GURUN 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

Superb in every aspect, the Gurun 8.5-inch lighted round wall-mount mirror boasts of excellent design, durable construction, and a dual-sided magnification.

Actually, the mirror is as good looking as it is powerful. It brings elegance, quality, and glamour to both your beauty experience and home decor.


For clear enhanced viewing of those hard to see places, this unit boasts of up to 10X magnification power.

With its dual-sided magnification, one side has the standard 1X magnification whereas the other side is concave with a magnification power of 10X for more detailed images.

It is strongly advised that if you want to get true images with the 10X magnified side, ensure a minimum distance of less than 2-inches between you and the reflective glass.

Also, with this unit, you get to choose between 5X and 7X magnification and if your LEDs burn out, get new ones for replacement.

Lighting & Power

Besides a brilliant design and construction, this round shape makeup mirror is fitted with bright replaceable LED lights offering up to 500,000 hours lifespan.

When compared to other similar mirrors using incandescent bulbs, these LED lights don’t easily get hot with prolonged utility.

Actually, the LED ring lights are fitted on both sides of the mirror to offer bright daylight illumination for all your cosmetics and hairstyling needs.

If you find the lights not appropriate for your grooming needs, you have the option to switch among the three colors available including cool white, warm and natural. The unit incorporates a switch button for the replaceable LED lights.

When using natural light for your makeup application and you feel it’s not appropriate, simply turn the lights on/off for three consecutive times, then the light color will change to either warm or cool white and vice versa.

However, it is important to note that the halo-light design embedded around the circumference of the mirror is not structured for lamp use.

The ring light is designed to offer brightness to view your makeup and should be utilized with the help of another room lighting.

Size & Shape

The mirror features a stylish round shaped design and is constructed with high-quality materials. Its round frame is made using anticorrosive, rust-less brass that is strong and durable.

Besides, the brass frame is hard to break, firm and sturdy enough to hold and support the reflective surface of for eons.

In terms of size, the entire unit has dimensions of 11.8-inches by 2.2-inches by 15.6-inches. It weighs 3.8 pounds thus lightweight for logistics and storing. The size of this unit is ideal for both personal care and professional use including luxury hotel bathrooms and salons.

Design & Matching

In fact, this mirror incorporates a nice stylish chrome finish that will complement any room décor.

The shiny chrome finish not only adds taste and style to the outlook aesthetics of the mirror but also adds more reflection to make it a unique piece that complement any wall design, paint, and decorations.


To add convenience and make the mirror easy to use, its elegant design features an endless swivel and foldable function.

The mirror head can rotate up to 360-degrees infinitely to offer you with various angles for makeup, shaving, back-viewing and putting in contact lenses.

Another impressive feature for this bathroom mirror is the extendable arm. With up to 11-inches from the wall, you can adjust the mirror without too much hassle to a more suitable viewing point for all your grooming needs.


When it comes to the power connection, the mirror comes with a 5-foot long power cord that you simply plug into an electrical wall socket.

However, if you want it hardwired directly to the junction box of your home, cut the cord and connect it directly with the presence of an electrician.

The installation of this unit is quite easy and rapid. Its package comes with screws, plastic screw anchors and mounting plates that will make it easy to mount on any drywall. A bit of drilling will be required and once you set the unit in position, you are done.

Lastly, the mirror arrives with a five-year warranty and is highly recommended for someone searching for a quality round shaped wall mount makeup mirror.

With its durable construction and stylish design, the Gurun lighted mirror with 10X magnification is a great mirror choice for any home.



  • Replaceable ring light
  • 5X, 7X, and 10X magnification
  • Dual-sided magnification
  • Easy to install and mount
  • Long-lasting LED lights
  • Elegant, stylish design
  • The lights are not as bright

Price & Rating

ProductGURUN 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews
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GURUN 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews