Deco Brother 7X Non-Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

Unlike most mirrors on our list, this round shaped model does not have a lighting system. This is an excellent option designed with a good quality double-sided mirror that provides the right reflection with no distortion.


The 7x powerful magnification side is ideal for detailed makeup application such as eyeliner, eyebrow plucking and more. It zooms in the intended area ensuring you get flawless makeup.

Design & Matching

To ensure that the mirror is stable whenever you are applying cosmetics or grooming, this elegant mirror is equipped with a strong and sturdy base. In addition to stability, the mirror is neither lightweight nor heavy, it has a perfect weight that boosts its sturdiness.

Mostly reviewed by users for its high-quality construction, sturdy body and flawless mirror, it is more than durable and you can use it for many years to come. The nickel finish prevents the mirror from rust at the same time giving it an expensive look.

Size & Shape

Standing on its base this mirror is 13-inch tall with an 8-inch diameter round mirror surface. The double-sided mirror is conveniently mounted on a swivel which rotates a complete 360 degrees.

Elegantly designed it has a sleek nickel finish and a classic styling that can fit with any décor in your bedroom or bathroom.

The Decobros large swivel mirror tabletop design makes it compact and portable allowing easy movement from room to room while occupying small space.

The 8-inch viewing surface is just the right size for accurately applying your make-up and any other grooming needs. Despite being very thin, it reflects a true, perfect image free from any distortion.


This double-sided mirror incorporates a flip design that makes it easy to switch between both sides of the mirror. Both of the mirrors provide different magnification power options for a clear image reflection.

However, it doesn’t swivel meaning you can only flip from the magnified side to the regular side. You get to choose either the 1x or 7x magnification depending on how detail you want your makeup or hair styling to be.

As we mentioned earlier, this rounded makeup mirror has no lights. Meaning that in order to get an effective reflection, you are required to use the mirror with reasonable lighting that can illuminate your entire face. For applying makeup look for a more natural light provision spot.

To sum it up, Decobros large makeup mirror is simply designed to provide exemplary results. With the high definition distortion free look at yourself, this 8-inch mirror is the epitome of effectiveness and quality.



  • Two magnification double-sided makeup mirror
  • It is flexible to flip smoothly from one side to the other
  • Stable and sturdy base
  • Made of high-quality durable material
  • Elegant nickel finish
  • Portable
  • Large viewing surface
  • It does not have lights

Price & Rating

ProductDeco Brother 7X Non-Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Deco Brother 7X Non-Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews