Conair 8X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

Conair always delivers high-quality mirrors; they are renowned for their excellent, timeless design, coupled with cutting edge modern features.

As big as it is powerful, Conair 8x magnifying lighted makeup mirror is sure to provide quality, functionality, and elegance that might make your beauty experience fun and easy.

Conair definitely outdid themselves on the build quality of the mirror.


The 8X magnifying surface enables you to get a more detailed and closer view on those critical areas ensuring stray lashes, errant pores and blemishes don’t stand a chance. With this powerful magnification, the mirror is idle for tweezing, applying eyeliner and mascara.

Simply flip over the mirror to access the 1x magnification side for your regular hairstyling, daily grooming, final makeup check-up and normal skin regimen. Besides, just magnifying Conair light itself is beyond and above in terms of quality and fidelity.

Lighiting & Power

It features a 25-watt ring of light that offer you as close to natural sunlight as possible. The bright and lively lighted mirror illuminates your face with the optimum amount of light to help you apply makeup perfectly anywhere you at.

Easily activate the lights using the convenient off and, on a switch, located at the base of the mirror. However, the only set back is that the lights are not LED, so you will need replacement plus it is not adjustable.

As for power, this lighted makeup mirror is electrical operable. It arrives with a 5-foot long power cord and two prongs that you can plug into your 110 volts wall outlet. it is also important to note that the unit does not work on batteries thus no charge is stored.

Size & Shape

It also features a slightly concave 8.5-inches reflective surface on both sides, quite enough size to cover your entire face when applying makeup. Plus, the optical glass is meant for a high precision image.

Featured Features

Speaking of a consistently perfect clear view no matter the weather, the anti-fog features can always guarantee you get that. It can be placed inside the bathroom, mounted on a high-humidity area without corroding.

Aesthetics aside, it features a double-sided mirror face that caters for different cosmetic needs. On one side it has an unmagnified face and the other offers the crystal clear 8x magnification.

Design & Matching

This mirror is all durable metal construction including the extended arm and the base, apart from the light part which is made of high-quality plastic. Made to last, the swing arm is quite sturdy, tight and strong enough to withstand heavy daily use.

Conair mirror definitely gets a bonus point for its aesthetically pleasing brushed nickel finish, that creates a sleek professional look regardless of your room décor.


In regards to usability, the Conair 8X makeup mirror is highly adjustable and easy to use. It is fitted with a strong extendable swing arm for adjusting and repositioning the head. The two-part extendable arm is ideal for space saving while its smooth joints make any beauty procedure effortless and quick.

When fully extended, the swing arm measures 12-inches from the wall. Unlike other mirrors, the Conair 8X allows you to stand still and adjust the mirror’s height and position for better viewing angles. It is advised that you avoid hanging heavy items on the extendable arm to prevent breakage.

Amazingly, this extension arm allows the entire unit to fold and save on more room space. When folded or flushed against the wall, the whole unit occupies a rectangular area measuring 11.5-inch by 15.5-inch and extends out 4.5-inches from the wall.

Besides a functional swing arm, the makeup mirror involves a smooth 360-degree tilting head which has an endless rotation. The tilting mirror head offers a range of viewing points since it can be positioned and fixed at any desired angle as per your beauty needs.

In fact, the 360-degree tilting design will reduce your daily beauty routine time with its practicable dual-sided mirror head. The 360-degree rotating head allows you to easily switch amid the two magnification options for regular images and close up views.


In terms of installation, the wall mount makeup mirror is easy to mount. The mirror comes complete with mounting hardware that will make the installation smooth and rapid. Featuring a wide base, the unit is easy to fix on any wall and remains firm even at odd angles.

For a better part, it is safe to say Conair 8x double-sided lighted makeup mirror has an extremely attractive design with durable construction which is an essential aspect. We would recommend for anyone looking for a quality wall mounted mirror.



  • Easy wall mounting and installation
  • Sturdy 12-inch extendable swing arm
  • 360-degree tilting head
  • Powerful 8X magnification
  • Durable construction
  • Attractive design
  • It produces bright lighting
  • Double-sided with crystal-clear reflection surface
  • Easy to use the switch button
  • Anti-fog function
  • The lights are not dimmable
  • Non-LED light

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