Simplehuman ST3002 Makeup Mirror Reviews Summary

This is a short summary of 206 reviews and feedback about the simplehuman ST3002 Motion Sensor Wall Mount Makeup Mirror that I’ve learned.

I read every single review (both positive and negative) about the makeup mirror from the verified purchase customers, then combined into this reviews summary with a satisfying chart.

In this summary, everything is short and super clear in one place, and that’s the easiest (fastest) way for you to have an overview and see what other people comment or say about this makeup mirror.

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Mirror dimensions & Shape:8″ – Round
Light:– TRU-LUX light system, Surgical grade LEDs
– Motion sensor ON/OFF
– Brightness: 600 lux
– Manual switch OFF available
Features:Telescopic Swing Arm
Finish:Stainless-steel brushed nickel
Power source:Rechargeable Cordless (with standard USB included)

The video below shows more details about this makeup mirror


Satisfying Chart



Reviews Summary

Satisfied (74.1%)

  • Cordless with long last battery after charged
  • Easy to install with a clear instruction and only basic tools needed
  • Color of the LED is good
  • Very well made and work perfectly
  • The motion sensor works great (the light is on automatically when we get close and off shortly after we leave)
  • Elegant design
  • 5X magnifying is perfect for most of the users
  • It’s sleek and sturdy
  • It’s quite pricey but worth it

Acceptable (13.5%)

  • The installation hardware comes along with the mirror is too small to tight the mirror into the wall, potential for the mirror to come off if someone yanks the mirror so hard.
  • The charging cable is short
  • The tabs slightly peeking out after a while in some cases
  • The only 5X magnification is not ideal, it should support a non-magnifying as well
  • Has to be close to an outlet
  • The electrical plate’s hole (which attaches to the electrical lighting wall box and you poke the wires through) is too small for a wire nut
  • Not ideal for installing it in a cabinet because of the sensor but the manual switch works in this case
  • The housing looks like coated plastic, not stainless steel like.
  • Only one hinge for left and right movement is not ideal, it should support swivel up and down as well
  • It is difficult to extend the arm in some cases
  • The sensor and the light didn’t work properly in some cases but the warranty covered it
  • Should support manual to turn on the light, someone wants to look from a distance from the mirror and the light will be off in this case
  • The wiring instructions were not really correct
  • The hard-wired is more expensive than the cordless version
  • The light is too bright for someone
  • No dimmable

Unhappy (5.5%)

  • You may need to pay more for extra hardware to install it
  • The User manual is not clear about the size of screw and anchor for installation
  • The light was not turn off after use for some cases
  • Better support manual On/Off switch
  • The light didn’t work for some cases and the Customer service was not great for the price
  • You will see a circle because of the bright light for some seconds after using the mirror
  • The hard-wired version is not compatible with old-work electric boxes, some mods needed, hard to install for someone
  • The swill didn’t work properly
  • The sensor stopped working after a while
  • The battery dead after a while
  • The mirror is not well finished at the edge.

Disappointed (7%)

  • The installation hardware was not good, many customers broke their drywall and couldn’t install the mirror as they wanted.
  • The light, the battery, and the sensor stopped working immediately or after a while
  • The arm is stuck, required force to extend
  • Someone received a replacement product with the same issues they had and the Customer services and quality control were not good in this case.





  • 74.1% Satisfied: these customers are happy with the product.
  • 13.5% Acceptable: this group found some minor but acceptable problems (hard to install, wanted for more magnifying options or swivel…).
  • 5.5% Unhappy: some customers were not happy but kept using the product.
  • 7% Disappointed: these customers received a mirror with the light, the battery, or the sensor didn’t work or stopped working after a while, some found the installation instruction was not clear, they had to pay for extra fixes of hardware to install the mirror.



What are the longest and shortest distances from the wall to the mirror?

The distances are about 13.5″ maximum (when stretched out the telescopic swing arm”) and 2.5″ minimum (when pushed all away).

Can I replace the light bulb?

The light is long lasting LED, you cannot replace it. However, a 5 years warranty will cover if you have any issue the the light.

What is the finish?

This model is Brushed Nickel stainless steel, however, simplehuman offers other models with following finish: brushed pr polished stainless steel, rose gold, dark bronze, and brass.

Is there a manual switch to keeps the always light on?

No. Only a manual switch to turn off the light.

Can I take the mirror down easily for charging if I don’t have an outlet at the place?

No, the mirror is designed to be fixed mounted to the wall, so you cannot take it down for charging easily but you have to un-screw it, and it’s not recommended to do so.


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Left and Right rotation
From the back
Mouting hardware
Up and down rotation
Up and down rotation
Pushed away

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