Floxite 15X Non-Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

For a very strong magnification, look no further than the double-sided Floxite FL-15v vanity mirror. It was mainly designed to help those with poor close up vision to apply makeup with greater precision. It offers natural daylight illumination without built-in LED lights.


Another amazing feature of this mirror is the magnification level. The magnification is present in only one side of the mirror. For a clear, crisp visualization with high definition, the 15X allows you to zoom in small details even with no eyeglasses. Though the magnification side is very strong meaning if you move too close to the mirror you might look distorted.

On the other hand, the 1X sides provide a real facial image without magnifying. This side is great for lightly touching up details and confirming if your makeup is on fleek.

Size & Shape

This makeup mirror with a round shape has a diameter of 7.75 inches. It’s well built with a beautiful brushed nickel finish that goes with any decor. On the plus side, the full 7-inches viewing surface offers a wide view angle for makeup application or tweezing.

Floxite FL-15v is super compact in size and stands at 15 inches tall. It can comfortably stand freely on your dresser or countertop. The stand doesn’t detach from the whole unit unless you completely unscrew it. However, it has a perfect size and weight which can fit into your suitcase when traveling.

Design & Matching

One cool touch about this mirror is the distortion-free glass. This glass ensures you get the clean and clearest image possible. Meaning you can see even the tiniest detail while working on isolated areas of your skin. A very useful feature for tweezing, applying eyeliner and shaping your eyebrows.


Last but not least this tabletop makeup mirror you don’t need to worry about getting a sore neck. With the adjustable angle, you can rotate it to whatever angle you need for better facial viewing.

The simple shape and design of this mirror make it great for daily use. Having dual mirrors with high magnification makes it a perfect mirror for those with poor close up vision. It’s well built and we’ll highly recommend it for anyone.



  • 15X magnification ideal for those with poor close-up vision
  • Easily adjustable angle for better viewing
  • Very elegant minimalist design
  • Features dual mirror with one side for magnification and another side for a normal look
  • Compact size great for portability
  • Large viewing area
  • Distortion-free mirror glass
  • Comes with no LED lights
  • Can be hard to unscrew off and screw back the base
  • You are always required to stay in close proximity to the mirror for better results

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