DP Home Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

The Hollywood glam of the DP Home E-CK010 vanity mirror with lights is just one thing, to begin with. However, the mirror for sure come equipped with great features, not only the dramatic appearance. Its style is all about the saying “go big or go home”.

Starting with the details, this makeup mirror is made of the 3rd generation environmentally-friendly copper-free silver mirror that gives it that elegant look. Plus, the silver surface is 35% more clear than the conventional mirrors making it idle for applying makeup and hairstyling.

As the silver surface is rust-proof with no UV, it protects the mirror from corrosions thereby enhancing reliability and durability. Well built, ingeniously designed with sleek surface this mirror ticks all the boxes of high-quality.

Made with you in mind, this rectangular shaped mirror measures 24 by 32 inches a perfect size that can fit above small and mid-sized vanities or countertop.

It isn’t quite the right size for a large double vanity; however, you can still use it to do your hair and makeup or use it as a dressing mirror.

Unlike other backlit mirrors on this list, this mirror allows the light to shine from the back around the edges of the mirror through the frosted panels. 

This means that the lights don’t glow directly at your face, instead, it shines brightly on the walls. As a result, a softer glow is created which eliminates harsh overhead and shadows created as you approach the mirror.

One of the coolest features about this unit is its super sensitive touch button. You can only use it to turn the lights on and off.

When the light is immediately turned on, there is an instant glow of light which is mercury free and without any flickering. This light creates just enough ambiance that makes you feel like a star behind the scenes.

The long-lasting LED light is designed to save energy up to 68%. You can use it over 50,000 hours every day and last up to 30 years without the need for replacement.

With a color temperature that ranges between 5500k – 6000k the mirror projects an even bright white light with a flattering glow to reflect your natural complexion.

This mirror is hardwired with a power source input ranging between 100-250V. You are therefore advised to turn off the power supply when you connecting the wires to avoid any injuries. If you wish to use a wall switch, just change the wires in the box and connect.

The fact that it is only 2.0 inches in thickness, gives it a streamlined, sleek look that not only adds a touch of glamour to your vanity but also makes it easy to clean and maintain.

For a clean and clear look, it is recommended to gently wipe the mirror with a clean cloth dipped in milk.

When it comes to installation, it is a very easy task that only takes 30 minutes. Featuring a hanging hook and screws you can securely mount the mirror on the wall to give it a sturdier hold.

With a relatively lightweight of 20.7 lbs, the mirror can only be float mounted vertically thus adding a big statement to your bathroom.

You are also advised to get a professional electrician and acquire safety protection such as eyeglasses and gloves for quick and safe installation. Last but not least you get to enjoy a generous one-year warranty with guaranteed replacement or refund upon verification.

Regardless of the lack of dimmable function, the elegant look, bright white light, quality clear silver surface and touch sensor, this mirror is an excellent unit convenient for all makeup enthusiasts.



  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain
  • Projects white soft light
  • Long-lasting energy saving LED light
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Clear reflection
  • Easy to use touch button
  • The light is not adjustable
  • Can only be mounted vertically

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