Miusco 7X Non-Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

Miusco is popularly known for producing high-quality and reliable products over the years and the Miusco 7x magnification wall mount mirror is not an exception.

By incorporating a dual-sided mirror head with powerful magnification, the mirror reflects quality images for any cosmetic procedure.


Besides, this mirror was purposely designed to provide a strong magnification effect. With its double-sided design, Miusco features both 1x regular viewing surface and 10x magnified view on either side of the mirror.

Regardless of the intended functionality, this mirror is constructed to cater for all your makeup needs. The 10X great magnification offers the most versatility making it idle for makeup procedures that requires magnification.

Using the magnification side, you are able to zoom in on those specific sections in order to see every detail especially when applying mascara, false lashes, eyeliner, eyebrow shaping, tweezing, shavings, haircut and hairstyling, etc.

For a distortion-free reflection and better results always ensure you use the mirror within a distance of 2-inch to avoid dizzy feeling.

Size & Shape

The chrome finish is also corrosion resistant and durable. Perfectly round and double-sided the entire mirror when folded flat against the wall is 9.5-inches wide.

The 8-inches high-definition reflective surface offers fairly enough viewing surface to cover your entire face while applying makeup.

Design & Matching

Right off the package, this mirror speaks style and elegance. Carefully designed and constructed, Miusco glass mirror has a thick high-quality metal shell housing.

The metal shell has an attractive stainless chrome finish that makes it more glamorous, sturdy, stylish and can compliment with almost any room décor. Plus, it is very easy to clean and maintain.


By incorporating a 360-degrees rotation, you can easily switch between both sides to achieve different effects. The 1X side is most idle for final touch-ups and general makeup checkup to ensure there are no blemishes.

You don’t need to worry about craning your neck while using this mirror. The 360-swivel rotation allows you to adjust the mirror to an idle position in order to get that perfect view angle for your grooming needs.

Additionally, Miusco mirror features a flexible extended arm that can be fully stretched out for about 12-inches.

This feature allows you to adjust the height of the mirror for a comfortable view and close-up images even while standing. Plus, when not in use you can fold the extended arm to save up on small space vanity.


In terms of installation, this mirror was artistically designed to be mounted on a wall. Simply drill holes on your desired location, then apply the base panel and install the screws and lastly, install the mirror and screws up and it is ready for use.

Coupled with functional features and great aesthetics, this Miusco wall mounted magnified vanity mirror can be a perfect gift for appreciation girls and ladies on their special days such as birthdays, valentine’s day, anniversaries, Mother’s Day and Christmas.



  • Double-sided with an elegant design
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and rust resistance
  • Easy to mount
  • Flexible with 360-degrees swivel rotation
  • Offers great magnification power
  • Large view surface Highly versatile
  • It doesn’t have light
  • The magnified side might be too much for some people

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ProductMiusco 7X Non-Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews
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Miusco 7X Non-Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

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