Alvorog 5X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

Stunning in every way-elegant look, quality, and functionality. The alvorog mirror is sure to deliver a powerful magnification coupled with great features to ensure you get just the right illumination for your makeup application, daily grooming, shaving and more.

You are recommended to use the 5x mirror while keeping a distance of 15cm between to avoid distortion for a better result.

Switching to the 7x magnification side enabled you to zoom in critical areas for more detailed view ensuring there are no blemishes left. However, for a regular glimpse of the entire face and hair styling switch to 1x view.

Lighting & Power

Aesthetics aside, this mirror features built-in 15 LED lights which provides a bright, even and super white light to illuminate your entire face.

The complete ring of light focuses directly on the face giving you shadow-free reflection and also increase visibility even in a dark room.

The color temperature is of this bright LED lights is 6000 kelvins quite cool and effective for applying makeup. Plus, these lights are powerful and energy saving with a long-life span of up to 50, 000 use without replacement.

Besides, the alvorog mirror has an on/off switch located at the top center of the mirror. With this simple to use mechanism simply turn the lights on/off the when you want to use it. Remember in order to save power and extend the use time, switch off the lights when not in use.

The LED lights run on 4 AAA batteries (not included). The unit is energy-efficient and the batteries can last for 5-8 hours of everyday use. To conserve batteries energy remove them when not in regular use.

Size & Shape

This 7” lighted magnifying mirror is perfectly round shaped and offers a wide – view angle that covers your entire face and provides a high definition of clarity.

In contrast to other one-sided mirrors, this alvorog 7” mirror features a double-sided mirror face. One side being the standard unmagnified mirror and the other side features a clear, 5X magnification with distortion-free reflection.

Design & Matching

First of all, this mirror is well constructed with such a great design and focus on the aesthetic feel that fits any décor in your home, spas, bathroom, and hotels. The built quality is sturdy, flexible and durable made of stainless steel material with a silver finish.

The silver brushed stainless steel creates an extra reflection surface plus it’s resistant to rust making it easy to clean.


For convenience, this mirror incorporates a 360-degree swivel rotation mechanism so that you are able to switch angles and sides when need be.

Another impressive feature is the flexible foldable arm that effortlessly moves in all directions to provide a great viewing angle.

The adjustable 24-inches arm allows you to move the mirror back and forth to get the best viewpoint of your preference. This makes it highly reliable and convenient for makeup application and hair styling.


This mirror installation is a breeze. It comes with a guide that directs you, step by step on how to mount it on the wall.

Using the screws, the base is attached on either concrete, wood or tiles wall for a sturdy hold. The extending arm can be folded against the wall to save up space making it convenient for room or bathrooms with small space.

To sum it up, this alvorog 7-inch lighted magnifying mirror is among the best wall mounted mirrors that can withstand the test of time. It is well built, elegantly designed, produce a super white glow and it’ s magnified which is an essential feature of a mirror.


  • 5x magnification power
  • Durable LED lighting
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Foldable with an extending arm
  • Sturdy wall-mount unit
  • Adjustable with 360 degrees angle rotation
  • Elegantly, quality build
  • Rust-proof


  • Lights are not dimmable
  • It doesn’t store charge

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Jerdon 5X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

The Jerdon JRT710CL LED Lighted 5X magnification is an amazing timeless wall mount rectangular makeup mirror with modern design and clever construction.

Manufactured by the Jerdon Style, a company with a great reputation for merit in the beauty business, you are assured of quality and functionality.


Besides, the Jerdon Lighted rectangular makeup mirror comes with a 5X magnification power to help you achieve flawless and precise cosmetics application.

The 5X magnification provides a detailed view of hard to view areas and allow you to put in place every detail of your makeup.

Lighting & Power

Apart from the 5X magnification power, this lighted wall mount mirror ensures you get quality images with its bright LED lights embedded around its perimeter.

The LED lights offer a pure white illumination that mimics that of daylight to help you apply makeup without too much hassle.

With an on/off button located at the base, this mirror is very convenient and easy to use. The mirror is fitted with a twin heavy extension arm that extends up to 15.5-inches from the wall and you can use to adjust the mirror to various angles for a more dynamic viewing point.

Size & Shape

In terms of build and construction, this vanity mirror has a heavy arm extension and a rectangular crystal-clear reflective mirror.

The unit arrives with a nice eye-catching chrome finish that complements most bathroom appliances and shields the mirror from moisture and condensation.

When it comes to size, this single-sided makeup mirror comes with a rectangular frame and dimensions of 6.5-inches by 9-inches. The frame of the mirror holds and supports the inside reflective surface that measures 4.5-inch by 7.0-inch.

Design & Matching

To start with, this makeup mirror involves a unique design that makes it stand out. It features a sleek and modern outlook that will for sure add a touch of glamour to any room décor. In fact, luxury hotels and spas use this mirror for its aesthetics and convenience.


Asides providing adjustable joints, the twin heavy extension arm is responsible for providing support and ensuring the unit is firmly held in place.

Constructed using strong durable materials, the arm is stable enough to hold the 3.75 pounds mirror in place even at odd angles.


Installation of this unit is super easy and quick. The unit arrives with complete mounting hardware and instructions to guide you through the entire installation. Also, in the package is a 6-foot long power cord that’s fitted with grounded plugs for your electrical connections.

You choose to either plug it to your wall sockets or find an electrician to hard wire it directly to your electrical junction box. The mirror is designed to work perfectly using either of the two connections. With it comes a one-year limited warranty for extra assurance on quality.

In conclusion, we can say that the Jerdon JRT710CL Lighted 5X Magnifying Rectangular mirror is for anyone hunting for an attractive wall mount makeup mirror with modern appearance and luxurious features.



  • 5X magnification
  • Twin heavy arm extension for adjusting and firm support
  • Easy installation
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Long-lasting LED lighting
  • Sleek, modern design and outlook
  • Wide view angle
  • Emits white bright illumination
  • It is wall mount only and not portable

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BRIGHTINWD 5X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

Impressive, that is the first adjective that comes in mind when you think about this mirror. It has all the features and qualities that make a good wall-mounted magnified mirror that provides excellent illumination for applying makeup, tweezing, shaving and more.


Apart from the powerful lighting system, BRIGHTINWD mirror provides a magnification function. There is 1X standard magnification on one side of the mirror while the opposite side has a 5X magnification power distortion-free mirror.

This magnification is suitable when applying delicate makeup such as eyeliner, eyebrows, lipstick, and mascara.

Lighting & Power

This double-sided mirror features a ring of a LED light on both sides of the mirror. These LED lights mimic natural white sunlight that is an idle light option recommended for applying makeup so that you get to see a true reflection of your complexion.

To control the light, this unit has a dimmable touch sensor system on the reflective surface used to turn the lights on and off and also controls the brightness of the lights. The lights instantly shine bright when you touch the sensor.

However, if you long press for about 3 minutes you can change the level of brightness to suit your needs. This makes it so easy to control light even in poorly lit areas.

Besides, this mirror has a dual power supply. You can power the LED light by plugging its USB charging cable to an external wall outlet. Also, you can separately purchase three pieces of AAA series dry researchable batteries.

It is important to note that the dry batteries tend to run out of power easily, so when the power is off always recharged it. However, you can only use one source of power at a time.

Size & Shape

Perfectly round shaped this mirror head measures 7.5 inches in diameter while the reflective glass surface measures 5 inches. This size is wide enough to get a good look of your whole face when shaving, applying makeup or doing hair, without craning your neck.

Design & Matching

The whole unit is constructed out of a stainless steel material that is both rust-proof and anticorrosive.

It made to last for a very long time even when placed in humid areas such as the bathroom, hotel. Besides, the stainless-steel finish is a great reflective surface and can beautifully fit any home or hotel décor.


Compared to traditional mirrors that had you bend or stretch your head looking for the perfect view, this one offers a horizontal 180 degrees rotation.

With its adjustable axis, finding the perfect viewing angle is effortless and easy. The axis works together with the 13-inches stretchable arm which extends back and forth idle for a big bathroom.


This double-sided mirror comes with complete mounting hardware and step by step instructions. Installing is quite quick and easy.

Using the included screws mount the base on the wall and ensure it is flawlessly sturdy in its place. Once you are done using it, you can fold the extending arm and push it back to the wall.

Overall, the quality of this BRIGHTINWD mirror itself is quite a top notch. It is nicely balanced classic magnifying wall mounted mirror that satisfies in every way possible. The high-quality LED lights can last a lifetime thereby setting a new bar of quality against its competitors. We would highly recommend.



  • Dual power supply
  • Mimics white natural daylight
  • Long-lasting LED lights
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Dimmable touch button
  • Distortion free magnification
  • Easy to install
  • Compact and adjustable
  • Wide view angle
  • Light is not bright enough

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Mirrorvana 3X,5X,10X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

Sophisticated yet simple, the Mirrorvana X-Large mirror is no doubt one of the biggest and the most effective tri-fold magnifying makeup mirrors on the market today. It offers the best features and functions that simply makes it great for everyday personal grooming.


The magnified mirrors have been arranged opposite from the other with the left side giving you 3X, 5X, and 10X magnifications while the right side gives you 10X, 5X and 3X view. It’s simply an awesome and effective design.

The magnification is on point in each mirror and they are made using a crystal clear glass that perfectly reflects the face without distortion.

The smaller circular magnifying mirrors are very useful not just for detail work like makeup or eye-liner application but also for old persons with eyesight difficulties.

Light & Power

The central mirror is surrounded with a single tube light under the frame which consists of 44 small LED lightbulbs. That’s double than what you would find on many other models and it certainly means brighter lighting throughout.

It really doesn’t need anything else. The light is fantastic. It simulates the natural daylight such that you can comfortably use the mirror in a dark room and get to see every detail on your face.

You can as well dim it according to your need. The manufacturer has made this process simple and straightforward by incorporating a touch screen button located at the bottom center. You only need to hold down your finger over it to adjust the light or turn on/off.

You will also appreciate the fact that it offers two power options. You can either plug it into a USB port or use batteries which is quite convenient. The side panels fold up easily too thus making it relatively portable for travel despite being a bit tall.

Size & Shape

The makeup mirror itself is quite large from the top to the base featuring three panels. You have a large central 1X triangular mirror measuring 12 inches tall and 9 inches wide which is the perfect size to allow you view your entire face and hair as well.

On top of this, you have two side panels measuring 12 inches tall and 4 inches wide with three small circular mirrors on both sides. Each of the small mirrors provides different magnification.

Design & Matching

Coming in a stylish tri-fold design with a nice white finish, the mirror is sleek and beautiful enough to look fabulous on any room it’s placed. The built quality is also superb from top to bottom.

The whole structure is sturdy with the base and the stand holding the main mirrors being made of a thick plastic material. It’s not flimsy or likely to distort over time.

It’s something that’s going to last long and the base is large and solid, hence it won’t tip over when angling the mirror. Plus the base is designed with a sizeable tray where you can put your makeup, jewelry or other cosmetic items that you use often.


The best part is that the mirror is highly adjustable. You can tilt it backward or forwards up to 180 degrees and you can even rotate it 360 degrees. Therefore, it’s very flexible such that you set it at a variety of angles to achieve the best results.

In general, the Mirrorvana X-Large mirror is hands down the best tri-fold mirror out there for the price. It’s lightweight, durable, effective and no matter what light or magnifying strength you need, it will deliver. It’s worth every penny and an option we would highly recommend for makeup divas.



  • Sleek design with a sturdy, durable construction
  • The mirror is large with fantastic lighting
  • 6 magnifying side mirrors to give you a much detail view
  • You can adjust the light to your liking
  • You can plug it in or use batteries
  • A bit huge to carry while traveling

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FASCINATE 3X,5X,10X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

Coming in at second position is the FASCINATE lighted makeup mirror. This is yet another top quality magnifying trifold mirror that offers nothing but class and style. Just like the Mirrorvana X-Large mirror above, it’s very functional and perfect for everything facial.


The top panel consists of three small but decently sized round mirrors with 3X, 5X, and 10X magnification respectively. These three mirrors together offer fantastic magnification capabilities that allow you to address every detail of your face with great precision during makeup application.

Lighting & Power

Using this FASCINATE mirror in the daytime and at night won’t pose any challenge whatsoever. It’s equipped with 4 strips light made up of 44 LEDs fixed around the middle rectangular mirror.

The LEDs provide very effective lighting similar to the Mirrorvana 2019 X-Large thanks to their sheer number. They produce a bright yet soft white light that sufficiently lights up your face and makes it more visible whether it’s in a poorly lit room or in complete darkness.

You will be able to see everything clearly and apply your makeup with the same perfectness achieved in the natural daytime light. You can adjust the light accordingly too for day or night.

There’s is smart dimmer touch button to help you with this and it’s highly sensitive. You only need to touch it for 3 seconds to increase or decrease the intensity to your preference.

Lastly, this unit also gives you a dual power supply option. It’s powered by either USB cable charging or 4 x AA batteries which affords you the flexibility to use it in any room you want.

Size & Shape

When it comes to size, you will be able to see your whole face at the same time without any restrictions. The unit features three panels with a large middle triangular mirror measuring 8.66 inches high and 11.8 inches wide.

It’s the largest mirror with 1X magnification giving you a full view of your face and hair. The lower panel is a slightly smaller triangular mirror measuring 5.07 inches high and 11.8 inches wide which gives you a closer view of the lower half of your face.

The tri-fold design also means that you can close the side mirrors when not in use for easy storage or take away. However, like it’s counterpart above, it’s somewhat huge to squeeze in a purse, so it’s not an ideal mirror for traveling.

Design & Matching

To start off, the unit sports a more sleek and polished finishing with a cute 3-panel tri-fold design that makes it not only look elegant but can work well with any décor.

The mirrors, on the other hand, are made of quality coated glass and the base is a thick strong plastic to make the whole structure very durable. The stem and stand are solid and keep the mirrors stable and firmly in place, free from falling on a table or anything flat.

It will remain stable without a crumble even on a sloppy surface. Like the Mirrorvana X-Large mirror, the base is designed with a nice space for keeping your makeup and other accessories.


All of the mirrors are made from optical quality glass. They are very clear and will deliver a clean and distortion free view of yourself. In addition, you can adjust them up and down to 180 degrees and as well rotate them 360 degrees for the perfect viewing angle.

With that said, there’s no denying that with this FASCINATE lighted makeup mirror, you definitely get way more value without spending a bundle. It’s classy, offers a wide-angle view, and has good magnification with great clarity. It’s an ideal option for routine makeup application.



  • Sturdy, durable construction with an elegant design
  • Large mirrors that offer a wide-angle view
  • Clear reflection without distortion
  • Powerful LEDs that deliver a bright, soft, white light
  • Light is easily adjustable
  • Powered by either USB cable or batteries
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Relatively large for traveling

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EASEHOLD 1X, 2X, 5X, 10X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

The tri-fold makeup mirror by Easehold is a stylish, classic and very portable vanity mirror. It’s a lighted makeup mirror with a wide-angle view that can light your face clearly for better performance.


In addition to the three screens are multiple magnifications. The left mirror is divided into two smaller mirrors which offer 5X by 2X magnification in case you need a closer view. Plus, the 10X magnification from the large mirror ensures you get to see every detail.

Lighting & Power

This ultra-slim Easehold mirror has 38 pieces of LED lights that provide bright natural light no matter how dark your room is. The LED lights can be easily controlled by just one touch of the sensor switch on the mirror screen.

The dimmable sensor switch when long pressed can control the intensity of the light. In case, the light is too bright you can quickly dim it down. You just press and hold the button on the screen.

With an excellent power supply, this tri-fold mirror runs either on batteries or can be charged directly by USB cables. It uses four AAA batteries. However, the mirror itself can’t store charge.

Design & Matching

Easehold vanity mirror was designed with portability in mind. It stands steady on your vanity or countertop. The recessed base works great as storage for jewelry, watches, earrings, and bracelets.


The tri-fold design ensures that you get a clear facial view from every angle. It rotates up to 180 degrees and can be fixed at any position to ensure you get a perfect and needed viewing angle. This helps you avoid common cosmetic application mistakes.

Hassle-free assembly and disassembly of the stand from the mirror make this unit relatively portable. You can easily open or fold it just like a book which protect it from scratches or dust while also making it highly portable and perfect for traveling.

Overall, Easehold tri-fold vanity mirror might be a good choice if you need a lighted makeup mirror that is highly portable and free-standing. Besides, this mirror has both CE and FCC certifications that ensure 100 percent quality.



  • Dual powered mirror
  • Three great magnification levels
  • Portable
  • Sensitive sensor switch
  • Comes with 38pcs of bright dimmable LED lights
  • Provide three wide-angle view
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Free-standing adjustable stand
  • It can’t store charge
  • No guarantee

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Jerdon 5X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

The Jerdon Euro Tri-Fold is a glossy bathroom and makeup mirror with lights. It has a compact size that easily folds flat thus making it light-weight and highly portable. In fact, you can use this two-sided mirror for makeup application anywhere in your home as it fits on most countertops without too much hassle.


This makeup mirror has a great zooming feature that helps you have a clear reflection when beautifying your face. Its constructed with an adjustable center that swivels from 1X to 5X magnification. The 1X magnification offers an ideal view of any hairdo whereas the 5X magnification works great when applying makeup in areas that are hard to see.

Lighting & Power

This lighted makeup mirror contains versatile illumination. It incorporates cool to touch fluorescent lighting. The lighting is glare free and has four alternate illumination settings for all your beauty requirements.

The four different light settings are designed to offer color-corrected illumination that goes well with daytime, evening, office and home surroundings. All you need to do is slide the switch over to find the most appropriate lighting for your beauty needs.

Consequently, it’s a free-standing makeup mirror. It can stand by itself on your dresser, vanity, and countertop while providing a unified place to keep your beauty necessities. Its built-in 120 volts electrical outlet offers you the option to plug in beauty appliances like curling irons and blow dryers.


Another great feature for this lighted makeup mirror is the adjustable back stand. It has the ability to adapt the stand, mirror, and lighting to match any angle that you are positioned or seated.

The tri-fold design comes with the main mirror and two others on the sides. This three-way mirror design offers a panoramic view that not only offers a straight-on view of your face but also both sides at the same instance.

We recommend this unit to anyone who does their own makeup. It’s a highly stylized makeup mirror with a sleek contemporary design and eye-catching white finish that goes well with most home décor.



  • Tri-fold design
  • Highly portable
  • Sharp appearance
  • 5X adjustable manual zoom
  • Four viewing angles
  • Attractive design and white finish
  • It has a small mirror surface

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Miusco 5X, 10X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

Many people view this as a life-changing mirror and you have no doubt to argue with that. Miusco looks really stylish, coupled with great functionalities this mirror provides excellent illumination for applying makeup, shaving, tweezing and more.

This 9-inch LED lighted makeup mirror is perfectly round shaped making it ideal, versatile and attractive for applying makeup. The mirror is made of brushed stainless steel that creates an extra reflection surface plus it’s environmentally friendly.

In contrast to other mirrors which comes as a one-unit mirror, this Miusco 9″ mirror has a small magnetic attachment mirror. The entire mirror is 5x magnified while the small attached mirror is 10x magnified. These incredible magnifications provide a variable illumination perfect for both detailed and general makeup.

Aesthetics aside, this mirror has the brightest and the greatest lighting system. Fitted with 40 LED it forms a complete ring of light that will illuminate your entire face and increase visibility while saving electricity. Plus, the LED Lights are powerful to last you a lifetime use.

The mirror produces white light which is the best light color for applying makeup. With simple to use touch button simply turn on/off the lights or you can adjust the intensity of the light by pressing and holding. As a result, you achieve a natural and bright reflection even at night.

The LED lights run on a built-in large lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable using a USB charging cable. This battery is energy efficient and a single charge can last for a very long time before you get to recharge again.

This unit is a free-standing mirror. Like most free-standing design the base is made of a heavy steel metal for stabilization and can fit on your vanity or a dresser. In addition to being cordless, this mirror is fairly portable and moving it from room to room is a breeze.

Overall, Miusco 9″ lighted mirror with circular lightning is quite versatile and stylish. Design to provide high-quality dimmable effect and powerful magnification that will light up your days and night.



  • Long-lasting researchable LED lights
  • Come with a 10X magnified mirror attachment ideal for detail makeup
  • Stylish finish and design
  • Dimmable LED lights
  • Easy to use touch button
  • Provides an ultra-bright white light
  • Convenient size
  • Sturdy quality
  • Not convenient for traveling
  • It does not rotate in the position you want

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Simplehuman 5X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

Not so often can you find a mirror with the perfect combination of quality, features, and functionality, and that’s precisely why simplehuman sensor lighted mirror is so popular. This might be the perfect mirror for you if you are looking for detail viewing.


The 5X magnification is very clear and useful, so much comprehensive it allows you to see exceptional detail with an entire view of your face. The magnification is convenient for detailed grooming and makeup application.

The fact that you don’t have to stick your face out to get close to the mirror is amazing. This simplehuman mirror is adjustable, it tilts back nicely, allowing you to choose the angle that gives a clear and comfortable view of your face. You can also adjust the height for a perfect view while standing.

Lighting & Power

Starting with the LED lighting, the round ring of light provides a bright, brilliant and long-lasting source of light. The LED lights are powerful enough to last 40, 000 plus hours with everyday use giving you more than 100 years of service without replacement.

This astounding mirror features a Tru-lux LED light system that will illuminate your face twice as bright compared to a normal bulb. It also stimulates the bulbs to produce natural sunlight that enables you to see subtle disparities in your makeup ensuring you get a flawless result.

One of the greatest features in this makeup mirror is the sensor light that automatically turns on and off using the infrared sensors. It’s super-sensitive in that when you move your face close to the mirror it lights up and then turns off as you move away.

During use, the intelligent multi-sense adapts and becomes more sensitive therefore you won’t get unexpected turn-off. A very efficient touch-control system allows easy control of light brightness. You can also choose to have a different range of brightness from 100lux to 800lux.

This mirror is cordless, definitely a great design that can be recharged with a standard USB cable and adapter (both included in the package). A single charge can last up to five weeks before you recharge it again. We find this reliable while moving from one room to another.

Size & Shape

With only 8″ of thickness, the overall unit is thick and look gorgeous while the pink stainless-steel body is beautifully clear and resilient, offering lifelong durability. Apart from moisture-proof construction, this 9.1″W x 4.7″ D x 15.1″H round mirror is a perfect size for you.

Desgn & Matching

This unit has a strong base that offers support for free-standing effect. With no installation, the mirror also features an on/off button on the bottom of the base that is used to manually switch on the lights in case the sensor malfunction.

With a CRI of 90, this mirror is strikingly beautiful and well designed with smart technology. Coupled with all these great features and high-quality construction it’s one of the best round lighted mirrors in the market. We highly recommend.



  • Mimics natural bright light
  • Automatic face sensor
  • Long lasting LED lights
  • Brightness control touch switch
  • Rechargeable
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to clean
  • Great power magnification

The automatic on/off feature might malfunction

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