Jerdon HL65N 5X Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror Reviews Summary

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Size & Dimension:– 8″ diameter mirror
– Foldable arm extendable from 2.5″ to 14″ from the wall
– 4″ x 5″ Oval mounting base
Magnification:5X | 1X
Light:– 25-watt halo lighting bulb (Jerdon model JPT25W)
– There is an extra bulb for replacement
Features:– Fog-free
– Dual-sided 360-degree swivel
Finish:Stainless steel with 4 finish options: Bright Brass, Bronze, Chrome, Nickel
Power source:– Curled 6-foot clear cord with plug
– On/Off rotary knob


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Reviews Summary


  • The design of the mirror is nice, elegant in appearance, and well made.
  • Dual-sided is a convenience, it’s easy to flip and tilt for the right angle at any height.
  • The 5X magnification is just enough, no image distortion.
  • It’s easy to install with mounting screws and anchors available.
  • The steel mounting plate is solid.
  • 2 moly bolts are very secure.
  • The light switch works fine.
  • The soft white light is fine, enhancing, bright, but not blinding.
  • Price is reasonable.
  • The clear curled cord is nice, it’s semi-transparent and blend in well.
  • The size is compact, it doesn’t take up too much space.
  • The mirror and its foldable arm are sturdy.
  • It comes with 4 finish options is impressive.
  • The plug support GFI.
  • The instructions are clear and easy to follow.
  • An extra 20-watt bulb is a plus.


  • It’s better support more magnification options.
  • The plug doesn’t stay properly.
  • No hardwired or battery option available.
  • The mounting base is flimsy for someone.
  • Some customers found the extendable arm was bent after a few months.
  • The arm doesn’t extend so far.
  • The mirror is rusted by the moisture in the bathroom in some cases.
  • The mirror is heavy and bulky for someone.
  • The light and switch didn’t work properly after a while.


  • The light is too dim for quite many people, the main reason is because of the soft white light.
  • The arm did not fold straight for a customer.
  • Many customers received a mirror with a defective switch or it’s stopped working after a short time.
  • Someone found the light was too hot, even after a few minutes in use.
  • The mirror is bulky and heavy for someone.
  • The arm was shorter than some people expected.
  • One user reported the mounting brackets were loose.
  • The instructions are not clear for someone, they couldn’t find any info about the size of drill bit for mounting.
  • Someone expected a cover for the cord to keep their bathroom looks neat.


  • The washer is worn out and warped after a while.
  • Many customers received a mirror with broken parts like the bulb, the switch, even after they returned and re-ordered the mirror.
  • The light and the switch stopped working after a short time., even after several weeks.
  • Some customers returned the mirror as its price is too expensive for the quality.
  • It’s too bulky and heavy for someone.
  • Some clients found the size of the mirror is not big enough.
  • A client found it incredibly difficult to take down.





  • 60.3% Satisfied: Most of the customer are happy with the product because of various reasons like attractive design, convenience, easy to install, soft white, and reasonable price.
  • 18% Acceptable: Some users find it is acceptable because of some unsatisfied reasons, like the magnification option, the short extendable arms, no hard wire option, and it is bulky for someone.
  • 10.5% Unhappy: Most of the customer in this group still like this product or they also use it despite the dim light, the weight of mirror or the low-quality switch after a few months of using.
  • 11.2% Disappointed: Many customers in this group received a mirror with a broken light or the switch didn’t work. with the customer service was not good, the advertisement was not clear, which made confused to the users.



Are there Battery operated (cordless) or Hardwired versions?

No. The mirror comes with a cord and a plug to use at a powerpoint or outlet.

What is the size of the wall mount plate?

It is 4″ x 5″ oval.

Does the mirror come with the necessary hardware for installing?

It comes with mounting hardware but not tools, you may need a heavier duty installation hardware, it depends on how and where you will install the mirror.


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Jerdon HL65N – Chrome
Jerdon HL65N – Bright Brass
Jerdon HL65N – Bronze
Jerdon HL65N – Nickel

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