Cozzine 10X Non-Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

The Cozzine double-sided magnifying makeup mirror is another great non-lighted makeup mirror worth considering.

It has a beautiful construction and a strong base that can be securely mounted on the wall. It has a powerful magnification that requires close-up detail makeup application and hairstyling.


Either of the sides presents a different visual. One side gives you powerful 10X magnification while the other side presents a standard 1X reflection. The magnification side enables you to zoom in and look into key details. It is also suitable for tasks such as tweezing, shaving, applying makeup to ensure there are no blemishes or streaks left to conceal.

The 10X magnification performs well even in low lighting conditions. Ensure you keep a distance of 6-inches away from the magnifying mirror otherwise, you will get dizzy. Apart from that magnification, the regular side is idle for your hair styling and skincare routine.

Size & Shape

This perfectly round shaped makeup mirror measures 8-inches in diameter on both sides. That’s pretty ample size to cover your entire face and provides a clear reflection without any distortion. You can either apply makeup or style your hair without craning your neck.

Design & Matching

Cozzine sleek makeup mirror has a great quality polished chrome finish that looks attractive and stunning along with any type of décor. The chromium finish is also rust-proof, anti-corrosive and quite durable.

If you have kids, pets or both of them, you should know better than anyone else no matter how sturdy and durable a mirror is, neither of them all is childproof. This wall mounted mirror is uniquely designed for either of these circumstances and will surely stand heavy daily use.


This wall mounted mirror incorporates a swivel, foldable function. You can adjust it to all directions to get just the perfect angle to work with. This 360-degree rotation makes it easy for you to smoothly switch between the two magnification. Plus, it doesn’t swing when in position.

On top of that, the whole mirror sits on a 360-degrees rotating extension arm that is supported by a strong, sturdy base. The extension arm can be pulled out up to 12-inches allowing you to adjust it to the right height. When not in use fold it against the wall to create space.


For a secure hold, attach the mirror on the wall by drilling holes then apply a base panel and screw it. Mount the mirror structure and ensure you install the screws cups to finish up your installation. Within a few minutes, I bet you will be taking a lot of selfies.

Cozzine mirrors manufacture to ensure their client gets first priority. Backed with 100% money back guarantee, plus a generous 2-years warranty you can be the lucky user to enjoy these amazing quality mirror.

Lastly, the cozzine 10X magnification makeup mirror might be an excellent choice for anyone looking for a perfect gift for your lady anniversary or if you want to appreciate your mother during Mother’s Day celebrations.



  • Blemish free 10x magnification
  • It has 360-degrees swivel rotation
  • Sturdy built
  • Attractive chrome finish
  • Crispy-clear image
  • Versatile use
  • Long extendable arm
  • It doesn’t have lights.
  • It’s not portable

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ProductCozzine 10X Non-Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews
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Cozzine 10X Non-Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

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