Jerdon JP7506N Non-Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror Reviews Summary

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Brand/Seller:– Jerdon
Model:– JP7506N
Size & Dimension:– Mirror diameter: 8″
– Extendable range: 1″ – 12″
– Mounting base: 2″ X 5″
Shape:– Round
Magnification:– 5X | 1X
Light:– None
Features:– Dual-sided 360-degree swivel (Up & down, left & right)
– Flexible foldable arm with left/right swing
Finish:– Polished Nickel, Chrome, Bronze
Power source:– None


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Reviews Summary


  • Articulating arm and swivel are convenient.
  • The arm is sturdy with no wobbles.
  • The finish and the color match well other features in the bathroom.
  • Easy to install.
  • The mirror is well-made with sturdy construction.
  • Installing hardware with the given anchors worked great.
  • Flexible, it adjusts for any person’s height.
  • 5x magnification is good enough
  • The arm can be folded completely flats against the wall.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • The mirror is long last (no tarnish, no corrosion, and no loss of color)
  • Many users find the mirror is not rusted although it is mounted next to the shower or in the high moisture room.
  • The instruction is very clear.
  • Customer service was good at shipping and returns.


  • Installation was not easy for someone (The given screws are not long enough).
  • The mirror is too heavy for some people.
  • Someone suggests using toggle bolts instead of the given anchors.
  • Many people wished the mirror support a higher magnification option or lights.
  • You may need a suitable light in your bathroom as this mirror doesn’t support lights.
  • Someone found minors problems after a short time using their mirror (the swing-arm started to sag, crooked, the horizontal arm didn’t stay at the right angle).
  • Some customers received a mirror with some minor problems (chips on the edge, rusted screws).
  • The advertising images are not correct (lack of the cap on the wall mount screws)
  • Someone wished for a long arm.
  • The anker is too poor for someone.
  • You may find some other problems that the others experienced: the nobs on the two sides get loose, wall mount screw can come to loose, the caps didn’t stay on the screw, the arm doesn’t work smoothly.


  • Installation instruction is not clear enough for someone.
  • Someone found the wall anchors are too big.
  • The mirror may get rusted if you install it in a high moisture room.
  • The hinges were so tight in some cases that make the arm didn’t work smoothly or make noise (the customers suggest you hold the base with one hand when you extend or fold the mirror to keep the wall mount secure).
  • Some customer received the product with missing parts (no or wrong number of anchors or screws, no instructions, the cap where the mirror flips/rotates felt off ).
  • Some customers found the finish of their mirror was not very attractive for them.
  • The customer service was not good for someone as they didn’t get any reply on their queries.


  • The bolts are not well-made and the instruction is not clear (some customer drilled their wall with the wrong size of the holes).
  • Some customers received the wrong product.
  • Someone find the product is quite expensive for the quality.
  • The hinges are really hard to move in and out for many customers
  • Some customers received a broken mirror.
  • After a short time in use, someone found the swivel connection is broken and cannot be repaired.
  • Some mirrors get rusted although it is not in a wet bathroom.
  • Some customers received a mirror with missing mounting hardware, they couldn’t install it or even one dropped and broken after it’s installed with alternative screws.
  • The screw that attaches the bracket to the mirror didn’t fit so the mirror didn’t tighten all the way to the wall.
  • Someone found the articulating makes noise when they fold the mirror.
  • Some customer returned the mirror as it’s too big for them.





  • 78.1% Satisfied: Most of the customers satisfied with the mirror because of its well-made and the finish matches well with other feature in the room. Moreover, the arm of this mirror is such a plus point because it is very smooth to use and suitable for any user’s height.
  • 14.7% Acceptable: Installation is quite hard and the screws are not long enough and the arm doesn’t work smoothly as customers expected, someone received a mirror with the chip but all of the problems are not too important to return the product.
  • 3.5% Unhappy: Most of the customers in this group found problems with the swing arm like the articulating parts make noise, hard to fold, someone found the mirror rusted after a short time.
  • 3.8% Disappointed: Some customers received the mirror with some missing part like the screw or the instruction and it is rusted in the short using time. Furthermore, customer services didn’t satisfy the buyers then they return the mirrors.



What is the material of the mirror?

It is made of glass.

Can I adjust the height of the mirror with the swivel arm?

No, if you install the mirror as the normal direction, you cannot adjust the height of the mirror with the arm.

What is the size of the mirror itself?

It’s about 7″ 1/2.

What size of the drill bit should I use to mount this mirror?

You should use a 1/4″ drill bit and make sure you drill a clean and straight hole.

What is the total length of the arm?

The arm can be extended to 12″ (from the wall mount base to the center of the mirror).

Can I install the mounting bracket horizontally to adjust the height of the mirror?

In theory, you can install your mirror horizontally, but the mirror will hang down with its weight. So you should install the base in the vertical direction (as instruction).

What tools do I need to mount this mirror?

You will need a drill with a right-size drill bit (1/4″ suggested), the mounting hardware (anchors + screws) come with the mirror so you don’t have to buy them, ex

How to install the mirror at the right height?

You should ask someone to hold the mirror against the wall with the arm extended, and then mark the position where you find it best for you.

Is it a fog-free mirror?

No. it isn’t. This mirror is non-lighted and it doesn’t support any functions with power or batteries.


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