Chende Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

Opening our list of the top round-shaped lighted vanity mirrors is the Chende Hollywood mirror. This is our favorite pick in this category as it’s simply the best model available out there right now in terms of quality, design, functionality, and convenience.

First of all, the unit is built to last for a very long period of time. It has a frameless design but the makeup mirror is backed with high-grade stainless steel that makes it feel heavy and very solid.

The base is a wood and stainless steel combination firmly fixed to the mirror. It’s equally sturdy and keeps the whole structure stable when placed over the table. You won’t worry about damage or the mirror tumbling over even when you accidentaly push the table.

As for aesthetics, it’s doesn’t dissapoint either. The glossy stainless steel finish with lights arranged nicely in a full arc all around the perimeter gives it a stunning look that’s bound to add a bit of glamour anywhere it’s placed.

The mirror, on the other hand, is a round-shaped 2.4 inches thick optic-quality glass. It’s a top quality glass that will reflect every little detail of your face clearly without any deformation whatsoever.

It measures 27.56 inches high and 25.6 inches wide which is pretty large and considering that it has a round, frameless design, it will comfortably give you a full view of your whole face plus upper body. In addition, the edge smoothes all around, so it won’t cut your hand.

The mirror is surrounded by 12 LED light bulbs that produce a bright yet pleasant soft white light. It’s almost close to natural light and the bulbs are evenly spaced such that the light forms no shadow even in dark conditions.

It will show all the hidden details on your face allowing you to apply your makeup uniformly without missing a single spot so that you are able to achieve great results.

However, the light is extremely bright when you first turn it on but this won’t be much of a problem as the unit features a dimmer twist switch on the side. Therefore, you can adjust the brighteness in accordance with your needs and since they are LED bulbs, they won’t either hurt your skin when you touch them.

Installation is simple and straightfoward. There isn’t much to do as almost everything comes already assembled except for the bulbs. It’s something that can take only a few minutes and the structions are very clear.

The bulbs are replaceable and easy to remove with the package including two extra bulbs to give you a headstart should one or two bulbs get damaged. They are energy-saving LED bulbs which means you won’t have to deal with exorbitant power bills every month.

So were there downsides to this Chende vanity mirror? Well, there’s really nothing negative to point out. Everything seems built to great quality and it functions perfectly. Probably what is worth mentioning is the fact that’s a frameless model, so you can’t hang it to a wall.

Overall, this is no doubt a superb vanity mirror that offers an accurate reflection of the face and perfect natural lighting. It’s one of the best mirrors particularly for makeup application both during the day and at night. If you are thinking of getting a round-shaped, frameless vanity mirror, then this is an option that should be at top of your list.



  • Solid, durable construction from the mirror to the base
  • Stunning design with a sleek stainless finish
  • Large-sized, framelss optic glass that offers clear visibility
  • Energy saving LED bulbs that produce a bright, soft white light
  • You can dim the light intensity to your liking
  • Easy to install and use
  • Can’t be hanged on the wall

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Chende Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror Reviews

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