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Brand/Seller:– Deco Brothers
Model:– B00LKSZMW2
Size & Dimension:– Mirror diameter: 8″
– Extendable range: 2″ – 13.5″
– Mounting base: 2″ x 8″
Shape:– Round
Magnification:– 7X | 1X
Light:– None
Features:– Dual-sided 360-degree swivel (Up & down, left & right)
– Flexible scissor arm with left/right swing
Finish:– Brushed nickel
Power source:– None


Satisfying Chart



Reviews Summary


  • It’s well-made with solid construction and high-quality materials.
  • The reflection is clear.
  • The mirror is super flexible, the scissor arm is easy to pull out and in, side to side, 360 swivel allows you to use the mirror at any angle.
  • The metal mounting plate (bracket) is solid with pre-attached bolts make it’s easy to install.
  • The 7x magnification is perfect for you to groom and trim.
  • The mirror looks attractive with brushed nickel finish.
  • The price for the quality is reasonable for many people.
  • Many customers find the mirror is long last, it’s still in good condition after years.
  • Some customer received a faulty mirror but the customer services were good at returning replacement.
  • This mirror takes a little space and it sits flat against the wall.
  • The telescoping feature is perfect.
  • It’s easy to clean for some customers.
  • The mirror is much more convenient with 1x and 7x magnification.


  • The plastic grommets on the scissor arms are not noticeable for some users.
  • Screw mounting of the mirror comes loose and wobbles unless it’s rotated in a tightening for some buyers.
  • It’s hard to extend the scissor arm at the maximum range.
  • The arm extension doesn’t move smoothly in some cases.
  • Some customers use the anchors to prevent screws from pulling out.
  • The part that allows the swivel at the base seems loose.
  • The mirror wobbles a little bit.
  • The mirror did have a chip when it arrived.
  • The scissor easy to pinch a finger when expanding in some cases.
  • Many people prefer a battery and lighted version but it’s not available.
  • Some customers had to put the mirror up with the toggle bolts because of its super heavy.
  • The magnification is perfect with 5x instead of 7x for some users.
  • The extra braces are needed in some cases.


  • Some customers found the mirror was too heavy for them. 
  • The screws that come with the mirror are too short.
  • Some customers found the mirror base was twisted in some cases.
  • One of the screws that helps expand the mirror broken after 2 months for a customer.
  • The nuts holding the mirror on loosening up when it arrived.
  • Some customers found the hardwire didn’t tighten to secure the mirror on the wall.


  • Screws are hinge, pins are rusting after 2 months in use.
  • Some customers received a broken mirror or a mirror with missing parts.
  • Some users found the mirror’s parts were broken after a short time.
  • You may find it will be rusted after a while if you install the mirror in the bathroom with high moisture.





  • 60.3% Satisfied: Most of the customers were happy with the product because of its well-made. Moreover, many users found it was convenient because of its scissor arm, suitable magnification (7x), and the customer service was also the plus point for many buyers.
  • 18% Acceptable: Users in this group like using this product in spite of some mistakes. Screws were too short which made inconvenient for many users, some people had to use anchors to keep safety. Furthermore, the scissor arm is not very smooth in some cases. Sometimes, customers received a mirror with missing parts.
  • 10.5% Unhappy: Some customers in this group found the mirror was too heavy for them. One of the serious problems for users in this group is the screws, the screws were too short or it was not safe not when it was put into the wall.
  • 11.2% Disappointed: Many users in this group returned their mirror as it arrived broken, or they just didn’t like it. Someone found it’ broken after a short time, some others found it’s easy to be rusted in the bathroom with high moisture



Can I move it to left & right?

Yes, you can swing the mirror 180 degrees from left to right.

Is it fog-free?

No, It isn’t a power-operated mirror.

What is the maximum distance the mirror can reach out from the wall?

Customers reported the distance is between 13″-16″ from the wall to the center of the mirror, we would like to recommend you to extend the mirror at 13″ maximum to avoid breaking the wall mounting anchor.

Can I move the mirror up and down?

No, you can only move the mirror straight out or from left to right.

Does it come with mounting hardware?

Yes, the mirror comes with mounting hardware, but many customers recommended to use longer screws, someone even used extra anchors to make sure the mirror is sturdy.

How tall is the mirror?

It’s about 15″ tall (8″ of the mirror diameter + 7″ of the bottom frame)

Can I mount it upside down?

Sure, you can install it upside down to get the mirror lower than the mounting place.


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Deco Brothers Wall Mounted Magnifying Makeup Mirror – 7X – Non-Lighted – Scissor Arm
Folded & Rotated Flat To The Wall
The Scissor Arm & Wall Mount Base

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