DIYHD Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

Nowadays, most of us are looking for something great to aid us to apply cosmetics, shave or do our hair more easily and accurately. The DIYHD bathroom mirror is an excellent, timeless piece with sleek looks and premium craftsmanship.

Built using top quality materials, the mirror is highly durable. Its construction involves an environment-friendly premium quality silver-backed glass with aluminum alloy and PVC back box. The simple design and construction save on room space and goes well with most bathroom décor.

In fact, the mirror is designed and constructed with you in mind. This makeup mirror is wall-mount only and allows you to perfectly mount it at a preferred height. The entire unit has a size of 24-inches wide and 36-inches high whereas the reflective glass is 1/5-inch thick.

Another great feature for this bathroom mirror is the energy saving LED lighting embedded along the perimeter to offer efficient lighting for applying makeup and cosmetics.

With a life expectancy of about 50,000 hours, the long-lasting LEDs promise to make your grooming effortless and better.

Apart from being long-lasting, the LEDs have a cold white color temperature of 4000K and offer high brightness for all your grooming needs.

The LED lights shine with task-specific dimmable natural light illumination and can be used for various personal activities like hygiene, dressing, and cosmetics.

Besides the wonderful illumination, a mirror smart ON/OFF touch button is available for turning on the lights. The mirror is also fitted with the antifog function to get rid of fog formation on the surface of the reflective glass.

This offers crystal clear images even while steam is forming in your bathroom. A switch is also available for the anti-fog function so that you can turn it off when not in use.

When it comes to powering the mirror, there are two functions available. The mirror is structured to use a UL LED power supply with alternating current of 100-240 volts.

In other words, the mirror’s power supply in direct current is 12 volts with a power of 30 watts and 50/60HZ. This is the first method to power the bathroom mirror.

However, if you have a professional electrician, you can choose to hardwire the unit directly into a junction box or main electricity in your home. With a wired mirror, you can either turn it on via the touch button or use the wall outlet switch.

When it comes to installing this bathroom mirror, you will like how easy and rapid it is. The mirror weighs 26.5 pounds and allows for both vertical and horizontal mounting.

As a fact, it is effortless to mount the unit as it arrives packaged inclusive of wall mounting screws. With protective glasses on, a minimum of two people can do the installation process.

To sum it all, the DIYHD W24 X H36 vanity mirror is for anyone with limited counter space in the bathroom or someone who needs a mirror that can be mounted at the desired height for perfect viewing angles.

The mirror is ideal for any home as its equipped with space-saving properties and has great aesthetics that goes well with most decor.



  • Dimmer compatible
  • Complements any décor
  • Energy saving lights
  • Easy installation
  • Antifog function
  • Its wall mount only thus not portable

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DIYHD Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror Reviews