Jerdon J2020C 5X Magnifying Makeup Mirror Reviews

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Brand/Seller:– Jerdon
Model:– J2020C
Size & Dimension:– Mirror diameter: 8.3″ X 6.5″
– Extendable range:
– Mounting base: 8.5″ X 1″
Shape:– Rectangle
Magnification:– 5X | 1X
Light:– None
Features:– Dual-sided 360-degree swivel (Up & down, left & right)
– Flexible scissor foldable arm with left/right swing
Finish:– Chrome & White
Power source:– None


Satisfying Chart



Reviews Summary


(Below are main advantages of the mirror make the customers happy with their purchasing)

  • Great extension the scissor arm that can stretch out up to 30 inches from the wall.
  • The scissor arm is very sturdy, it moves easily and smoothly.
  • It’s easy to swivel between the regular side and 5x magnification.
  • The mirror lays flat against the wall when it is not in use.
  • The mirror doesn’t look old or rust although it is used in such a long time for some customers.
  • Installation is quite easy.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • The 5x magnification is good enough to see clearly any details when you makeup or shave.
  • The large rectangular size is perfect.
  • There is no wobbling and swinging away from the wall.
  • The mirror is well-made, sturdy and durable.


(Below are some minor problems that make the customers were not fully satisfied with the mirror, but it’s still acceptable for them)

  • The scissor arm is not straight and the mirror doesn’t stay in place when it’s pulled out for someone.
  • Some customers hope for a different frame instead of the cheap plastic.
  • Someone suggested using toggle bolts instead of the given screws for the safety reason.
  • The top bushing on the slider doesn’t stay in.
  • The scissor arms are really tight in some cases, the customers suggest using both hands to extend the mirror.
  • The rivets are too short so they come loose and fall out.
  • Someone wants a bigger size of the mirror.
  • Some customers received the mirror with missing parts like the mounting hardware.
  • Some customers received the mirror with one of the articulated linkage joint caps came off and it had to be wedged in place before installation.
  • The ball on the end of the mirror falls off at all time for someone.


(Below are main reasons make the customers in this group unhappy with their mirror but they still keep using it)

  • The scissor arm doesn’t work smoothly.
  • The rivets fall off when it has arrived.
  • The plastic fittings snapped off in some cases.
  • The customer services were not good.
  • The brackets are flimsy, wobbles and don’t stay in place.
  • Some customers wanted the mirror with light but it’s not available.
  • The grommets are inferior and weak.
  • One of the pins in the arm has already fallen out when it has arrived.


(All the customers in this group returned the mirror or could not use it with the following reasons)

  • The plastic nipples are too weak.
  • One of the grommets is loosened in the package.
  • The set screw is not included when the product has arrived.
  • The accordion was warped and not correctable.
  • The scissor arm doesn’t work smoothly as expected.
  • You may find the jagged edge is very dangerous because it can cut your hand.
  • The white caps fall off because they are not tight enough.
  • Some customers received a broken mirror.
  • Many customers find the rivets come out.
  • The wall mirror came apart when it was extended.
  • Some customers found the scissor arms are broken after a few months in use.
  • Some others found the nuts and set screw always need to be tightened.
  • The uppermost hinge is missing.
  • The mirror arrived with some busted up hinge back.
  • The mirror and plastic pieces don’t stay on the rod.





What is the material of the mirror, plastic or glass?

It is made of glass.

Is this a fog-free mirror?

No, this mirror doesn’t support any power-operated functions.

Are there any other options like lighted, higher magnification level, or table-top?

No, only one option available is wall mount non-lighted with 5X magnification.

Is it portable?

No, this mirror is designed to to be permanently mounted on the wall, you can only remove it by unscrewing the screws.

Can I adjust the tension of the extension arm?

No. You can’t. However, if the movement is not smooth, you can try to apply some light oil on the scissor arm, or on the rods to make the clamps slide more easily.

Can I use the removable Command Damage-Free hangers to mount the mirror?

We suggest using strong screws and anchors to fix the mirror into the wall for safety reason.

Can I adjust the height of the mirror?

No, you can’t. The height of the mirror is fixed after you install it. However, you can use the swivel to change the angle of the mirror up and down.

Should I install the mirror in the shower?

Yes, you can but the mirror could steam up and get rust. You better avoid installing the mirror in the shower for a longer last.


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