Hamilton Hills 3X Non-Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

Anyone looking for a stylish makeup mirror that is convenient and goes well with most room décor, the Hamilton Hills 3X Magnified vanity mirror is your best fit.

Built by a well-reputable company with more than three generations of excellence in making mirrors, you are assured of high-end features and quality.

First of all, this vanity mirror comes with a sophisticated standalone design. The complex design includes a sturdy base, frameless glass mirror and a well-polished stainless-steel chrome body that sports a sleek, fashionable style that will definitely be an upgrade to your room decor.

Built with commercial grade quality material, this vanity mirror is a favorite of luxury boutiques and five-star hotels across the globe.

Just all mirrors by Hamilton Hills, this rectangular vanity mirror is manufactured to meet strict trade-secret standards then passed through a precise eight-point inspection after which a certificate of authenticity is awarded.

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The strict production standards are to ensure that the mirror is scratch and fingerprint resistant whereas its polished stainless-steel body goes well with traditional, contemporary, transitional, eclectic and shabby chic designs.

The product comes in a rectangular shape and has dimensions of 4.5-inch by 5.2-inch by 12-inch. It has an overall height of 12-inches with the bottom of the mirror starting at 4.5-inches from the base.

With a square-shaped base of 4.5-inches by 4.5-inches, the mirror is very firm and stable while sitting on flat surfaces. Besides the sturdy base, the unit is fitted with rubber bumpers to shield your tables, vanities, dressers, and countertops from marks or scratches while adding stability.

When it comes to usability, this makeup mirror is easy to use and operate. It has a frameless design and weighs 2.16 pounds thus making it very lightweight. The lightweight design makes this vanity mirror highly portable and you can use it anywhere.

For convenience, the mirror has a glass surface that measures 8.5-inches long and 5.25-inches wide to provide a large viewing area. Also, the unit has a firm ball and socket joint where it tilts and swivels to allows you to adjust the mirror to an angle and position that suits you best.

In terms of magnification, this make-up mirror is made of the slightly curved concave glass surface that allows you to effortlessly view details of even the hard to see areas. This makes this unit ideal for shaving, grooming, and application of cosmetics or makeup.

Lastly, the 3X Magnified Hamilton Hills vanity mirror is very affordable and comes with a 100% money back guarantee for anyone who buys the product then later feels disappointed.

Overall, the Hamilton Hills 3X magnified vanity mirror is a premium quality product with a certificate of authenticity. It is very lightweight and portable thus recommendable to anyone hunting for an all rounded accessory.



  • Unique, classy construction
  • 3X magnification
  • The ideal portable frameless design
  • Rubber bumpers prevent scratch and marks
  • Goes well with any room décor.
  • Might show distorted images
  • Has no lights

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ProductHamilton Hills 3X Non-Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews
BrandHamilton Hills
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Hamilton Hills 3X Non-Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews