Excelvan 10X Non-Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

The Excelvan 10X magnification makeup mirror is an up and coming competitor. The wall mount mirror has gained a lot of popularity due to its truly mind-blowing price, all-rounded solid quality construction and elegant outlook aesthetics.


The dual-sided design features one side as the normal 1X magnification whereas the other side is the 10X magnification. With both magnification power, this mirror is easy and quick to use for your daily makeup routine.

You can use the 1X magnified side for hairstyling and other general makeup procedures that do not need close up views. On the other hand, the 10X magnification is perfect for detailed views of hard to see areas and challenging beauty routines like squeezing acne.

Size & Shape

Measuring 8-inches in diameter, the frame is large enough to hold the reflective surface which measures 7.9-inches. The round shaped mirror involves a 4.3-inch wide base and a two-parts arm. The short arm is 3.1-inches and the long one is 7.9-inches.

In fact, the double-sided mirror is large enough to fit your entire face. Actually, the mirror is ideal for both men and women since it can be used for shaving beards, applying foundation, tweezing and wearing eye contacts.

Design & Matching

First of all, the mirror incorporates a simple design and all-metal construction. It’s sleek, elegant design makes it appropriate for family, bathroom and hotel use. Aside, this cordless mirror is clutter-free since no cables are involved.

With a well-engineered framework, this makeup mirror is made using high-quality brass to ensure it’s strong and durable. Also, the brass material is highly resistant to rust and has anticorrosive properties to shield the mirror against steam and moisture.

Besides a strong brass construction, the makeup mirror arrives with an attractive highly polished chrome finish that goes well with most room décor. The chrome finish protects the metallic framework from water particles to avoid rust formation.


In regards to usability, the Excelvan with flexible arm is easy to use. The mirror’s extension arms can extend up to 12-inches from the wall to offer various points of view for any grooming activity.

Impressively, this wall mount mirror features an infinite 360-degree swivel design. The swivel rotation combined with the foldable arm allows you to adjust the mirror head to any angle.

The arm and swivel axis also allows folding and height adjustment. This makes the mirror suitable for use in areas with limited space. The extendable arms are joined with 360-degree joints that fold and flush the unit with the wall.


Installation is permanent and one time. The mirror comes with screw fixings and hardware to aid and make your installation process smooth. Besides, the unit has a net weight of 2.1 pounds meaning its lightweight and easy to mount.

To conclude this review, we recommend this Excelvan 10X to anyone looking for a non-lighted wall mount makeup mirror with strong durable construction and simple design that complements most décor.



  • Quality construction
  • 10X magnification
  • Double-sided design
  • One-year warranty
  • Flexible Arm
  • Easy installation
  • Not portable
  • No light provision

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ProductExcelvan 10X Non-Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews
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Excelvan 10X Non-Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

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