Keonjinn Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

When searching for a wonderful, visually stunning makeup mirror with assurance to capture your eyes and heart, the Keonjinn 36×28 Antifog mirror is your best option. The mirror is uniquely designed, built with high-quality materials and comes inclusive of a generous warranty.

This vanity makeup mirror is a wall-mount only meaning it’s not portable. However, the unit comes with an exclusive design to allow both vertical and horizontal mounting. It is rectangular in shape and has measurements of 27.6-inches in length, 35.4-inches in height and its 1.6-inches wide.

In terms of construction, the Keonjinn wall mount makeup mirror is built using environmentally friendly materials. The mirror is then finished with a silvered reflection layer to enhance its aesthetics and is copper-free thus won’t corrode or acquire rust easily.

For the makeup mirror to be premium quality, it is required to pass a number of strict and thorough tests. The mirror has to pass all tests including impact test, dropping test and heavy pressure test before it is ready for the market.

Besides, the mirror is fitted with an antifog function for crystal clear imaging hence no need for you to rinse it multiple times in a single shower or treat it constantly using fog-free sprays. The best thing about this antifog function is that it automatically starts when you turn on the LED’s and no energy is wasted when inactive.

Another impressive feature for this unit is the fact that it is lighted to offer you quality illumination for all your makeup application and hairdo requirements. With high-quality and long-lasting LED’s of up to 50,000 hours, the mirror can last for 45 years if in use for three hours per day.

The LED lights are dimmable and can be controlled using a round touch button normally located close to the bottom of the mirror. To control the light intensity of the LED lights from normal to brightest or the other way around, one is simply required to touch and hold the round button for three seconds.

This is a 30 watts mirror with a weight of 28.77 pounds. The makeup mirror has an alternating current power ranging between 100-240 volts. It is recommended that you turn off the electricity mains prior to any installation and that a professional electrician should be present and safety glasses are worn.

In fact, it is very easy to install the mirror in either portrait or landscape wall mounting styles. In its packaging, there are screws that aid in installation and a minimum of two people can be able to safely mount the unit on a wall.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Keonjinn has really improved the packaging and accessories for this unit. The mirror comes in a newly improved package to offer better and enhanced protection to all corners as well as the front and back sides of the mirror. Also, this mirror arrives with a generous one-year warranty.  

In general, the Keonjinn 36×28 antifog is a perfect makeup mirror for anyone looking for a wall mount mirror that complements any room décor and has energy saving features. With a silver finish, this makeup mirror makes a great wall décor for your home. 



  • Easy installation
  • Energy saving properties
  • Strong, safe packaging
  • Defogging function
  • Adjustable touch button
  • Wall mount only and not portable

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