Jerdon 5X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

The Jerdon Euro Tri-Fold is a glossy bathroom and makeup mirror with lights. It has a compact size that easily folds flat thus making it light-weight and highly portable. In fact, you can use this two-sided mirror for makeup application anywhere in your home as it fits on most countertops without too much hassle.


This makeup mirror has a great zooming feature that helps you have a clear reflection when beautifying your face. Its constructed with an adjustable center that swivels from 1X to 5X magnification. The 1X magnification offers an ideal view of any hairdo whereas the 5X magnification works great when applying makeup in areas that are hard to see.

Lighting & Power

This lighted makeup mirror contains versatile illumination. It incorporates cool to touch fluorescent lighting. The lighting is glare free and has four alternate illumination settings for all your beauty requirements.

The four different light settings are designed to offer color-corrected illumination that goes well with daytime, evening, office and home surroundings. All you need to do is slide the switch over to find the most appropriate lighting for your beauty needs.

Consequently, it’s a free-standing makeup mirror. It can stand by itself on your dresser, vanity, and countertop while providing a unified place to keep your beauty necessities. Its built-in 120 volts electrical outlet offers you the option to plug in beauty appliances like curling irons and blow dryers.


Another great feature for this lighted makeup mirror is the adjustable back stand. It has the ability to adapt the stand, mirror, and lighting to match any angle that you are positioned or seated.

The tri-fold design comes with the main mirror and two others on the sides. This three-way mirror design offers a panoramic view that not only offers a straight-on view of your face but also both sides at the same instance.

We recommend this unit to anyone who does their own makeup. It’s a highly stylized makeup mirror with a sleek contemporary design and eye-catching white finish that goes well with most home décor.



  • Tri-fold design
  • Highly portable
  • Sharp appearance
  • 5X adjustable manual zoom
  • Four viewing angles
  • Attractive design and white finish
  • It has a small mirror surface

Price & Rating

ProductJerdon 5X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews
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Jerdon 5X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews