Jerdon Rectangular 5X Wall Mounted Magnifying Makeup Mirror

Key Features:
  • 5X magnification
  • Twin heavy arm extension for adjusting and firm support
  • Easy installation

Jerdon Rectangular 5X Wall Mounted Magnifying Makeup Mirror Review

The Jerdon JRT710CL LED Lighted 5X magnification is an amazing timeless wall mount rectangular makeup mirror with modern design and clever construction.

Manufactured by the Jerdon Style, a company with a great reputation for merit in the beauty business, you are assured of quality and functionality.


Besides, the Jerdon Lighted rectangular makeup mirror comes with a 5X magnification power to help you achieve flawless and precise cosmetics application.

The 5X magnification provides a detailed view of hard to view areas and allow you to put in place every detail of your makeup.

Lighting & Power

Apart from the 5X magnification power, this lighted wall mount mirror ensures you get quality images with its bright LED lights embedded around its perimeter.

The LED lights offer a pure white illumination that mimics that of daylight to help you apply makeup without too much hassle.

With an on/off button located at the base, this mirror is very convenient and easy to use. The mirror is fitted with a twin heavy extension arm that extends up to 15.5-inches from the wall and you can use to adjust the mirror to various angles for a more dynamic viewing point.

Size & Shape

In terms of build and construction, this vanity mirror has a heavy arm extension and a rectangular crystal-clear reflective mirror.

The unit arrives with a nice eye-catching chrome finish that complements most bathroom appliances and shields the mirror from moisture and condensation.

When it comes to size, this single-sided makeup mirror comes with a rectangular frame and dimensions of 6.5-inches by 9-inches. The frame of the mirror holds and supports the inside reflective surface that measures 4.5-inch by 7.0-inch.

Design & Matching

To start with, this makeup mirror involves a unique design that makes it stand out. It features a sleek and modern outlook that will for sure add a touch of glamour to any room décor. In fact, luxury hotels and spas use this mirror for its aesthetics and convenience.


Asides providing adjustable joints, the twin heavy extension arm is responsible for providing support and ensuring the unit is firmly held in place.

Constructed using strong durable materials, the arm is stable enough to hold the 3.75 pounds mirror in place even at odd angles.


Installation of this unit is super easy and quick. The unit arrives with complete mounting hardware and instructions to guide you through the entire installation. Also, in the package is a 6-foot long power cord that’s fitted with grounded plugs for your electrical connections.

You choose to either plug it to your wall sockets or find an electrician to hard wire it directly to your electrical junction box. The mirror is designed to work perfectly using either of the two connections. With it comes a one-year limited warranty for extra assurance on quality.

In conclusion, we can say that the Jerdon JRT710CL Lighted 5X Magnifying Rectangular mirror is for anyone hunting for an attractive wall mount makeup mirror with modern appearance and luxurious features.

Things we like

  • 5X magnification
  • Twin heavy arm extension for adjusting and firm support
  • Easy installation
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Long-lasting LED lighting
  • Sleek, modern design and outlook
  • Wide view angle
  • Emits white bright illumination

Things we don't like

  • It is wall mount only and not portable

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Jerdon Rectangular 5X Wall Mounted Magnifying Makeup Mirror
Jerdon Rectangular 5X Wall Mounted Magnifying Makeup Mirror

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