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Brand/Seller:– Ovente
Model:– MFW85BR1
– B01J090W40
Size & Dimension:– Mirror diameter (2 options): 8.5″ & 7″
– Extendable range: 13.1″
– Mounting base: 4.2″
Shape:– Round
Magnification:– 10X | 7X | 1X
Light:– LED
Features:– Cordless (battery operated)
– 360 rotation
– Extendable arm
– Double-sided (with lights)
Finish:– Antique Bronze | Nickel Brushed | Polished Chrome
Power source:– Batteries: 4AAA with On/Off Switch button at the top


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Reviews Summary

[satisfyinglvl lvl1=”1″]

(Below are main advantages of the mirror make the customers happy with the Ovente 10X LED lighted cordless wall mount magnifying makeup mirror)

  • Installation is very easy with included anchors.
  • The mirror looks solid, well- built and beautiful finish.
  • The light is bright and it doesn’t get hot while using.
  • The 10x magnification is enough
  • The weight of the metal arm and frame are enough.
  • The mirror is very clean.
  • The mirror folds flat to the wall.
  • There is no rusted in such a long time in use.
  • Reasonable price.
  • The customer service is good.
  • The mirror works well and sleek.
  • The switch works well.
  • Cordless is convenient.

[satisfyinglvl lvl2=”1″]

(Below are some minor problems that make the customers in this group are not fully satisfied with the mirror, but it’s still acceptable for them)

  • The battery compartment is the magnified side, it’s quite hard to open to replace the batteries but it’s easy for the batteries to get loose and the light stop working.
  • The battery runs down so quickly.
  • The light is quite weak.
  • You may find it’s a heavy mirror.
  • The mirror gets moved because of its weight.
  • The hardware is bent so customers find it is difficult to use.
  • The instruction images are hard to see.
  • The 10x magnification is too big.
  • Some customers reported that the extension length is about 12″, not more than 13″ as its specs.
  • Because of its high magnification level, you will have to get really close to the mirror to see yourself.
  • The mounting screws line up horizontally, you may find it’s impossible to screw both of them hit the drywall stud.

[satisfyinglvl lvl3=”1″]

(Below are main reasons make the customers in this group unhappy with the mirror but they still keep using it)

  • One of the anchors was missed when the product arrived.
  • It is difficult to get the cover off to put the battery.
  • A screw is loose in the box.
  • The mirror drain battery so quickly.
  • 10x magnification is too big.
  • The light is too dim.
  • The finish was a little sloppy.

[satisfyinglvl lvl4=”1″]

(All the customers in this group returned the mirror or could not use it with the following reasons)

  • The spring to hold in one of the battery is missed.
  • Screws provided didn’t match with the drywall anchors provided.
  • The screws are broken.
  • The arm is tight.
  • The joints are weak.
  • The light is too dim.
  • The screws are very tight.
  • The mirror doesn’t include 4AAA batteries.
  • The mounting plate is flimsy.
  • Mirror bolts and bar bolts do not hold the mirror securely to the wall.
  • The 7x magnification is sent instead of the 10x.
  • You may find it difficult to get a grip to remove the cover to change batteries because of the slickness metal frame and its size.





Is the mirror fog free?

No, it doesn’t support fog-free function.

Do the mirror support lights on both sides?

Yes, you will have the light on both sides.

What is the material of the mirror, glass or plastic?

It is made of glass.

What are exactly magnification levels available on a mirror, 7X or 10X or both?

You will find 2 versions of the mirror, one is 1X & 7X, the other is 1X & 10X.

8.5″ is the size of the mirror itself or the size of the mirror with the frame?

It is the size of the mirror itself.

Should I mount this mirror using the command strips (for pictures with a capacity of 22 lbs)?

No, you shouldn’t. The mirror is quite heavy and you have to pull out and fold it when using it, you better mount it with the given screws and anchor or using a better (more stable) installing kit.


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Ovente 10X Magnifying Mount Makeup Mirror – Nickel Finish
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Ovente 10X Magnifying Mount Makeup Mirror – Antique Bronze Finish
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Clear reflection
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Flexible with 360 rotation
A real look of the mirror
4 AAA Batteries operated
Oval option
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