HAUSCHEN Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

The HAUSCHEN wall mounted, lighted vanity mirror really goes above and beyond with its aesthetic style, sophistication, functionality and set up.

This rectangular mirror will make you feel like you are in an expensive hotel while brushing your hair, shaving or applying make-up. Truly functional art, this mirror boasts a super-slim depth of 1.4 inches, which is quite low profile.

 Its 36 by 38 inches dimensions brings luminosity to your bathroom making it a perfect size for your make up application or hair styling without craning or hurting your neck.

With copper-free surface and frame, this makeup mirror is eco-friendly as it doesn’t have harmful elements that will react with the environment or cause health problems. Compared to other regular silver mirrors this is much more durable and has less corrosion rate.

Additionally, this mirror is backed with fogless features that will automatically keep away fog or steam foaming. It also keeps the mirror surface clean so that you can always get a clear reflection image. However, to activate the anti-fog function you are required to turn the LED lights on. 

The long-lasting LED lights with CRI of 90 glow through the rectangular frame to illuminate your bathroom with light up to a maximum of 6540 lumens without even the need for extra lighting.

The lights shine comfortably bright, without any mercury, no UV or flickering rendering it a safe viewing light to your eyes.

Another great feature in this mirror is the memory touch sensor that can be used to control the light color temperature and the level of brightness. This means that the brightness of the LED lights can be adjusted from 5%-100% with each stage producing the desired glow.

Besides changing the brightness of the light, you can switch between different color temperatures that help you view yourself in different situations. 

The 3000k color temperature is more of warm white light while the 5500k provides natural daylight perfect for makeup application.

The HAUSCHEN lighted mirror has an external power source that can be connected to the mirror via a wall switch control. The support wall switch can be used to directly turn the lights on and off.

The unit comes packed with UL listed electronics parts that are approved and covered by safety housing. Installation is a quite easy and safe activity that require two people.

Plus, it doesn’t occupy too much space. This mirror is designed to be mounted on the wall either vertically or horizontally. However, for sturdy hold, you can screw mount on the wall.

For quality assurance, the HAUSCHEN lighted vanity mirror is backed with a 3-year warranty against any material and manufacturing flaws.

Generally, this mirror is equipped with a lot of features that are perfect for anyone seeking a mirror that is still stylish and yet functional. It offers that flexibility that will make your bathroom décor uniquely exceptional.



  • It has brightness memory function
  • Environmental copper-free construction
  • Beautifully designed
  • Long-lasting LED lights
  • Multiples light color temperature
  • Different setting range of the light brightness
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-fog function
  • Perfect view size
  • Comfortable visual lighting
  • It might not be bright enough to some

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ProductHAUSCHEN Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews
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HAUSCHEN Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror Reviews

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