappy (6.3%)

  • Someone received a wrong mirror or a mirrors with problems like broken(the mirror, bulbs…), a small crack or scratch, functions were not working (bim button, outlet, lights…) properly, holes were not line up, lack of installing hardware, excess glue around the mirror, and that not what they expected from its price range.
  • The light flashed full-bright before it’s off is annoying.
  • The dimmable stops working after a while
  • The support of the base doesn’t fit but leaving a space
  • Someone find the mirror is not well finished with excess glue or gap between the mirror and its frame, or the edge is sharp that dangerous.
  • The instruction is not correct

Disappointed (9.4%)

  • Most of this group of customers received a broken mirror and they returned it
  • Someone even received broken mirrors twice after returned and reordered
  • Someone found the functions stopped working or were not working properly after a short time (dimmer work with only halfway or broken, the lights flicker constantly…)





  • 77.1% Satisfied: these customers are happy with the product.
  • 7.1% Acceptable: this group found some minor problems (light is dim, not clear instruction, heavy…) but they accepted it or solved themselves.
  • 6.3% Unhappy: some customers are not happy but kept using the product.
  • 9.4% Disappointed: these customers received a broken mirror, or they just didn’t like it and returned.



Where can I buy replacement Bulbs?

You can buy the replacement bulbs from any local store or online, just make sure you buy the right type.

Are the bulbs plastic or glass?

The bulbs made from glass and covered with plastic, that helps the light more natural and prevent it from broken by accident.

Can it be hard wired?

The mirror is designed to plug to an outlet, however, you can cut the wire and turn it to be hard wired. an electrician is recommended to do this.

What are the dimensions of mirror after assembled?

The dimensions of the mirror with the base are about this: (31.5″W) x (26.75″H) x (10.1″D).

Do the light bulbs create heat?

No, they don’t. They’re LED lights so they won’t create heat.

What is the finish of this mirror? Glossy or matte?

The finish of the mirror is glossy.

Can I hang the mirror on the wall?

The mirror is designed not to be mounted on wall, however, if you are a handy man can DIY, you can try it. Anyway, it’s better to be placed on a vanity table.

What is the type of lighting white/cool or yellow/warm?

It’s white cool but not blue/white, the light is excellent for makeup.


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Chende Hollywood 8065 lighted vanity makeup mirror
Chende Hollywood 8065 at night
Chende Hollywood 8065 light bulb
Chende Hollywood 8065 dimmer
Chende Hollywood 8065 side outlet
Chende Hollywood 8065 the base
Chende Hollywood 8065 from the back
Chende Hollywood 8065 measure

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