Rebel Poppy Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

When looking for an ideal makeup mirror, you will need one with a mirror surface that is large enough to cover your entire face.

This free-standing LED vanity makeup mirror by Rebel Poppy comes with a beautiful and romantic outlook that will go well with most bathroom countertops and bedroom dressers.

The mirror has been designed with you in mind. It is a 360 degrees swivel mirror that comes with a unified phone cradle where you can easily mount your phone and watch tutorials while applying makeup and mastering your looks.

The unit has a mirror that measures 12 by 16 inches and is held inside a durable frame of 14 by 19 inches. Besides the phone mount, this vanity mirror is designed to use LED lights to perfectly illuminate brightness on your face.

It comes with 12 dimmable LED knobs that can be controlled using three adjustable settings. The three settings allow you to ensure ideal lighting and perfect angle every time.

These adjustable touch control LED lights make it easy for you to attain fabulous and flawless each and every time.

Another great feature for this Hollywood light up makeup mirror is its ability to plug into power outlet. The unit can effortlessly be plugged into a USB or wall outlet thus no need for batteries.

It also has a long 10-inch clear power cable and a switch for on and off functions that make it very user friendly.

This unit is a free-standing mirror. The free-standing property makes the unit highly portable as it offers you the option of converting any table, desk or counter into a vanity station.

This will help you achieve flawless looks while utilizing the light up mirror and master your perfect look anywhere. It is on the top of list than all the expensive vanity mirrors.

The Rebel Poopy vanity mirror is one with great features. It can be used as gifts for most teenage girls, women, online video stars and aspiring makeup artists. It has a very beautiful and romantic design makes it easy to place anywhere. We’ll absolutely recommend.



  • Highly Portable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Comfortably accommodate phone mount
  • Touch controls Dimmable LEDs
  • Easy to install
  • Durable LEDs light
  • Pricey compared to same quality and size mirrors
  • Lacks magnification

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ProductRebel Poppy Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews
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Rebel Poppy Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror Reviews