Jerdon HL9515N Makeup Mirror Reviews Summary [343 Reviews Shortened]

This is the short summary of 343 reviews and feedback about the Jerdon HL9515N 8-Inch wall mount makeup mirror that I’ve learned.

I read all the reviews (both positive and negative) about the Jerdon HL9515N 8-Inch wall mount makeup mirror from the verified purchase customers in order to compose this ultimate reviews.

I just did a further step – combined what I’ve learned in short and described as a satisfying chart that you can see how other customers experienced the mirror.

Here you will find:



Mirror dimensions & Shape:8 x 10 inches – Oval
Magnification:15x | 10x | 1x
Light type:Jerdon model Lightbulb
Light switch:On/Off rotary switch
Features:360 Swivel | Fog free
Power source:Wired plug


Satisfying Chart



Reviews Summary

Satisfied (54%)

  • The price is reasonable, worth the money.
  • Easy to install with coded wire
  • The cord is a nice coiled
  • The arm articulates well and is functional
  • Very sturdy
  • A 25W replacement light bulb available for a brighter light

Acceptable (25%)

  • Original bulb (15W) is the light is so dim, not so bright
  • The light casts a tint and may cause glare or a shadow across your face because of the halo light.
  • The bulb creates heat, it may too hot
  • Have to install nearby a power outlet or cut the cord for wiring.
  • Quite thick & heavy, you may need extra anchors to secure it to the wall.
  • The switch is not well made and sometimes it doesn’t work properly
  • The movement is a little stiff
  • Better come with more finish
  • Not come with optional screws
  • The 15x spot is too small
  • 10x is not really 10 times magnifying
  • Advertising image and description doesn’t show plug and wire that lead to misunderstand
  • It takes too much space on the wall for small bathrooms

Unhappy (4%)

  • The Light is not bright
  • 10x is not 10 times magnifying
  • The switch stops working after a while
  • Not any information about the size of screw that ends up too big holes drilled

Disappointed (17%)

  • The worst case was the light the bulb shorted and broke the mirror
  • Someone received a broken mirror
  • The light is too dim
  • The switch didn’t work
  • The customer services were not good.
  • Bulky looking as it’s heavy and thick
  • 10X is not really 10 times magnifying
  • The advertising images do not show the mirror has cord and plug





  • 54% Satisfied: these customers are happy with the product.
  • 25% Acceptable: this group found some minor problems (light is dim, not clear instruction, heavy…) but they accepted it or solved themselves.
  • 4% Unhappy: some customers are not happy but kept using the product.
  • 17% Disappointed: these customers received a broken mirror, or they just didn’t like it and returned.



Is is battery operation or hard wire?

It’s not battery operation but it has a clear curly cord with a plug comes out at the bottom of the wall mount. The cord can be stretched up to about 24″.

What is the size (diameter) of the wall mount part?

It’s about 4.3″, a clearance of 5″ at the place your want to mount the mirror would be the best.

Can I use a 40 watt or higher as a bulb replacement?

Yes, you can. Just make sure you use the same type of bulb.

What is the diameter of the 15X magnification spot?

It’s about 2.5″.

Can it be hard wired?

It comes with a plug, however, you can hard wired by cut the plug, an electrician recommended to do this.


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jerdon hl9515n mount pad wired plug

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