Alvorog 5X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

Stunning in every way-elegant look, quality, and functionality. The alvorog mirror is sure to deliver a powerful magnification coupled with great features to ensure you get just the right illumination for your makeup application, daily grooming, shaving and more.

You are recommended to use the 5x mirror while keeping a distance of 15cm between to avoid distortion for a better result.

Switching to the 7x magnification side enabled you to zoom in critical areas for more detailed view ensuring there are no blemishes left. However, for a regular glimpse of the entire face and hair styling switch to 1x view.

Lighting & Power

Aesthetics aside, this mirror features built-in 15 LED lights which provides a bright, even and super white light to illuminate your entire face.

The complete ring of light focuses directly on the face giving you shadow-free reflection and also increase visibility even in a dark room.

The color temperature is of this bright LED lights is 6000 kelvins quite cool and effective for applying makeup. Plus, these lights are powerful and energy saving with a long-life span of up to 50, 000 use without replacement.

Besides, the alvorog mirror has an on/off switch located at the top center of the mirror. With this simple to use mechanism simply turn the lights on/off the when you want to use it. Remember in order to save power and extend the use time, switch off the lights when not in use.

The LED lights run on 4 AAA batteries (not included). The unit is energy-efficient and the batteries can last for 5-8 hours of everyday use. To conserve batteries energy remove them when not in regular use.

Size & Shape

This 7” lighted magnifying mirror is perfectly round shaped and offers a wide – view angle that covers your entire face and provides a high definition of clarity.

In contrast to other one-sided mirrors, this alvorog 7” mirror features a double-sided mirror face. One side being the standard unmagnified mirror and the other side features a clear, 5X magnification with distortion-free reflection.

Design & Matching

First of all, this mirror is well constructed with such a great design and focus on the aesthetic feel that fits any décor in your home, spas, bathroom, and hotels. The built quality is sturdy, flexible and durable made of stainless steel material with a silver finish.

The silver brushed stainless steel creates an extra reflection surface plus it’s resistant to rust making it easy to clean.


For convenience, this mirror incorporates a 360-degree swivel rotation mechanism so that you are able to switch angles and sides when need be.

Another impressive feature is the flexible foldable arm that effortlessly moves in all directions to provide a great viewing angle.

The adjustable 24-inches arm allows you to move the mirror back and forth to get the best viewpoint of your preference. This makes it highly reliable and convenient for makeup application and hair styling.


This mirror installation is a breeze. It comes with a guide that directs you, step by step on how to mount it on the wall.

Using the screws, the base is attached on either concrete, wood or tiles wall for a sturdy hold. The extending arm can be folded against the wall to save up space making it convenient for room or bathrooms with small space.

To sum it up, this alvorog 7-inch lighted magnifying mirror is among the best wall mounted mirrors that can withstand the test of time. It is well built, elegantly designed, produce a super white glow and it’ s magnified which is an essential feature of a mirror.


  • 5x magnification power
  • Durable LED lighting
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Foldable with an extending arm
  • Sturdy wall-mount unit
  • Adjustable with 360 degrees angle rotation
  • Elegantly, quality build
  • Rust-proof


  • Lights are not dimmable
  • It doesn’t store charge

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Keonjinn Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

When searching for a wonderful, visually stunning makeup mirror with assurance to capture your eyes and heart, the Keonjinn 36×28 Antifog mirror is your best option. The mirror is uniquely designed, built with high-quality materials and comes inclusive of a generous warranty.

This vanity makeup mirror is a wall-mount only meaning it’s not portable. However, the unit comes with an exclusive design to allow both vertical and horizontal mounting. It is rectangular in shape and has measurements of 27.6-inches in length, 35.4-inches in height and its 1.6-inches wide.

In terms of construction, the Keonjinn wall mount makeup mirror is built using environmentally friendly materials. The mirror is then finished with a silvered reflection layer to enhance its aesthetics and is copper-free thus won’t corrode or acquire rust easily.

For the makeup mirror to be premium quality, it is required to pass a number of strict and thorough tests. The mirror has to pass all tests including impact test, dropping test and heavy pressure test before it is ready for the market.

Besides, the mirror is fitted with an antifog function for crystal clear imaging hence no need for you to rinse it multiple times in a single shower or treat it constantly using fog-free sprays. The best thing about this antifog function is that it automatically starts when you turn on the LED’s and no energy is wasted when inactive.

Another impressive feature for this unit is the fact that it is lighted to offer you quality illumination for all your makeup application and hairdo requirements. With high-quality and long-lasting LED’s of up to 50,000 hours, the mirror can last for 45 years if in use for three hours per day.

The LED lights are dimmable and can be controlled using a round touch button normally located close to the bottom of the mirror. To control the light intensity of the LED lights from normal to brightest or the other way around, one is simply required to touch and hold the round button for three seconds.

This is a 30 watts mirror with a weight of 28.77 pounds. The makeup mirror has an alternating current power ranging between 100-240 volts. It is recommended that you turn off the electricity mains prior to any installation and that a professional electrician should be present and safety glasses are worn.

In fact, it is very easy to install the mirror in either portrait or landscape wall mounting styles. In its packaging, there are screws that aid in installation and a minimum of two people can be able to safely mount the unit on a wall.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Keonjinn has really improved the packaging and accessories for this unit. The mirror comes in a newly improved package to offer better and enhanced protection to all corners as well as the front and back sides of the mirror. Also, this mirror arrives with a generous one-year warranty.  

In general, the Keonjinn 36×28 antifog is a perfect makeup mirror for anyone looking for a wall mount mirror that complements any room décor and has energy saving features. With a silver finish, this makeup mirror makes a great wall décor for your home. 



  • Easy installation
  • Energy saving properties
  • Strong, safe packaging
  • Defogging function
  • Adjustable touch button
  • Wall mount only and not portable

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HAUSCHEN Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

The Hauschen LED lighted vanity mirror is a marvelous classic mirror. Featured in luxury hotels across the globe, this mirror guarantees you a complete spur experience.

Mostly known for taking good selfies, it is a high-quality product for your makeup application and hair styling.

Roundly shaped, this mirror is made of only silver without an inch of copper metal. Compared to other silver mirrors produce by most brands, this one is environmentally friendly and can resist water corrosions.

Measuring 30-inch radius, it is slightly larger than average mirrors, a perfect size for you to apply your make up or shave without craning your neck.

Backed with fogless features, which helps to keep away fog or steam foaming on the mirror, therefore, rendering it clear and clean always.

To control the LED lights, the support wall switch can be used to turn it on and off. In addition, it has a memory touch sensor, that you can use to control the brightness and color temperature of the LED lights.

This astounding mirror is very smart to use and it will save your last-used level of light brightness making it a very convenient and reliable makeup mirror.

Excellent LED lights with CRI of 90 illuminates your bathroom 10 times brighter than a normal bulb. There is no need to add another light source in your bathroom the moment these LED lights are on.

The LED lights can be adjusted to achieve three different levels of brightness which range between 0-20%-60% up to 100% with each level producing the desired glow.

In addition to changing light brightness, you can select the color temperature to either 3000K which is a warm white light or 5500K a more daylight light. Be sure of consistent comfortable lightning, free of flicker and UV rays.

The Hauschen LED lights makeup mirror has an external power source due to the use of LED light. The backlit lights up through a standard 110-120V UL listed adapter included in the package.

Despite being battery free, the LED light is powerful enough to last 50 000 plus hours giving you a lifetime use without replacement. Again, the LED light makes your face completely visible, perfect even when applying eyeliner or mascara.

Like most mirrors, you can mount it on the wall making sure it is in a central position and not sliding. Lightweight and easy to install, you will get yourself taking selfies in no time. Coupled with up to three years warranty that covers any material and manufacture defects.

At first glance, this mirror speaks glamour and functionality. Design with simple yet smart touch controls, this mirror is set to provide a high-quality dimmable effect.

The Hauschen LED lighted makeup vanity mirror doesn’t fall short of impressive feature making it ideal for anyone who needs a high-quality lighted mirror.



  • Well priced
  • Modern design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Touch control Dimmable LED lights
  • Memory sensor
  • Long-lasting LED light.
  • Once, install you cannot carry it around
  • The mirror itself can’t store electric charge

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DP Home Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

The Hollywood glam of the DP Home E-CK010 vanity mirror with lights is just one thing, to begin with. However, the mirror for sure come equipped with great features, not only the dramatic appearance. Its style is all about the saying “go big or go home”.

Starting with the details, this makeup mirror is made of the 3rd generation environmentally-friendly copper-free silver mirror that gives it that elegant look. Plus, the silver surface is 35% more clear than the conventional mirrors making it idle for applying makeup and hairstyling.

As the silver surface is rust-proof with no UV, it protects the mirror from corrosions thereby enhancing reliability and durability. Well built, ingeniously designed with sleek surface this mirror ticks all the boxes of high-quality.

Made with you in mind, this rectangular shaped mirror measures 24 by 32 inches a perfect size that can fit above small and mid-sized vanities or countertop.

It isn’t quite the right size for a large double vanity; however, you can still use it to do your hair and makeup or use it as a dressing mirror.

Unlike other backlit mirrors on this list, this mirror allows the light to shine from the back around the edges of the mirror through the frosted panels. 

This means that the lights don’t glow directly at your face, instead, it shines brightly on the walls. As a result, a softer glow is created which eliminates harsh overhead and shadows created as you approach the mirror.

One of the coolest features about this unit is its super sensitive touch button. You can only use it to turn the lights on and off.

When the light is immediately turned on, there is an instant glow of light which is mercury free and without any flickering. This light creates just enough ambiance that makes you feel like a star behind the scenes.

The long-lasting LED light is designed to save energy up to 68%. You can use it over 50,000 hours every day and last up to 30 years without the need for replacement.

With a color temperature that ranges between 5500k – 6000k the mirror projects an even bright white light with a flattering glow to reflect your natural complexion.

This mirror is hardwired with a power source input ranging between 100-250V. You are therefore advised to turn off the power supply when you connecting the wires to avoid any injuries. If you wish to use a wall switch, just change the wires in the box and connect.

The fact that it is only 2.0 inches in thickness, gives it a streamlined, sleek look that not only adds a touch of glamour to your vanity but also makes it easy to clean and maintain.

For a clean and clear look, it is recommended to gently wipe the mirror with a clean cloth dipped in milk.

When it comes to installation, it is a very easy task that only takes 30 minutes. Featuring a hanging hook and screws you can securely mount the mirror on the wall to give it a sturdier hold.

With a relatively lightweight of 20.7 lbs, the mirror can only be float mounted vertically thus adding a big statement to your bathroom.

You are also advised to get a professional electrician and acquire safety protection such as eyeglasses and gloves for quick and safe installation. Last but not least you get to enjoy a generous one-year warranty with guaranteed replacement or refund upon verification.

Regardless of the lack of dimmable function, the elegant look, bright white light, quality clear silver surface and touch sensor, this mirror is an excellent unit convenient for all makeup enthusiasts.



  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain
  • Projects white soft light
  • Long-lasting energy saving LED light
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Clear reflection
  • Easy to use touch button
  • The light is not adjustable
  • Can only be mounted vertically

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DIYHD Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

Nowadays, most of us are looking for something great to aid us to apply cosmetics, shave or do our hair more easily and accurately. The DIYHD bathroom mirror is an excellent, timeless piece with sleek looks and premium craftsmanship.

Built using top quality materials, the mirror is highly durable. Its construction involves an environment-friendly premium quality silver-backed glass with aluminum alloy and PVC back box. The simple design and construction save on room space and goes well with most bathroom décor.

In fact, the mirror is designed and constructed with you in mind. This makeup mirror is wall-mount only and allows you to perfectly mount it at a preferred height. The entire unit has a size of 24-inches wide and 36-inches high whereas the reflective glass is 1/5-inch thick.

Another great feature for this bathroom mirror is the energy saving LED lighting embedded along the perimeter to offer efficient lighting for applying makeup and cosmetics.

With a life expectancy of about 50,000 hours, the long-lasting LEDs promise to make your grooming effortless and better.

Apart from being long-lasting, the LEDs have a cold white color temperature of 4000K and offer high brightness for all your grooming needs.

The LED lights shine with task-specific dimmable natural light illumination and can be used for various personal activities like hygiene, dressing, and cosmetics.

Besides the wonderful illumination, a mirror smart ON/OFF touch button is available for turning on the lights. The mirror is also fitted with the antifog function to get rid of fog formation on the surface of the reflective glass.

This offers crystal clear images even while steam is forming in your bathroom. A switch is also available for the anti-fog function so that you can turn it off when not in use.

When it comes to powering the mirror, there are two functions available. The mirror is structured to use a UL LED power supply with alternating current of 100-240 volts.

In other words, the mirror’s power supply in direct current is 12 volts with a power of 30 watts and 50/60HZ. This is the first method to power the bathroom mirror.

However, if you have a professional electrician, you can choose to hardwire the unit directly into a junction box or main electricity in your home. With a wired mirror, you can either turn it on via the touch button or use the wall outlet switch.

When it comes to installing this bathroom mirror, you will like how easy and rapid it is. The mirror weighs 26.5 pounds and allows for both vertical and horizontal mounting.

As a fact, it is effortless to mount the unit as it arrives packaged inclusive of wall mounting screws. With protective glasses on, a minimum of two people can do the installation process.

To sum it all, the DIYHD W24 X H36 vanity mirror is for anyone with limited counter space in the bathroom or someone who needs a mirror that can be mounted at the desired height for perfect viewing angles.

The mirror is ideal for any home as its equipped with space-saving properties and has great aesthetics that goes well with most decor.



  • Dimmer compatible
  • Complements any décor
  • Energy saving lights
  • Easy installation
  • Antifog function
  • Its wall mount only thus not portable

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Smartrun Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

Our first top wall mount mirror is the smart run bathroom vanity backlit mirror. It easily takes the top spot in our list due to it’s simple yet stunning design and functionality plus a very competitive price tag.

The mirror looks fantastic hanging on a wall and the build quality is solid. Measuring 48 inches wide and 36 inches high, it’s large enough to give you a full view of your entire face and upper body.

It comes in a rectangular shape with a large width which makes your view appear much wider and bigger. The mirror itself is a silver-backed glass. It provides a clear, crisp and very flawless reflection. The LED lights do well to add a touch of elegance to the overall design of not just the mirror but anywhere it’s hanged.

The LEDs which run around the entire frame of the mirror create a bright yet soft, super white light that provides clear illumination much similar to natural light.

It’s a uniform forward facing light with 6000K temperature color. It hits the face directly allowing you to see every inch of your face clearly even in low light thereby eliminating any chances of applying your makeup unevenly.

The light is dimmable and you can adjust it up to three kinds of light intensity. This simply means you can choose how bright you want the light to be in order to ensure you apply your makeup to perfection.

smartrun has made operating the light very easy. The mirror is equiped with a quite sensitive and responsive touchscreen technology. You only need to press a touch button for three seconds to change the light intensity.

Even much better, the dimmable switch is designed with memory fucntion. When you turn the light off and turn it on again, it will start with the same light intensity that you selected before turning it off. Therefore, it’s functional and equally convenient.

There’s a nice blue accent around the touch button when it’s on and it does contribute in giving the mirror an even more stunning, modern look.

Another commendable feature is the addition of a defogger which is an extra perk that enhances the functionality of this smartrun mirror. It’s equiped with a safe, heating-coil pad that keeps it free of condensation, so you can expect no fogging up after a steamy shower.

The only slight setback is that the defoger remain on throughout, even when you turn off the light. However, you can control it if you have a wall switch. It’s really a feature worth having and there are no hot spots around the whole LED. It’s pretty safe to touch.

According to the manufacturer, this mirror can last up to 45 years with only 3 hours of use each day. Therefore, it’s indeed durable in terms of build quality plus it’s backed by a 2 year warranty.

When it comes to installation, it’s an easy process with all the plugs and screws needed to mount it included in the package. The mirror has only two mounting holes at the top and it’s meant to be mounted vertically.

Fortunately, it comes with an aluminum lip, so if you are handy, you can use it to mount the mirror horizontally. It weighs around 39 pounds which makes it fairly heavy but once mounted, it will remain firmly in place.

To sum it all, if you are looking for a quality makeup mirror that can certainly help amp up your beauty game, then this smartrun vanity backlit mirror is an option we would highly recommend. It’s well built, has reliable LEDs and it’s large enough to accommodate almost every height.



  • Solidly built with a simple yet elegant design
  • Large-sized reflection glass to accommodate different heights
  • Reliable LEDs that produce a soft, super-white light
  • The silver-backed reflection glass provides a clear and crisp view
  • The light can be adjusted up to three different intensity
  • Easy to operate using a sensitive touch button
  • Easy to mount on the wall and is equipped with a defogger function
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty
  • The defogger remains on throughout even with lights turned off
  • It’s not designed for both vertical and horizontal mounting

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Stamo Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

This is so far; the best professional wall mount vanity mirror you can get. The level of artistry, quality and attention to detail is astonishing. Every single detail is perfect, from the super-sturdy body and fogless-clear mirrors to the bright lights and innovative made dimmer switch.

Instead of the square dimensions, stamo backlit mirror stands at 32″ of height and 24″ of width perfect size for professional makeup artist or your daily use. It’s large enough that allows you to see your full face image of what you are working on.

Sophisticated and yet simple design with no visible screws or switches, adds a feeling of class and can fit almost any decoration. Without a frame, this glass mirror has a thickness of only 1.37-inches. Plus, it doesn’t occupy too much of your vanity space.

The anti-fog function eliminates the trouble of fog automatically forming on your mirror. When the lights are on, you no longer need to worry about your mirror surrounded by steam. To ensure longer service life, this mirror is fully-sealed and waterproof that prevents it from corrosions.

This large and sturdy energy-efficient LED-backlit professional mirror is a truly functional of art. The mirror is surrounded by a strip of bright LED light that can be turned on and off by simply touching the touchable button.

Conveniently featured on/off touch dimmer allows easy adjustments of light intensity to get just the right amount of brightness, mood and ambiance.

The 50/60HZ bulbs are not only naturally bright and dimmable but also durable and can last up to 50,000 hours without any replacement. Also, the lights are safe for your eyes with a 5500-6000k color temperature that spreads the warmth all over your room.

The LED-backlit light is hard-wired and conveniently powered by a 100-250V power source, but it doesn’t store energy since there are no built-in batteries. The LED light is bright enough, therefore, there’s is absolutely no need to add extra light features when the backlit light is on.

Like most professional mirrors, this mirror can either be mount horizontally or vertically depending on your vanity size. The mirror comes packed with simple to follow instructions that can only take 30 minutes for installation.

Cleaning this mirror is a breeze, simply wipe it with a clean dry paper towel to get crystal-clear brightness. For quality assurance, this mirror boasts with a 2-year warranty and guaranteed replacement in the event of any quality issues.

Out of all models reviewed, the stamo mirror would be ideal in a professional salon or studio. Designed with sophisticated yet smart touch controls, this unit provides a permanent solution for your mirror lighting problems. We’ll definitely recommend.



  • On/off touchable control buttons
  • Energy efficient LED lights
  • Classy look
  • Anti-fog therefore easy to clean
  • Environment-friendly
  • Large professional mirror view
  • Dimmable soft natural lights
  • Has no magnification properties
  • It doesn’t store an electric charge.

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Better Home Better Life Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

If you’re on a hunt, searching for a backlit makeup mirror that is large enough to cover your entire face and can be mounted on your bathroom wall, Better Home Better Life got you. This mirror is simple and stylish with a frameless design that can go with different bathroom décor.

To start with, the mirror has a modern contemporary design. It is a perfect rectangle vertical mirror measuring 24 widths,2.0 length, and 32 height inches. The glass is backed with a quality silver reflection layer to provide a clear, crisp and perfect reflection.

Convenient features like the top and back lacquers are moisture and environmental proof, therefore, eliminates the accumulating fog automatically.

One of the greatest features is the touch button on the bottom center part of the mirror. It is super-sensitive compared to traditional switch and you can just touch to turn the lights on and off.

This feature makes it simple to use, ideal for makeup application, shaving and doing your hair. A must-have piece for those who want to get perfect unparalleled beauty in their daily appearance.

This solid and sturdy energy-efficient LED-backlit vertical mirror is truly functional art. The LED light is fixed around the rectangular mirror provides a soft bright blue light that lights up the entire mirror for flawless results.

The lights are designed to save energy hence it can serve your grooming needs for about 500 000 hours of your lifetime. Also, the lights are safe to your eyes and has a 5500-6000K color temperature that glows up your bathroom.

The LED lights are hard-wired to run on 110V power source, but it doesn’t store energy since there’re no built-in batteries attached. Make sure the AC adapter is plugged into the socket and then switched on before you turn on the LED mirror lights. This means you’ll probably get an electrician to install it for you.

This makeup mirror is designed to hang vertically on your bathroom vanity. However, for a sturdy hold, you have an option to screw-mount it onto the wall. Since the mirror is frameless, it’s easy to clean and built to withstand heavy use.

With no visible cables, screws, and spot magnification or any extra features, this mirror is designed for simple and efficient use.

Better Home Better Life guarantees you a certain degree of satisfaction. The mirror has a strong packaging to ensure you get your mirror in perfect condition.

Upon arrival in case of any defects, you can get either full replacement or refund. Including on the package is a step to step instruction and 2 years manufacturer warranty.

Overall, while it doesn’t have magnification abilities, it definitely checks all the boxes in term of design, lights, power source, size, and stability. This high-quality mirror might be the ideal wall mount backlit mirror for you.



  • On/off touch controls button
  • Energy-efficient LED lights
  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish
  • Soft and natural lights
  • Environmental and moisture proof
  • Large mirror view
  • Expensive
  • Has no magnification properties

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BHBL Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

The next unit in our list of the best wall mount vanity mirrors with lights is none other than the BHBL LED backlit mirror. This is another great allrounder unit that’s built for makeup enthusiasts and artists alike.

To start off, by just looking at it’s design, the BHBL vanity mirror is indeed a simple but beautiful piece. It features a sleek 40mm aluminum frame that blends well with the white LED light and the silver reflection layer to give it an appealing modern look that would perfectly pair with many decorative plans.

The structure is very light weighing only 20.7 pounds but it’s quite reliable due to the aluminum. When secured to a wall, you can be sure that it will remain stable and last for a long time.

One thing though that really stands out in it’s design is the aluminum frame which is a moisture proof stripe. This means no constant cleaning of water stains and it will do well to extend the lifetime of the makeup mirror. It’s a feature that makes it ideal for installation in a bathroom.

The unit has a portrait rectangular shape measuring 24 inches wide and 32 inches high with a depth of 2 inches. It’s somewhat small compared to the smartrun model above but fairly large enough to give you a full view of your face and upper body.

Bordering the silvered reflection layer is a standard LED strip which is 6000K temperature color. It deliver a soft, super white light that’s bright enough to facilitate a high rate of reflection.

Coupled with the sleek silver reflection layer, this mirror will give off an accurate and clear reflection of your face. It’s a reliable unit for makeup application, shaving, or just general use.

Unfortunately, there’s no dim function. You won’t be able to alter the light intensity as it only has an on/off button. That’s a bit dissapointing but if it’s something you can live without, then it shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

The on/off button has been placed in the center for quick accessibility and lights up blue when turned on and red when it’s off. You won’t have any difficulties finding it in the dark and it’s a super-sensitive touch button that’s pretty easy to use.

There’s no defogger function which is another downside, nonetheless, one thing you will appreciate is the fact that the entire frame is water proof. It will not prevent fogging up but you are rest assured no water stains is going to taint this mirror.

As for installation, it’s a breeze. The installation kits are included and the mirror mounts to the wall on two wall anchors. It’s designed for horizontal mounting and although you can hung it vertically, it will be a bit challenging.

The LED light strip comes already hardwired but you will have to wire the unit directly into an electrical circuit like you would for wall and ceiling light fixture. There’s wiring in the back and it’s an easy process as the instructions clear and straightforward. Considering that the LED has a lifetime of 50, 000 hours, it will last many years before you can replace it.

Besides not featuring a defogger and dim function, the other issue with noted with this unit is that it doesn’t automatically go on everytime you trun on the wall switch. You have to turn it on again using the touch button. It’s not a serious issue but it’s good keeping in mind should consider getting the mirror.

Overall, this is a fantastic and reliable unit that would no doubt fit well into a bathroom, studio, salon or any other setting. While it may lack the extra features, it’s still a suitable mirror for makeup, hair styling, and shaving. If you prefer simplicity, then this is worth considering.



  • Quality, durable construction
  • Sleek, appealing modern design
  • A fairly large mirror that gives a full view of the face
  • Waterproof aluminum strip to keep water stains away
  • Reliable LED strip that provides a soft, bright white light
  • Super-sensitive touch button for easy operation
  • Easy mount to the wall with the installation kit included
  • Comes with a convenient 2-year warranty
  • Does not feature a defogger
  • No dimming function

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Dealighting Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

Carefully designed this lighted bathroom mirror is a true definition of class, aesthetic style, and class. Supper high quality accompanied with some great features like dimmer and defogger pad. One of the ETL listed mirrors totally perfect for daily use.

This 20 by 30 Inch LED bathroom makeup mirror is perfectly rectangular shaped ideal versatile and attractive accent that can fit single or double vanities. The high-quality silver back glass creates an extra reflection surface.

You no longer have to worry about steam or fog forming on the glass because the mirror has a convenient defogger pad at the back. Within five minutes of a hot bath, the defogger bag will start to work and prevent fog formation.

With simple to use control buttons, this LED-backlit mirror has a dimmable touch button on the rear bottom of the mirror. Firstly, you need to turn on the main power source in the bathroom and then touch the sensor switch on the mirror to turn on the LED lights.

Blue switch signs mean the bulb is on, in case you need a dimmer light, you can achieve it by pressing and holding the switch.

The lights can be adjusted from 6000K CRI 90 white light to get the right light level for different ambiance, mood and functionality. The button flashes as you randomly adjust brightness settings.

The LED light uses less than 40 watts of power considered rather an energy saver. Designed to go all way around the rectangular mirror, the LED lights provides a clean and bright reflection that ensure you get a natural application even at night.

Very easy to install, the mirror requires electrical wire cables and 110V AC adapter. Comes with screws, anchors and installation instructions that will only take you at most 30 minutes for installation. In addition, depending on your bathroom size and space you can either mount it vertically or horizontally.

This mirror is IP44 waterproof, meaning you can use it on a daily basis and many years to come without major damage. Dealighting ensures that you receive a flawless mirror without cracks and marks. The mirror is packed using both honeycomb boxes and foam.

In general, lighted vanity makeup mirror might be the reasonably functional mirror for you if you are looking for a more permanent solution to your lighting problem. Once install can be difficult to move around or change. It is well priced and we would highly recommend.



  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • High quality waterproof
  • Touch sensor dimmable LED lights
  • Natural bright light
  • Anti-fog function
  • Large size
  • No magnifying mirror

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Chende Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

Opening our list of the top round-shaped lighted vanity mirrors is the Chende Hollywood mirror. This is our favorite pick in this category as it’s simply the best model available out there right now in terms of quality, design, functionality, and convenience.

First of all, the unit is built to last for a very long period of time. It has a frameless design but the makeup mirror is backed with high-grade stainless steel that makes it feel heavy and very solid.

The base is a wood and stainless steel combination firmly fixed to the mirror. It’s equally sturdy and keeps the whole structure stable when placed over the table. You won’t worry about damage or the mirror tumbling over even when you accidentaly push the table.

As for aesthetics, it’s doesn’t dissapoint either. The glossy stainless steel finish with lights arranged nicely in a full arc all around the perimeter gives it a stunning look that’s bound to add a bit of glamour anywhere it’s placed.

The mirror, on the other hand, is a round-shaped 2.4 inches thick optic-quality glass. It’s a top quality glass that will reflect every little detail of your face clearly without any deformation whatsoever.

It measures 27.56 inches high and 25.6 inches wide which is pretty large and considering that it has a round, frameless design, it will comfortably give you a full view of your whole face plus upper body. In addition, the edge smoothes all around, so it won’t cut your hand.

The mirror is surrounded by 12 LED light bulbs that produce a bright yet pleasant soft white light. It’s almost close to natural light and the bulbs are evenly spaced such that the light forms no shadow even in dark conditions.

It will show all the hidden details on your face allowing you to apply your makeup uniformly without missing a single spot so that you are able to achieve great results.

However, the light is extremely bright when you first turn it on but this won’t be much of a problem as the unit features a dimmer twist switch on the side. Therefore, you can adjust the brighteness in accordance with your needs and since they are LED bulbs, they won’t either hurt your skin when you touch them.

Installation is simple and straightfoward. There isn’t much to do as almost everything comes already assembled except for the bulbs. It’s something that can take only a few minutes and the structions are very clear.

The bulbs are replaceable and easy to remove with the package including two extra bulbs to give you a headstart should one or two bulbs get damaged. They are energy-saving LED bulbs which means you won’t have to deal with exorbitant power bills every month.

So were there downsides to this Chende vanity mirror? Well, there’s really nothing negative to point out. Everything seems built to great quality and it functions perfectly. Probably what is worth mentioning is the fact that’s a frameless model, so you can’t hang it to a wall.

Overall, this is no doubt a superb vanity mirror that offers an accurate reflection of the face and perfect natural lighting. It’s one of the best mirrors particularly for makeup application both during the day and at night. If you are thinking of getting a round-shaped, frameless vanity mirror, then this is an option that should be at top of your list.



  • Solid, durable construction from the mirror to the base
  • Stunning design with a sleek stainless finish
  • Large-sized, framelss optic glass that offers clear visibility
  • Energy saving LED bulbs that produce a bright, soft white light
  • You can dim the light intensity to your liking
  • Easy to install and use
  • Can’t be hanged on the wall

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Tangkula Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

When looking for a vanity lighted makeup mirror, you will need one with a large mirror surface to illuminate your entire face. This mirror by Tangkula features a round shape and beautiful design with fancy backlit LED lights that add an elegant feeling to your vanity.

It has a minimalist round look with the glass material full of texture. As its name suggests, it’s fully round measuring 24-inches in diameter. The mirror size is wide and slightly larger than average mirrors, a perfect size to view yourself without craning your neck.

Durable and made of high-quality material you will be amazed by how sturdy it is, once anchored on the wall. The back of the makeup mirror is coated and the edges safely polished to prevent corrosion or accidentals scratches.

Besides from a large viewing surface, this vanity mirror is designed to use LED lights to perfectly illuminate brightness on your face. It provides corona of illumination which is not too bright to reflect true colors without casting any shadows.

The standard powered LED lights are controlled by an intelligent touch sensor. However, you can only use the sensor to turn the lights on and off. Given that the LED lights are natural bright there’s no need for a dimmable feature.

The long-lasting LED lights are energy-efficient with no UV, no mercury and no flickering. Plus, the light strip is anti-fingerprint which ensure the LED lights is always clean and clear. The 13-foot long electrical plug for an AC110-240V outlet comes included with this vanity mirror.

Very easy to install, the mirror comes with an easy slide screw tracks for install. Like most mirrors, you can vertically hang it on the wall and make sure it is in a central position and not sliding. Use a leveling tool to ensure it’s installed in the right position.

Despite being batteries free, the lights can give you a lifetime use without replacement. This mirror is IP44 certified meaning that you can use it for your daily makeup application for many years to come without major damage.

Tangkula goes an extra mile to guarantee customer satisfaction. The mirror is wrapped in a complete foam for safe packaging which also ensures you receive a flawless mirror without cracks and marks.

At first glance, you’ll be astonished of how glamorous and functional this mirror is. Round design with simple intelligent touch sensor and long-lasting LED light. The Tangkula large vanity mirror is a high-quality mirror that can be ideal for you.



  • Large size
  • Classic round shape
  • Easy to use touch control
  • High quality
  • Easy to install
  • LED natural cool light
  • Energy-saver lights
  • Back of the mirror is resistant to water corrosion
  • The LED light is not adjustable
  • It doesn’t store charge

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HAUSCHEN Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

The HAUSCHEN wall mounted, lighted vanity mirror really goes above and beyond with its aesthetic style, sophistication, functionality and set up.

This rectangular mirror will make you feel like you are in an expensive hotel while brushing your hair, shaving or applying make-up. Truly functional art, this mirror boasts a super-slim depth of 1.4 inches, which is quite low profile.

 Its 36 by 38 inches dimensions brings luminosity to your bathroom making it a perfect size for your make up application or hair styling without craning or hurting your neck.

With copper-free surface and frame, this makeup mirror is eco-friendly as it doesn’t have harmful elements that will react with the environment or cause health problems. Compared to other regular silver mirrors this is much more durable and has less corrosion rate.

Additionally, this mirror is backed with fogless features that will automatically keep away fog or steam foaming. It also keeps the mirror surface clean so that you can always get a clear reflection image. However, to activate the anti-fog function you are required to turn the LED lights on. 

The long-lasting LED lights with CRI of 90 glow through the rectangular frame to illuminate your bathroom with light up to a maximum of 6540 lumens without even the need for extra lighting.

The lights shine comfortably bright, without any mercury, no UV or flickering rendering it a safe viewing light to your eyes.

Another great feature in this mirror is the memory touch sensor that can be used to control the light color temperature and the level of brightness. This means that the brightness of the LED lights can be adjusted from 5%-100% with each stage producing the desired glow.

Besides changing the brightness of the light, you can switch between different color temperatures that help you view yourself in different situations. 

The 3000k color temperature is more of warm white light while the 5500k provides natural daylight perfect for makeup application.

The HAUSCHEN lighted mirror has an external power source that can be connected to the mirror via a wall switch control. The support wall switch can be used to directly turn the lights on and off.

The unit comes packed with UL listed electronics parts that are approved and covered by safety housing. Installation is a quite easy and safe activity that require two people.

Plus, it doesn’t occupy too much space. This mirror is designed to be mounted on the wall either vertically or horizontally. However, for sturdy hold, you can screw mount on the wall.

For quality assurance, the HAUSCHEN lighted vanity mirror is backed with a 3-year warranty against any material and manufacturing flaws.

Generally, this mirror is equipped with a lot of features that are perfect for anyone seeking a mirror that is still stylish and yet functional. It offers that flexibility that will make your bathroom décor uniquely exceptional.



  • It has brightness memory function
  • Environmental copper-free construction
  • Beautifully designed
  • Long-lasting LED lights
  • Multiples light color temperature
  • Different setting range of the light brightness
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-fog function
  • Perfect view size
  • Comfortable visual lighting
  • It might not be bright enough to some

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Jerdon 5X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

The Jerdon JRT710CL LED Lighted 5X magnification is an amazing timeless wall mount rectangular makeup mirror with modern design and clever construction.

Manufactured by the Jerdon Style, a company with a great reputation for merit in the beauty business, you are assured of quality and functionality.


Besides, the Jerdon Lighted rectangular makeup mirror comes with a 5X magnification power to help you achieve flawless and precise cosmetics application.

The 5X magnification provides a detailed view of hard to view areas and allow you to put in place every detail of your makeup.

Lighting & Power

Apart from the 5X magnification power, this lighted wall mount mirror ensures you get quality images with its bright LED lights embedded around its perimeter.

The LED lights offer a pure white illumination that mimics that of daylight to help you apply makeup without too much hassle.

With an on/off button located at the base, this mirror is very convenient and easy to use. The mirror is fitted with a twin heavy extension arm that extends up to 15.5-inches from the wall and you can use to adjust the mirror to various angles for a more dynamic viewing point.

Size & Shape

In terms of build and construction, this vanity mirror has a heavy arm extension and a rectangular crystal-clear reflective mirror.

The unit arrives with a nice eye-catching chrome finish that complements most bathroom appliances and shields the mirror from moisture and condensation.

When it comes to size, this single-sided makeup mirror comes with a rectangular frame and dimensions of 6.5-inches by 9-inches. The frame of the mirror holds and supports the inside reflective surface that measures 4.5-inch by 7.0-inch.

Design & Matching

To start with, this makeup mirror involves a unique design that makes it stand out. It features a sleek and modern outlook that will for sure add a touch of glamour to any room décor. In fact, luxury hotels and spas use this mirror for its aesthetics and convenience.


Asides providing adjustable joints, the twin heavy extension arm is responsible for providing support and ensuring the unit is firmly held in place.

Constructed using strong durable materials, the arm is stable enough to hold the 3.75 pounds mirror in place even at odd angles.


Installation of this unit is super easy and quick. The unit arrives with complete mounting hardware and instructions to guide you through the entire installation. Also, in the package is a 6-foot long power cord that’s fitted with grounded plugs for your electrical connections.

You choose to either plug it to your wall sockets or find an electrician to hard wire it directly to your electrical junction box. The mirror is designed to work perfectly using either of the two connections. With it comes a one-year limited warranty for extra assurance on quality.

In conclusion, we can say that the Jerdon JRT710CL Lighted 5X Magnifying Rectangular mirror is for anyone hunting for an attractive wall mount makeup mirror with modern appearance and luxurious features.



  • 5X magnification
  • Twin heavy arm extension for adjusting and firm support
  • Easy installation
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Long-lasting LED lighting
  • Sleek, modern design and outlook
  • Wide view angle
  • Emits white bright illumination
  • It is wall mount only and not portable

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BRIGHTINWD 5X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

Impressive, that is the first adjective that comes in mind when you think about this mirror. It has all the features and qualities that make a good wall-mounted magnified mirror that provides excellent illumination for applying makeup, tweezing, shaving and more.


Apart from the powerful lighting system, BRIGHTINWD mirror provides a magnification function. There is 1X standard magnification on one side of the mirror while the opposite side has a 5X magnification power distortion-free mirror.

This magnification is suitable when applying delicate makeup such as eyeliner, eyebrows, lipstick, and mascara.

Lighting & Power

This double-sided mirror features a ring of a LED light on both sides of the mirror. These LED lights mimic natural white sunlight that is an idle light option recommended for applying makeup so that you get to see a true reflection of your complexion.

To control the light, this unit has a dimmable touch sensor system on the reflective surface used to turn the lights on and off and also controls the brightness of the lights. The lights instantly shine bright when you touch the sensor.

However, if you long press for about 3 minutes you can change the level of brightness to suit your needs. This makes it so easy to control light even in poorly lit areas.

Besides, this mirror has a dual power supply. You can power the LED light by plugging its USB charging cable to an external wall outlet. Also, you can separately purchase three pieces of AAA series dry researchable batteries.

It is important to note that the dry batteries tend to run out of power easily, so when the power is off always recharged it. However, you can only use one source of power at a time.

Size & Shape

Perfectly round shaped this mirror head measures 7.5 inches in diameter while the reflective glass surface measures 5 inches. This size is wide enough to get a good look of your whole face when shaving, applying makeup or doing hair, without craning your neck.

Design & Matching

The whole unit is constructed out of a stainless steel material that is both rust-proof and anticorrosive.

It made to last for a very long time even when placed in humid areas such as the bathroom, hotel. Besides, the stainless-steel finish is a great reflective surface and can beautifully fit any home or hotel décor.


Compared to traditional mirrors that had you bend or stretch your head looking for the perfect view, this one offers a horizontal 180 degrees rotation.

With its adjustable axis, finding the perfect viewing angle is effortless and easy. The axis works together with the 13-inches stretchable arm which extends back and forth idle for a big bathroom.


This double-sided mirror comes with complete mounting hardware and step by step instructions. Installing is quite quick and easy.

Using the included screws mount the base on the wall and ensure it is flawlessly sturdy in its place. Once you are done using it, you can fold the extending arm and push it back to the wall.

Overall, the quality of this BRIGHTINWD mirror itself is quite a top notch. It is nicely balanced classic magnifying wall mounted mirror that satisfies in every way possible. The high-quality LED lights can last a lifetime thereby setting a new bar of quality against its competitors. We would highly recommend.



  • Dual power supply
  • Mimics white natural daylight
  • Long-lasting LED lights
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Dimmable touch button
  • Distortion free magnification
  • Easy to install
  • Compact and adjustable
  • Wide view angle
  • Light is not bright enough

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Conair 8X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

Conair always delivers high-quality mirrors; they are renowned for their excellent, timeless design, coupled with cutting edge modern features.

As big as it is powerful, Conair 8x magnifying lighted makeup mirror is sure to provide quality, functionality, and elegance that might make your beauty experience fun and easy.

Conair definitely outdid themselves on the build quality of the mirror.


The 8X magnifying surface enables you to get a more detailed and closer view on those critical areas ensuring stray lashes, errant pores and blemishes don’t stand a chance. With this powerful magnification, the mirror is idle for tweezing, applying eyeliner and mascara.

Simply flip over the mirror to access the 1x magnification side for your regular hairstyling, daily grooming, final makeup check-up and normal skin regimen. Besides, just magnifying Conair light itself is beyond and above in terms of quality and fidelity.

Lighiting & Power

It features a 25-watt ring of light that offer you as close to natural sunlight as possible. The bright and lively lighted mirror illuminates your face with the optimum amount of light to help you apply makeup perfectly anywhere you at.

Easily activate the lights using the convenient off and, on a switch, located at the base of the mirror. However, the only set back is that the lights are not LED, so you will need replacement plus it is not adjustable.

As for power, this lighted makeup mirror is electrical operable. It arrives with a 5-foot long power cord and two prongs that you can plug into your 110 volts wall outlet. it is also important to note that the unit does not work on batteries thus no charge is stored.

Size & Shape

It also features a slightly concave 8.5-inches reflective surface on both sides, quite enough size to cover your entire face when applying makeup. Plus, the optical glass is meant for a high precision image.

Featured Features

Speaking of a consistently perfect clear view no matter the weather, the anti-fog features can always guarantee you get that. It can be placed inside the bathroom, mounted on a high-humidity area without corroding.

Aesthetics aside, it features a double-sided mirror face that caters for different cosmetic needs. On one side it has an unmagnified face and the other offers the crystal clear 8x magnification.

Design & Matching

This mirror is all durable metal construction including the extended arm and the base, apart from the light part which is made of high-quality plastic. Made to last, the swing arm is quite sturdy, tight and strong enough to withstand heavy daily use.

Conair mirror definitely gets a bonus point for its aesthetically pleasing brushed nickel finish, that creates a sleek professional look regardless of your room décor.


In regards to usability, the Conair 8X makeup mirror is highly adjustable and easy to use. It is fitted with a strong extendable swing arm for adjusting and repositioning the head. The two-part extendable arm is ideal for space saving while its smooth joints make any beauty procedure effortless and quick.

When fully extended, the swing arm measures 12-inches from the wall. Unlike other mirrors, the Conair 8X allows you to stand still and adjust the mirror’s height and position for better viewing angles. It is advised that you avoid hanging heavy items on the extendable arm to prevent breakage.

Amazingly, this extension arm allows the entire unit to fold and save on more room space. When folded or flushed against the wall, the whole unit occupies a rectangular area measuring 11.5-inch by 15.5-inch and extends out 4.5-inches from the wall.

Besides a functional swing arm, the makeup mirror involves a smooth 360-degree tilting head which has an endless rotation. The tilting mirror head offers a range of viewing points since it can be positioned and fixed at any desired angle as per your beauty needs.

In fact, the 360-degree tilting design will reduce your daily beauty routine time with its practicable dual-sided mirror head. The 360-degree rotating head allows you to easily switch amid the two magnification options for regular images and close up views.


In terms of installation, the wall mount makeup mirror is easy to mount. The mirror comes complete with mounting hardware that will make the installation smooth and rapid. Featuring a wide base, the unit is easy to fix on any wall and remains firm even at odd angles.

For a better part, it is safe to say Conair 8x double-sided lighted makeup mirror has an extremely attractive design with durable construction which is an essential aspect. We would recommend for anyone looking for a quality wall mounted mirror.



  • Easy wall mounting and installation
  • Sturdy 12-inch extendable swing arm
  • 360-degree tilting head
  • Powerful 8X magnification
  • Durable construction
  • Attractive design
  • It produces bright lighting
  • Double-sided with crystal-clear reflection surface
  • Easy to use the switch button
  • Anti-fog function
  • The lights are not dimmable
  • Non-LED light

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AmnoAmno 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

The AmnoAmno wall mounted, lighted magnifying mirror offers you a great design, built to last construction, functionality, set up and sophistication. The mirror is uniquely designed with the best lighting system that ensures your eyes is always be protected.


Besides lighting, the mirror features one side with a standard normal mirror and the other side has a 10X magnifying mirror. You can decide to use either side for different applications.

The 10X magnification is idle for those with slight visual trouble. It enables you to get very crystal-clear images which ensure each detail of your face is taken care of.

With this magnification, you can spot imperfections that need corrections, perform more intricate makeup procedures and even pluck stray hairs better.

Unlike most mirrors with stronger magnification power, you will not get a distorted image if you adhere to the instructions.

It is recommended that you place your face in the center of the magnifying spot to view the full detail clearly. You can always flip the mirror to the un-magnified side for a regular view and hairstyling.

Lighting & Power

The AmnoAmno mirror itself features durable built-in 27 pieces of LEDs light installed all around and on both sides. The surest guarantee is that you will get to use these LEDs light for as long as you need without replacement.

Additionally, the ultra-bright ring of LED light emulates the effect of natural daylight that allows you to carry out your grooming needs in order to look and feel your best every day.

The AmnoAmno wall mounted is best known for its multiple lights settings and the light shining bright up to a maximum of 900lux. The light can be adjusted into three different light tone quite an advantage, right?

Another great feature is that the mirror has a smart control located at its base. By conveniently pressing the touch sensor key, you can adjust the light easily.

Press one time to get 30% light brightness, press twice to get 60% brightness and thrice for a full 100% bright light.

This means you can always adjust the light to suit any of your situations. For instance, the 300lux is more of warm white light, the 500 lux is a bit cool while the 900lux provides natural daylight perfect for professional makeup application.

The light shines comfortably bright without UV, or flickering ensuring your eyes are protected.

Size & Shape

Setting a new bar for competition, this mirror features a double-sided design. The head frame inclusive of the light and reflective surface measures 8.6 inches by 11.4 inches.

The reflective surface of the mirror alone is about 6.5- inches wide, quite enough angle view for you to see your facial features clearly when applying makeup.

Since the mirror surface is slightly concave, you are required to move closer to the mirror in order to get an un-distorted image which can be a challenge to some. Also, the mirror surface is made of quality glass for high-precision and durability.

Design & Matching

This round shaped mirror is constructed using high-quality materials that makes the mirror sturdy and durable. With its aesthetic style, coupled with the chromium finish you will not get disappointed, this is a classic magnified mirror that will satisfy you in every way possible.


The 360-degrees rotation is quite spectacular. You can easily switch between the two sides with just a single flip of the head mirror.

The full angle rotation is applicable in all the axis of the mirror for convenience of the vain and dandy. With that said, you can freely adjust to find the idle angle that comfortably suits your position.

Now you don’t have to lean towards your mirror in order to get a sharper and closer image of your face. With the 5.1-inches long arm and 4.7-inches short arm, you can easily extend up to 9.8-inches so that you can get a better viewpoint.


The AmnoAmno wall-mounted, a magnifying mirror is electrical and can only be plugged into a 110V external power source. Having a straight 4-inches electrical cord is quite convenient for a wall mounted mirror.

This unit also comes packed with hardware and installation instructions which o, is pretty easy to handle. Since the mirror is designed to be wall mounted, you can easily mount on the desired location using the provided glue. Plus, it doesn’t occupy too much space.

However, the best way to mount is by using toggle style anchors on all sides to get it to sit against the wall securely. Absolutely super sturdy that can withstand daily pulling and folding. When not in use fold it back against the wall to create more space.

Finally, we can say the AmnoAmno wall mounted mirror is definitely equipped with great features, well made with good quality light and yet stylish and functional. It offers the versatility that will make your daily cosmetics needs a breeze. We would highly recommend.



  • Long-lasting LED lights
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy built
  • Elegant design
  • Multiples brightness level
  • Distortion-free 10x magnification power
  • Comfortable natural lighting
  • 360-degrees rotation with extendable arm
  • The plug is of poor quality
  • Concave not flat against the wall

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Ovente 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

So right off the bat, we have Ovente mirror that has obtained the much-praised Amazon Choice designation. With a powerful magnification, this is a quality, functional and luxury makeup mirror very convenient for home use.


Given that this mirror has a 10X magnification power gives it an extra advantage to boast with other great brands. The zoom in function allows you to focus on the specific area on your face that needs more attention to achieve a blemish-free professional look.

You can switch to the 1X magnification side for a quick makeup checkup or for regular grooming needs.

Lighting & Power

What is more impressive about this mirror is the fact that it has a bright ring of light on both sides of the mirror. A good mirror is rather useless without ample lighting system.

The LEDs light mimics quality natural daylight to illuminate your face even in poorly lit areas without the need for additional lighting.

This cool LED light ensures you get a clear reflection and an illumination that doesn’t change the real-life colors. This is the perfect light for makeup application making sure you don’t leave the house with unblended foundation or over pigmented eye shadows.

The natural bright light allows you to apply your makeup focusing on your true natural skin complexion so that you always look your best.

Besides these high-quality and durable LEDs light is very energy efficient, glowing brighter every day offering a lifetime use of service without replacement.

For your own convenience, Ovente incorporates off and on switch button at the top center of the mirror. By pressing on the switch, you can only turn the lights on and off, however, you can’t alter the temperature and brightness level of the light.

Besides, the mirror has a cordless design that makes it clutter free. For the perfect light illumination, the mirror is powered by four AAA batteries that are not included in the package. Although, for a long-lasting effect get a lithium-ion battery.

Size & Shape

You can tell from the design that this mirror was constructed to cater for both of your magnification and regular mirror needs. It is roundly shaped with the size of the actual reflective surface measuring 8.5 inches in diameter.

Compared to other magnifying mirrors in our list, it has quite a small viewing surface to cover your entire face.

Despite that, you still get to enjoy great focus excellent for everything including applying lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, putting on and removing contacts, touching up make-up or any other cosmetic needs.

Design & Matching

In regards to construction, the double-sided Ovente wall mount body is simply constructed with high-quality metal and glass.

For a clean, smooth and elegant finish, the thick glass frame is nickel brushed to enhance both the durability and aesthetics of the product. You can mount it on a room and it will beautifully go well with any décor.


When it comes to usability, this unit is one of the simplest and convenient mirrors to use. No need to worry about getting the right viewing angle, its axis can rotate up to 360-degrees.

You can flip and adjust the mirror smoothly to all the direction that suit your needs. Plus, the mirror stays in the exact adjusted position making it more convenient.

This is a perfect mirror for those who have trouble with the tight space of their vanity or countertop. Ovente mirror is designed with a flexible extending arm that can be pulled out smoothly to get the perfect height.

Once you are done using it, you can easily fold the extended arm and push it back against the wall thus, creating more space.


To mount this mirror firmly on your bathroom or vanity wall, simply follow the given instructions.

You are required to use the given screws to firmly attach the base of the mirror to the wall. You might also love the one-year hassle-free warranty from the Ovente manufacturers.

Lastly, we would highly recommend the Ovente mirror for anyone in need a mirror with great magnification. What is actually more interesting about the magnification is the versatility it offers.

This is a great feature for almost everything whether in need to do just a quick makeup touch-up, shave or apply eyeliner you are good to go.



  • Great 10x distortion-free magnification
  • Clutter-free design
  • Elegant nickel brushed finished
  • Double-sided mirror with 360-degrees rotation
  • Easy to install
  • Emits natural bright light
  • Long-lasting LEDs light Flexible extended arm
  • The light is not dimmable
  • Lacks anti-fog function

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Zadro 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

While some people think they have pretty good notions and beliefs of what goes where on their faces, almost none can apply makeup accurately without a great piece of quality mirror.

The Zadro 10X LOVLW410 make up mirror is a Next Generation lighted oval shaped mirror for all your beauty and grooming needs.

Manufactured by Zadro Health Solutions, a leading innovator in the beauty industry with over 30 years of excellence in producing premium quality products, this unit is cleverly designed and constructed with you in mind.


On one side of the mirror is the flat 1X magnification reflective surface while on the opposite side, the mirror boasts of its concave 10X magnification power.

This makes your personal care routine quick and easy as you are able to get a crystal-clear detailed closeup image of your face.

Lighting & Power

The functionality of this unit is undoubted. This oval-shaped 10X magnifying mirror incorporates a diffused LED ring light for proper and efficient makeup lighting.

With a brightness of 227.036 lux, this energy-saving LED’s consume up to 70% less power compared to regular knobs and aids in perfectly matching makeup to your face.

Also, the lighted round shape mirror has a dual power supply system. The unit arrives with a power adapter that you can connect to your home electrical wall socket. Besides, you can separately purchase 4 C batteries and use them instead of the power adapter.

Size & Shape

Its construction involves a base plate, mirror frame, extendable arm, and a dual-sided reflective surface. The round base plate has a 5-inch diameter large enough for maximum wall mounting support. Besides, this base plate houses the on/off switch button for lighting the mirror.

When it comes to the size of the frame and reflective surface, this mirror boasts of a 8-inch by 5.75-inch mirror head.

The size of the mirror is wide enough to cover your entire face thus perfect for personal and professional use.

Design & Matching

In terms of appearance, this wall mount bathroom mirror has great aesthetics as it comes in a nice Satin nickel finish that is attractive and adds glamour to any decorations. Actually, with the optic quality reflective surface your cosmetics’ application is now quick and easy.


Another amazing feature for this double-sided wall mount makeup mirror is its 360-degrees swivel axis to allow endless rotation of the mirror head. This adds to the convenience of utilizing this unit as you can effortlessly rotate the dual-sided magnified mirror to the side with the required magnification power for your tweezing, shaving, makeup and other grooming needs.

For flexibility and more convenience, this magnifying makeup mirror is fitted with a strong and firm double-jointed extendable arm that extends up to 12-inches from the wall.

The arm has various joint axes that allow you to adjust the position of the mirror to a more suitable point of view.


Installing this hand-free wall mount bathroom mirror is easy. The item arrives with a wall mount plate, standard drywall anchors, mounting screws and washers.

Weighing 3 pounds, the mirror is lightweight for lifting. It’s also cordless and runs on batteries thus can be mounted anywhere.

The mirror arrives in a nice package with measurements of 14.8-inch by 9.8-inch by 2.5-inch and a total shipping weight of 4.19 pounds. The size is ideal for transportation of the product and makes a great shelf presentation as well as storage.

Generally, the Zadro 10X bathroom mirror is recommendable to anyone looking for a good looking lighted oval-shaped mirror that can be used for all cosmetic needs and adds glamour to any home.



  • Dual-sided magnification
  • 10X powerful magnification
  • 360-degree swivel mirror head
  • Easy to install and use the mirror
  • Dual-power supply
  • Store power
  • Cordless for mounting anywhere
  • The LEDs light are energy efficient and durable
  • The lights might malfunction

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Zadro 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

If you are a fan of the oil-rubbed bronze finish, here is another Zadro mirror that you will love. Zadro has a passion for beauty innovation that has existed for over 35 years.

Their mirrors are constructed with a perfect balance between quality, functionality, and design.


Zadro 10X LED lighted magnified mirror features dual-sided mirrors made of high-quality optical glass mirrors which ensure you get a clear reflection of your true self.

The dual-sided feature on a makeup mirror always comes in handy since it allows it to be used for various multiples beauty requirements.

When applying false lashes, tweezing, eyeliner or other small intricate details you can easily switch to the 10X magnification side to zoom in on critical details.

Use the 1X side for all-around hairstyling, grooming, and general makeup. It allows you to see a clear image without any distortion or dizziness feeling.

Lighting & Power

Despite how dim the environment around is, the LEDs are sure to provide enough light that can illuminate every inch of your face. It emits natural cool bright lighting idle for professional makeup application with sure of a blemish-free result.

Additionally, the lighting system consumes up to 70% less of electricity compared to other regular bulbs. Since the lights are energy-efficient you will pay less for additional lifetime use of the LEDs lights without the need of replacing.

The fact that the LED light strip is featured in both side of the mirror makes it convenient whenever you use either of the sides.

In terms of ease of use, this magnifying mirror is on the top list. Using the switch button on the base of the mirror you can easily turn the lights on and off. However, having no dimmable feature can be quite a small setback.

There is no power supply outlet close by? No problem.

The 5 feet power cord included in the package is flexible and long enough to reach where you need it to. Apart from the power adapter, you can use 4 pieces of type C batteries to light up the LED lights.

Size & Shape

The reflective surface alone measures 7-inches in diameter, a perfect enough size to reflect your entire face when grooming, shaving or applying makeup.

Its rotation works wonderfully as well. Boosting a 360 degrees angle makes it easy to switch between sides in order to access different magnification power.

The mirror extension from the base to the end of the swing arm attachment is 12.5-inches. The short arm being 4.8-inches and long arm 7.7-inches. When not in use you can fold it back to the wall making it convenient for small bathroom homes, hotels and apartment.

Design & Matching

This unit has a very modern design which is at the same time simplistic. The unique oil-rubbed bronze finish it’s appealing to the eye and instantly adds an attractive accent of ambiance to the room.

Having guarantee durability, it blends well with a different environment.


With this adjustable rotation no need to worry about hurting your neck or getting the wrong view, you can simply adjust the mirror to the desired angle.


Since this mirror is cordless with no visible wiring required, you can easily mount it anywhere you wish to. In addition, it also comes with a simple set up mechanisms of screwing the base to the wall to achieve a sturdy hold.

Judging from the overall design, look, functionality and quality this eco-friendly mirror-treated with oil-brushed bronze finish blends in with any decorations.

Versatile and attractive this mirror is idle for those who want to have the flexibility of 10X power magnification and the regular magnification.



  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • Dual power supply
  • Offers 360-degrees swivels angle rotation
  • 10X power magnification
  • Long power cord
  • Simple setup
  • Bright lighting
  • Foldable
  • Elegant finish
  • Lights are not dimmable

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GURUN 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

Superb in every aspect, the Gurun 8.5-inch lighted round wall-mount mirror boasts of excellent design, durable construction, and a dual-sided magnification.

Actually, the mirror is as good looking as it is powerful. It brings elegance, quality, and glamour to both your beauty experience and home decor.


For clear enhanced viewing of those hard to see places, this unit boasts of up to 10X magnification power.

With its dual-sided magnification, one side has the standard 1X magnification whereas the other side is concave with a magnification power of 10X for more detailed images.

It is strongly advised that if you want to get true images with the 10X magnified side, ensure a minimum distance of less than 2-inches between you and the reflective glass.

Also, with this unit, you get to choose between 5X and 7X magnification and if your LEDs burn out, get new ones for replacement.

Lighting & Power

Besides a brilliant design and construction, this round shape makeup mirror is fitted with bright replaceable LED lights offering up to 500,000 hours lifespan.

When compared to other similar mirrors using incandescent bulbs, these LED lights don’t easily get hot with prolonged utility.

Actually, the LED ring lights are fitted on both sides of the mirror to offer bright daylight illumination for all your cosmetics and hairstyling needs.

If you find the lights not appropriate for your grooming needs, you have the option to switch among the three colors available including cool white, warm and natural. The unit incorporates a switch button for the replaceable LED lights.

When using natural light for your makeup application and you feel it’s not appropriate, simply turn the lights on/off for three consecutive times, then the light color will change to either warm or cool white and vice versa.

However, it is important to note that the halo-light design embedded around the circumference of the mirror is not structured for lamp use.

The ring light is designed to offer brightness to view your makeup and should be utilized with the help of another room lighting.

Size & Shape

The mirror features a stylish round shaped design and is constructed with high-quality materials. Its round frame is made using anticorrosive, rust-less brass that is strong and durable.

Besides, the brass frame is hard to break, firm and sturdy enough to hold and support the reflective surface of for eons.

In terms of size, the entire unit has dimensions of 11.8-inches by 2.2-inches by 15.6-inches. It weighs 3.8 pounds thus lightweight for logistics and storing. The size of this unit is ideal for both personal care and professional use including luxury hotel bathrooms and salons.

Design & Matching

In fact, this mirror incorporates a nice stylish chrome finish that will complement any room décor.

The shiny chrome finish not only adds taste and style to the outlook aesthetics of the mirror but also adds more reflection to make it a unique piece that complement any wall design, paint, and decorations.


To add convenience and make the mirror easy to use, its elegant design features an endless swivel and foldable function.

The mirror head can rotate up to 360-degrees infinitely to offer you with various angles for makeup, shaving, back-viewing and putting in contact lenses.

Another impressive feature for this bathroom mirror is the extendable arm. With up to 11-inches from the wall, you can adjust the mirror without too much hassle to a more suitable viewing point for all your grooming needs.


When it comes to the power connection, the mirror comes with a 5-foot long power cord that you simply plug into an electrical wall socket.

However, if you want it hardwired directly to the junction box of your home, cut the cord and connect it directly with the presence of an electrician.

The installation of this unit is quite easy and rapid. Its package comes with screws, plastic screw anchors and mounting plates that will make it easy to mount on any drywall. A bit of drilling will be required and once you set the unit in position, you are done.

Lastly, the mirror arrives with a five-year warranty and is highly recommended for someone searching for a quality round shaped wall mount makeup mirror.

With its durable construction and stylish design, the Gurun lighted mirror with 10X magnification is a great mirror choice for any home.



  • Replaceable ring light
  • 5X, 7X, and 10X magnification
  • Dual-sided magnification
  • Easy to install and mount
  • Long-lasting LED lights
  • Elegant, stylish design
  • The lights are not as bright

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JiBen 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

Are you someone hunting for a makeup mirror to provide perfect close-up views for applying cosmetics and hairstyling?

The cordless Jiben lighted makeup mirror comes with extreme magnification power to offer clear undistorted closeup images appropriate for all your beauty routines.


A great feature of this makeup mirror is the extreme magnification. The parabolic shaped mirror has 10X magnification power to aid you to see specific spots on your face.

Since the mirror is 10X magnified, you will need to position your face within a distance of 5-inches to the mirror for clear distortion-free images.

Lighting & Power

When it comes to functionality of the Jiben Lighted mirror, you will definitely be amazed. With 14 bright long-lasting LED lights embedded all around the perimeter of the mirror head, this vanity mirror will make your daily makeup routine easy and quick.

The energy-efficient LED lights mimic natural daylight to provide a bright illumination that is ideal for any makeup procedure. To turn on the lights, the mirror incorporates an easy to access push-button switch that is normally located in front of the mirror head.

In order for light provision, the single-sided lighted makeup mirror is fitted with a battery compartment usually found at the back of the mirror head.

Unlike its competitors, the compartment is not bulky since it’s designed to use and fit only three AAA batteries that you will purchase separately.

Size & Shape

Aside, the mirror comes with a nice round shape mirror-head structure holding the glass reflective surface and the brightly illuminated ring light.

The overall frame measures about six inches whereas the crystal-clear glass is 5-inches in diameter, enough to cover your entire face.

With such a compact size, this unit is cleverly constructed to utilize and save on space. In fact, the vanity mirror takes up zero counter space since you are required to attach it to your existing mirror or mount on any smooth, non-porous and flat surface.

Apart from space-saving, the single-sided makeup mirror is very easy to use. It boasts of a 12-inch extendable arm that allows the mirror to come to you rather than you having to constantly bend or adjusting your position towards the mirror and countertop.

Design & Matching

First and foremost, the wall mount mirror is carefully designed and constructed with you in mind. The mirror incorporates a timeless design featuring a sleek and elegant outlook that is not just attractive to the eyes but goes well with most room decorations.


In fact, the adjustable gooseneck is also capable of rotating thus adding ease in re-positioning the mirror. The 360-degree rotation swivel arm effortlessly adjusts to provide perfect viewing points and angles for quick beauty process every morning.

On one end of the flexible gooseneck is the mirror head while on the other tip, you will find the mighty suction cups for easy installation.

Besides, the unit features a cordless design that makes it a clutter-free. With the mirror in your home, there will be no more dealing with messy power cords.

In fact, you will no longer need to keep searching for an electrical outlet each time you are getting ready for your commitments.


It is recommended that before mounting, you clean the surface with soap and water to eliminate any grime or dust and enable proper contact with the suctions.

An area of at least 3-inch by 3-inch is required for the suction cups to work efficiently. By twisting the suction lock clockwise, you trigger the locking mechanism and anti-clockwise to unlock. For a stronger suction, ensure the surface is a little moistened.

The makeup mirror works perfectly on surfaces made of the glass, marble, granite, porcelain, ceramic or fiberglass. However, it is important to note that the suctions may not work as required on surfaces such as stucco, grout, wallpaper, drywall, and textured wall.

Lastly, the Jiben LED lighted 10X is for anyone looking for a flexible wall-mount and highly portable makeup mirror. With a lightweight foldable design, the unit is ideal for travel.



  • 100% 30-days satisfaction guarantee
  • 10X magnification power
  • Lightweight, foldable and highly portable
  • Energy efficient lights
  • Long lasting batteries
  • Adjustable gooseneck arm
  • Space saving
  • The mirror is single sided.

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SunplusTrade 7X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

Are you on a hunt for a makeup mirror that can mount on any bathroom vanity? Well, the SunplusTrade Flexible Gooseneck 7X is your best fit. With a clever design, the wall mount unit incorporates strong suction cups to allow secure attachment on any mirror or wall.


Amazingly, this mirror is designed with you in mind. It comes with 7X magnification power that is perfect and not too strong. For precision and crystal-clear images, you are required to be at least six inches or closer to the reflective surface of the mirror, otherwise, the images will be blurry.

In fact, the mirror functions flawlessly and even people with bad vision can see clear images while grooming themselves. The 7X magnification power is ideal for beauty routines such as pore extraction, hair removal and putting on contact lenses.

Lighting & Power

Besides, the square shape lighted SunplusTrade makeup mirror comes with bright LED lights embedded all around its perimeter to offer ideal illumination that is great for applying cosmetics and other beauty activities like eyebrow tweezing.

For perfect brightness, this wall mount lighted mirror is battery powered. The mirror needs three AA batteries that you are required to purchase separately. Indeed, the unit is long lasting and you can use it for prolonged periods without changing the batteries.

Size & Shape

First and foremost, this mirror’s package is 7.3-inch long by 7.3-inch high by 4.2-inch wide and comes in a perfect size to easily fit on most bathroom vanities. With its distortion-free reflective surface of 7-inches diagonal, you are assured of quality images that are perfect for a daily makeup routine.


When it comes to usability, this mirror is among the most effortless to use. The mirror has a flexible gooseneck measuring 9.8-inches long that you will no longer be required to lean over your bathroom mirror to get those close-up images.

Also, the flexible gooseneck comes with a 360-degree swivel rotation that is adjustable to any suitable position for applying makeup. Now, you just stand straight and use the flexible gooseneck to adjust the height of the mirror to the best angle anytime.

Actually, the mirror has a cordless design that makes it clutter free. It goes well with most room decor since no wires are visible. Weighing 12.6 ounces, the unit is lightweight and highly portable. These features make the mirror great for home use and perfect for travel.


In terms of installation, this unit is cleverly designed for wall mounting. It is easy to install and ready to utilize without too much hassle. No screws are included and no drilling is required since the mirror has powerful suction cups for mounting and no mess is caused.

To mount the unit firmly on your bathroom mirror, simply twist to lock the suctions and the mirror is ready for use. The suction cups are carefully structured to work on all standard bathroom mirrors.

Another amazing feature is the wide base to offer maximum support and hold firmly while the mirror is wall mounted. The base holds the battery compartment and has the on/off switch for the LED lights.

You will also like the two-year hassle-free warranty that arrives with this lighted wall mount makeup mirror. With this product, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the quality and functionality of the mirror.

Overall, we can recommend the SunplusTrade Flexible Gooseneck 7X for anyone looking for an easy to use and install wall mount mirror. It’s lightweight and portable for travel too.



  • 7X magnification
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Easy installation
  • Clutter-free cordless design
  • Distortion-free mirror
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Lacks anti-fog function

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UBEQEÔ 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

When searching for a precise and premium quality makeup mirror that is easy to use for any beauty routine, the UBEQEÔ Flexible Gooseneck 10X is your best selection.

With bright lights and great magnification, the mirror will supply colossal magnifying details for a perfect professional makeup application.


Another great feature is the magnification power. This precision clarity makeup mirror is 10X magnified for accurate and precise detailed view.

In fact, the distortion-free mirror needs you to ensure a distance of at least two inches to avoid distorted images while you get to view even the hard to see areas thus convenient for contouring and applying blush.

Actually, this mirror is versatile and can be used for various beauty uses. With such great magnification, you can use the mirror for applying false eyelashes, inserting contact lenses, removing makeup and tweezing stray hairs.

Lighting & Power

Besides, the mirror is fitted with 14 long lasting LED lights that are embedded all around its perimeter to offer bright natural light. The LED’s consume 60% less energy and are 40% brighter than the typical incandescent lights.

These energy-efficient LED lights offer a gentle illumination on your face for a smooth application of cosmetics. The bright daylight LEDs are ideal for any grooming routine since they shine without creating glare or hurting the eyes.

In order to light up, the LED lighting system is battery powered and works on three AAA batteries. Offering bright quality illumination, the lighting aids you determine the real color of your skin tone and undertone for artistic results.

Size & Shape

To begin with, this round shape makeup mirror is masterfully designed and structured with you in mind. It measures 7.5-inch by 7.4-inch by 4.4-inch when packaged and incorporates amazing features that will transform your daily beauty routine.

Durably constructed, the UBEQEÔ flexible makeup mirror has an overall frame dimension of 6.8-inches and a 5-inch high-definition reflective surface to cover your entire face and offer crystal-clear images.

Design & Matching

The most amazing thing about this wall mount mirror is the fact that it involves a cordless design that is clutter-free. In general, the unit complements most wall décor since its wireless and no power cord is required.


Aside, the suction cups are a great feature as they add on the mirror’s portability. With just a simple twist, you can effortlessly detach the suction cup, fold and bring it with you on your next business trip or vacation. The mirror is highly portable and ideal for travel.

In terms of usage, this makeup mirror is one of the easiest to utilize with the on/off button strategically placed on the mirror head for convenience. The switch button also allows you to turn the lights off and save on power when inactive.

Featuring an 11.5-inch long flexible gooseneck with 360° swivel rotation, the mirror is bendable and you can easily adjust it to any suitable position or height for various viewing angles.

With such flexible easy to use handle that sticks and rotates effortlessly per your own liking, this mirror will always come in handy. The easy to use handle makes any makeup routine quick and easy since you are not required to move but adjust the mirror’s position.


By incorporating supreme suction technology, the mirror is very easy to install. The innovative heavy-duty suction cups allow for an effortless secure attachment of the makeup mirror on another mirror or flat surface.

It’s easy to lock-suction mechanism allows rapid installation that can take less than five seconds. Mounting the mirror is as simple as attaching, twisting and locking the mirror firmly in place.

What’s even more impressive is that the strong adhesive suctions tighten and loosen easily hence allowing you to focus on your makeup application. Examples of surfaces the mirror will stick include marble, porcelain, ceramic, enamel, acrylic, and other mirrors.

However, it’s important to note that the design may not stick across granite lines, rough surfaces or unfinished marble.

Examples of surfaces where the unit may not work include drywall, stucco, wallpapers or any textured walls. It needs a clean, flat surface of a minimum of 3.5-inch by 3.5-inch or else the suction cups may not function.

To sum it all, the UBEQEÔ Flexible Gooseneck 10X is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a great makeup mirror that is super easy to handle and folds effortlessly for travel.



  • Versatile usage
  • The mirror easy to use with a flexible handle
  • Easy installation
  • Stores charge
  • Energy-efficient LED
  • 10X magnification power
  • Suctions do not stick on rough surfaces

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FASCINATE 3X,5X,10X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

Coming in at second position is the FASCINATE lighted makeup mirror. This is yet another top quality magnifying trifold mirror that offers nothing but class and style. Just like the Mirrorvana X-Large mirror above, it’s very functional and perfect for everything facial.


The top panel consists of three small but decently sized round mirrors with 3X, 5X, and 10X magnification respectively. These three mirrors together offer fantastic magnification capabilities that allow you to address every detail of your face with great precision during makeup application.

Lighting & Power

Using this FASCINATE mirror in the daytime and at night won’t pose any challenge whatsoever. It’s equipped with 4 strips light made up of 44 LEDs fixed around the middle rectangular mirror.

The LEDs provide very effective lighting similar to the Mirrorvana 2019 X-Large thanks to their sheer number. They produce a bright yet soft white light that sufficiently lights up your face and makes it more visible whether it’s in a poorly lit room or in complete darkness.

You will be able to see everything clearly and apply your makeup with the same perfectness achieved in the natural daytime light. You can adjust the light accordingly too for day or night.

There’s is smart dimmer touch button to help you with this and it’s highly sensitive. You only need to touch it for 3 seconds to increase or decrease the intensity to your preference.

Lastly, this unit also gives you a dual power supply option. It’s powered by either USB cable charging or 4 x AA batteries which affords you the flexibility to use it in any room you want.

Size & Shape

When it comes to size, you will be able to see your whole face at the same time without any restrictions. The unit features three panels with a large middle triangular mirror measuring 8.66 inches high and 11.8 inches wide.

It’s the largest mirror with 1X magnification giving you a full view of your face and hair. The lower panel is a slightly smaller triangular mirror measuring 5.07 inches high and 11.8 inches wide which gives you a closer view of the lower half of your face.

The tri-fold design also means that you can close the side mirrors when not in use for easy storage or take away. However, like it’s counterpart above, it’s somewhat huge to squeeze in a purse, so it’s not an ideal mirror for traveling.

Design & Matching

To start off, the unit sports a more sleek and polished finishing with a cute 3-panel tri-fold design that makes it not only look elegant but can work well with any décor.

The mirrors, on the other hand, are made of quality coated glass and the base is a thick strong plastic to make the whole structure very durable. The stem and stand are solid and keep the mirrors stable and firmly in place, free from falling on a table or anything flat.

It will remain stable without a crumble even on a sloppy surface. Like the Mirrorvana X-Large mirror, the base is designed with a nice space for keeping your makeup and other accessories.


All of the mirrors are made from optical quality glass. They are very clear and will deliver a clean and distortion free view of yourself. In addition, you can adjust them up and down to 180 degrees and as well rotate them 360 degrees for the perfect viewing angle.

With that said, there’s no denying that with this FASCINATE lighted makeup mirror, you definitely get way more value without spending a bundle. It’s classy, offers a wide-angle view, and has good magnification with great clarity. It’s an ideal option for routine makeup application.



  • Sturdy, durable construction with an elegant design
  • Large mirrors that offer a wide-angle view
  • Clear reflection without distortion
  • Powerful LEDs that deliver a bright, soft, white light
  • Light is easily adjustable
  • Powered by either USB cable or batteries
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Relatively large for traveling

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Absolutely Luvly 1X,2X,3X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

Absolutely Lush lighted makeup mirror is what high definition of clarity looks like. For many beauty gurus, a trifold lighted mirror is very portable and the way to go for daily makeup application.


Did I mention it’s four panels mirror with a combination of a 1x main flat mirror, 2x and 3x magnifications spot?  This magnification spot allows you to see even the tiniest of details.

With such magnification power, this portable makeup mirror is ideal for applying eye makeup such as eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrows.

Lighting & Power

For absolutely high definition clarity as the name suggests, the mirror is surrounded by a durable ring of LED lights that imitates natural daylight with up-to 40,000 hours of illumination. Plus, the LED lights have a dimmable touch sensor that when pressed and hold you can adjust the brightness of the lights to suit your preference.

What is more impressive is the fact that this mirror is dual powered. This means that you can plug it into any USB cable (included in the package) while using or use 4 AAA battery to turn the lights on.

Even though both sources of power produces bright enough lights, the lights are much brighter when plugged in.

Design & Matching

This mirror is carefully and well built. It has a tri-fold design that makes it compact and easy to carry around at the same time it doesn’t occupy too much space. The design also provides a wide view angle which enables you to view your entire face image.


For further convenience, Absolutely Lush mirror features a 180 degrees angle rotation. The swivel vertical rotation connects the glass mirror to the base allowing you to find the perfect viewing angle.

It makes it easier to check up your makeup or hair styling from any angle without straining your neck. In regards to usability, this mirror is compact and highly portable.

Size & Design

Cordless and lightweight you can conveniently fold it like a book and carry from the bathroom to your room, lockers, friend’s house or dorms. In addition, the sides folds and open up fully flat and only stay in the same position you put them in.

Having a strong sturdy base, you can place it on the dresser and turn it into your makeup desk. The base also ensures that the mirror is firm and stable and can withstand accidental push when applying your makeup thereby preventing it from breaking.

Apart from the great features mentioned, the mirror is backed up with 100% no blemishes guaranteed of a 12-month warranty and full refund or replacement within the first 30 days of purchase.

Finally, one of the best lightweight portable makeup mirrors that could tick the boxes of the mirror you are looking for. Packed with different great features this mirror has a lot to offer and we recommend it to anyone with unique requirements.



  • Three times magnification power
  • Highly portable
  • Touch screen dimmable light
  • It has a dual power supply
  • Wide viewing angle
  • 180 degrees vertical rotation
  • Imitates natural sunlight
  • Easy to use, maintain and store
  • Sturdy base.
  • Great customer service
  • Lights might flicker when adjusting the brightness
  • It doesn’t store charge.

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WONDER MIRROR 7X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

Getting those final touch-ups when traveling is definitely tough without a makeup mirror. The WONDER MIRROR lighted and foldable makeup mirror with 7X removable magnetic magnification spot mirror is just as good as it looks.


Another great feature that is definitely an advantage is the removable, 7X magnified spot mirror with a magnetic suction.

Given two options of magnification, the main mirror provides real image while the removable 5″ square magnified mirror allows you to zoom in on specific areas.

Lighting & Power

Daylight is, without doubt, the best lighting for applying makeup. This mirror is fitted with 36 bright LED lights surrounding the entire mirror, they are definitely more than sufficient to illuminate your whole face for easy makeup application.

These led lights produce a more natural, softer and brighter illumination that is safe to your eyes. The fact that it is energy-saving and long-lasting you can use it for a lifetime with no need for replacement.

The WONDER portable makeup mirror is designed with a touch screen sensor that you can use to turn on/off the lights and also adjust the brightness intensity to your desired level. In addition, at the back of the mirror, there is an on/off manual switch that can be used to prevent accidental press on the touch sensor thereby saving charge life.

This WONDER mirror is electric powered with an external power source. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery that is very convenient and portable. With the supplied mini USB port cable, you can easily recharge your mirror at home or when traveling.

Size & Design

The mirror is constructed using high-quality materials that can withstand external damages during travel. You can fold it in a half like an eye shadow palette to prevent the glass from being smudged or scratched when it collides with different items inside your luggage.

Perfectly rectangular shaped the mirror measures (9.8” L x 7.8” W) with a super thin body of (0.8”). With a foldable cover just like an iPad, this mirror is super lightweight and compact making it highly portable especially when traveling.

On the plus side, the size is quite effective for easy storage while saving space either on your dresser or luggage.


It’s large enough for a perfect view of your entire face but super compact to carry around. Unfortunately, this mirror has only one angle of inclination meaning you can’t adjust to different positions.

However, you can adjust it to your best angle by placing something under the mirror cover until you get the right angle. The lightweight and foldable design of this mirror are very effective for high portability. It makes it easy to fit in your suitcase while traveling.

Generally, the WONDER MIRROR lighted can be a great gift idea for teens and women birthday parties, Halloween, Christmas or even valentines.



  • Durable high-quality material
  • Extra detachable magnetic magnified mirror
  • Easy to use the touch sensor
  • Energy-saving and long-lasting LED lights.
  • It provides natural dimmable light
  • Foldable and highly portable
  • Large viewing surface
  • Lightweight for traveling
  • Stores charge
  • It only has one angle of inclination

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EASEHOLD 1X, 2X, 5X, 10X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

The tri-fold makeup mirror by Easehold is a stylish, classic and very portable vanity mirror. It’s a lighted makeup mirror with a wide-angle view that can light your face clearly for better performance.


In addition to the three screens are multiple magnifications. The left mirror is divided into two smaller mirrors which offer 5X by 2X magnification in case you need a closer view. Plus, the 10X magnification from the large mirror ensures you get to see every detail.

Lighting & Power

This ultra-slim Easehold mirror has 38 pieces of LED lights that provide bright natural light no matter how dark your room is. The LED lights can be easily controlled by just one touch of the sensor switch on the mirror screen.

The dimmable sensor switch when long pressed can control the intensity of the light. In case, the light is too bright you can quickly dim it down. You just press and hold the button on the screen.

With an excellent power supply, this tri-fold mirror runs either on batteries or can be charged directly by USB cables. It uses four AAA batteries. However, the mirror itself can’t store charge.

Design & Matching

Easehold vanity mirror was designed with portability in mind. It stands steady on your vanity or countertop. The recessed base works great as storage for jewelry, watches, earrings, and bracelets.


The tri-fold design ensures that you get a clear facial view from every angle. It rotates up to 180 degrees and can be fixed at any position to ensure you get a perfect and needed viewing angle. This helps you avoid common cosmetic application mistakes.

Hassle-free assembly and disassembly of the stand from the mirror make this unit relatively portable. You can easily open or fold it just like a book which protect it from scratches or dust while also making it highly portable and perfect for traveling.

Overall, Easehold tri-fold vanity mirror might be a good choice if you need a lighted makeup mirror that is highly portable and free-standing. Besides, this mirror has both CE and FCC certifications that ensure 100 percent quality.



  • Dual powered mirror
  • Three great magnification levels
  • Portable
  • Sensitive sensor switch
  • Comes with 38pcs of bright dimmable LED lights
  • Provide three wide-angle view
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Free-standing adjustable stand
  • It can’t store charge
  • No guarantee

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KOOLORBS 1X, 2X, 3X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

When looking for a perfect sized vanity mirror for your makeup application and other beauty needs, the KOOLORBS makeup mirror is your best fit. It has a large mirror surface bestowed with LED lights that are evenly spread all along the mirror to provide naturally bright illumination.


Aside, this makeup mirror unit has three variations of magnification and a wide viewing that gives a clear visualization of your facial features. This feature makes the vanity mirror ideal for a perfect makeup application since every detail is minutely cared for.

Lighting & Power

This vanity mirror incorporates 21 high quality LED bulbs to offer well-organized lighting. The lights have a control feature of dimming and brightening according to your preference. You can choose to either make yours brighter or dim by long pressing the touch button.

Another amazing feature for this product is the dual power supply. This means that you can directly power the LED mirror using USB charging cable included in the package. On the other hand, you can separately purchase four AAA batteries and use them. You’re advised to use either an AC plug or batteries at a time.


The free-standing mirror has a 180 degrees rotatable and detachable stand. This offers more optional viewing angles and allows you to adjust the mirror effortlessly to a suitable angle that accommodates your beauty needs and preferences.

This cosmetic mirror is high-class certified by various authorities including CE, ROHS, and FCC. These authorities ensure that this high definition mirror is of high quality and perfect for use as a makeup mirror.

Lastly, the KOOLORBS makeup mirror is a perfect gift idea. It incorporates great aesthetics and practical features that most ladies would really fall for. You can use this vanity mirror as a present for Christmas, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, Valentine’s and many other occasions.

This is a great product that we can recommend to anyone looking for an ideal vanity mirror for personal makeup and traveling purposes.



  • Durable, thick construction
  • Foldable and highly portable
  • Sturdy and light-weight
  • The base can be used to hold cosmetics
  • Dual power supply
  • Easy to use
  • Short power cord
  • Very light base

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Jerdon 5X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

The Jerdon Euro Tri-Fold is a glossy bathroom and makeup mirror with lights. It has a compact size that easily folds flat thus making it light-weight and highly portable. In fact, you can use this two-sided mirror for makeup application anywhere in your home as it fits on most countertops without too much hassle.


This makeup mirror has a great zooming feature that helps you have a clear reflection when beautifying your face. Its constructed with an adjustable center that swivels from 1X to 5X magnification. The 1X magnification offers an ideal view of any hairdo whereas the 5X magnification works great when applying makeup in areas that are hard to see.

Lighting & Power

This lighted makeup mirror contains versatile illumination. It incorporates cool to touch fluorescent lighting. The lighting is glare free and has four alternate illumination settings for all your beauty requirements.

The four different light settings are designed to offer color-corrected illumination that goes well with daytime, evening, office and home surroundings. All you need to do is slide the switch over to find the most appropriate lighting for your beauty needs.

Consequently, it’s a free-standing makeup mirror. It can stand by itself on your dresser, vanity, and countertop while providing a unified place to keep your beauty necessities. Its built-in 120 volts electrical outlet offers you the option to plug in beauty appliances like curling irons and blow dryers.


Another great feature for this lighted makeup mirror is the adjustable back stand. It has the ability to adapt the stand, mirror, and lighting to match any angle that you are positioned or seated.

The tri-fold design comes with the main mirror and two others on the sides. This three-way mirror design offers a panoramic view that not only offers a straight-on view of your face but also both sides at the same instance.

We recommend this unit to anyone who does their own makeup. It’s a highly stylized makeup mirror with a sleek contemporary design and eye-catching white finish that goes well with most home décor.



  • Tri-fold design
  • Highly portable
  • Sharp appearance
  • 5X adjustable manual zoom
  • Four viewing angles
  • Attractive design and white finish
  • It has a small mirror surface

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Miusco 5X, 10X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

Many people view this as a life-changing mirror and you have no doubt to argue with that. Miusco looks really stylish, coupled with great functionalities this mirror provides excellent illumination for applying makeup, shaving, tweezing and more.

This 9-inch LED lighted makeup mirror is perfectly round shaped making it ideal, versatile and attractive for applying makeup. The mirror is made of brushed stainless steel that creates an extra reflection surface plus it’s environmentally friendly.

In contrast to other mirrors which comes as a one-unit mirror, this Miusco 9″ mirror has a small magnetic attachment mirror. The entire mirror is 5x magnified while the small attached mirror is 10x magnified. These incredible magnifications provide a variable illumination perfect for both detailed and general makeup.

Aesthetics aside, this mirror has the brightest and the greatest lighting system. Fitted with 40 LED it forms a complete ring of light that will illuminate your entire face and increase visibility while saving electricity. Plus, the LED Lights are powerful to last you a lifetime use.

The mirror produces white light which is the best light color for applying makeup. With simple to use touch button simply turn on/off the lights or you can adjust the intensity of the light by pressing and holding. As a result, you achieve a natural and bright reflection even at night.

The LED lights run on a built-in large lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable using a USB charging cable. This battery is energy efficient and a single charge can last for a very long time before you get to recharge again.

This unit is a free-standing mirror. Like most free-standing design the base is made of a heavy steel metal for stabilization and can fit on your vanity or a dresser. In addition to being cordless, this mirror is fairly portable and moving it from room to room is a breeze.

Overall, Miusco 9″ lighted mirror with circular lightning is quite versatile and stylish. Design to provide high-quality dimmable effect and powerful magnification that will light up your days and night.



  • Long-lasting researchable LED lights
  • Come with a 10X magnified mirror attachment ideal for detail makeup
  • Stylish finish and design
  • Dimmable LED lights
  • Easy to use touch button
  • Provides an ultra-bright white light
  • Convenient size
  • Sturdy quality
  • Not convenient for traveling
  • It does not rotate in the position you want

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JUHALL 10X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

If you are more into a round shaped mirror for a real close-up and personal magnification, then JUHALL might be the ideal magnified mirror for you.


With 10- times magnification, you will be able to get a clear image when touching up your make-up, eyebrow tweezing, inserting and removing contacts or any other mirror viewing needs.

This astounding mirror features only a 10X magnification one-sided mirror that is very clear and useful, allowing you to focus on specific areas of your face. The strong magnification is convenient for detailed makeup application, shaving, tweezing and other grooming needs.

It is recommended that you keep a distance of 5.9 inches between the magnifying mirror and face for a better view or in case of dizziness.

Lighting & Power

Starting with the LED lighting, this round mirror mimics natural daylight that illuminates your face twice as bright compared to your normal makeup mirror. The LED lights are powerful enough to last over 50,000 hours with everyday use without replacement.

Aesthetics aside, this mirror is very easy to use. At the top of the mirror slightly press the ON/OFF button to turn the lights on or off. This is very effective especially when you are in a poorly lit area.

However, compared to other advanced mirrors this one lack light dimmable effect. Besides, the lights are powered by 3 AAA batteries not included in the package.

Size & Shape

This mirror is roundly shaped with an inner diameter of 5.12 inches just a perfect size for you. The overall unit is made of beautifully brushed high-quality ABS and silver material that offers lifelong durability.


In regards to ease of use, this JUHALL mirror is among the top. With a 360 degrees adjustable swivel axis, you can easily adjust to any desired angle making it highly convenient for makeup application and hairstyling.

With its suction locking cup and no tools required this unit is a breeze to install. You can securely attach it to any flat, smooth, clean and non-porous surface such as marble, granite or glass above your vanity or wall mount it.

With great suction force, the mirror moves freely without falling off. You also get to have a lifetime warranty of guarantee with this unit.

Lastly, this cordless mirror is very compact and portable. It occupies zero counter space and also folds up neatly and efficiently. Since it is highly portable, the mirror comes with a storage bag and wiping cloth making it convenient for both home storage and traveling.

Overall, JUHALL 10X lighted makeup mirror with circular lighting has a strong magnification and suction power ideal for everyday grooming routine. The fact that is cordless and lightweight is a big plus. We would highly recommend.



  • Easy to use on/off button
  • 360 degrees adjustable angle for different viewing
  • Come with a storage bag and cleaning cloth
  • Mimics natural daylight
  • Long-lasting LED lights
  • Offers great magnification power
  • Light and easy to carry around
  • A strong suction locking mechanism
  • It’s a space saver
  • It can only be attached on a clean, non-porous flat surface
  • The 3 AAA batteries are not included
  • the lights are not dimmable

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Aesfee 1x/7x Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

Stunning is, by all means, the only word worthy of describing this amazing Aesfee tabletop magnifying makeup mirror. It’s a beauty designed to take your beauty routine to the next level. This Aesfee LED-lighted double-sided mirror is very functional, elegantly designed and comes with a powerful magnifying side.


For a more close and personal view, Aesfee has included a 7X magnification side that allows you to see very clearly every detail for a more precise makeup application in parts such as eyebrows, and cheeks.

Lighting & Power

The gold rose color coupled up with the bright, soft white LED light frame makes its appearance stunning and it’s not the only thing. The classical oval-shape double-sided mirror on a swivel design makes it look even more amazing.

You will be able to use this makeup mirror very well too during the night just as you would during the day. Its edges are surrounded by 21 LEDs that deliver a bright glow similar to natural daylight making the face much more visible even with lights in the room switched off.

It’s perfect lighting for doing makeup or shaving as you get to spot all the details including the little imperfections that often go unnoticed when using the room light with a normal mirror without light.

The lights are fixed on both sides and you can adjust it up to three different intensity levels which is very convenient for different makeup application times.

The highest level is really bright and all it takes to control the light is a touch of a button. It’s a touch screen button incorporated with a highly responsive sensor.

In fact, it’s a multi-function button that controls all the operations. This is a big plus as you only got a single touch button for power control, light intensity control and it also does indicate the state of charge of the battery.

Even much better, you can recharge the batteries via a micro USB port. The batteries can last one to two weeks before requiring recharging and 280 minutes when the mirror is set at maximum brightness non-stop.

It’s a pretty energy efficient mirror plus the LED lights don’t get hot even when running for long periods. So, it will not spike up your power bills at the end of the month.

Size & Shape

The mirror itself is a decent size measuring 5 inches wide and 6.14 inches high. That’s enough to give you a full view your face on the standard 1X magnification side.

Design & Matching

The built quality is also A+. It’s made from good quality material with a sturdy base. It’s not likely to get scratches and dents easily. The base is solid but compact enough to take up much space.

In short, it’s both beautiful and quite durable.


It’s super helpful too for those who use glasses as well as those that put contacts in after applying their makeup. The mirror is mounted on a swivel that allows it rotate 360° hence you can easily adjust it to the angle you want and quickly switch between the two sides.

Weighing 1.43 pounds, this Aesfee LED-lighted double-sided model is lightweight enough such that you can use it as a handheld mirror too. Generally, the only verdict we can give about this unit is that it’s one of the mirrors that’s certainly worthy of every penny.



  • Cute and convenient mirror
  • Decently sized and delivers crystal clear images
  • Powerful magnification for precise makeup application
  • Bright LED lighting with three different intensity levels
  • Easy to operate and can swivel 360°
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery
  • 15 months warranty with 30-day money back guarantee
  • Only charges via a USB port, no wall plug included

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Gotofine 10X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

The Gotofine LED Lighted Makeup Mirror is ready and set for the Next Generation. It has amazing features like a touch sensor system and LED lights to mimic the bright soft natural sunlight.

Anyone looking for a lighted vanity mirror that’s nice looking and durable, this is your best choice.

In terms of design and construction, this make-up mirror has a rectangular shape design with measurements of 22.5-inches in height and 6.5-inches wide. This size is ideal for regular use at home and professional makeup artists.

The unit is made using premium-quality material that is strong and durable. This allows you to use the vanity mirror for long and almost everywhere as it is scratch resistant and not easy to break. The base is stable and sturdy thus making it great for daily use.

Its design includes a directional rotation axis that makes it easy to use. The mirror can swivel up to 180-degrees and fixed at any position that is convenient for you. This makes the application of makeup quick and precise.

Besides its design and built, this rectangular makeup mirror comes fitted with an efficient dual power supply mode system. This means that it operates on either battery or can be connected to a power outlet via the power cord that’s normally included in the package.

As for the batteries, you will have to purchase them separately if need be. It is highly advised that you take out the batteries when the vanity mirror is inactive for long periods of time and not to use both power supplies at the same instance.

When it comes to usability, the Gotofine LED lighted vanity mirror is very easy and convenient to use. The unit incorporates a detachable distortion-free spot mirror with 10X magnification power for you to have a clear image of those hard to see places; perfect for applying cosmetics.

Aside from the spot mirror, you will be wowed with its lightweight structure. The unit weighs 1.56 pounds and is highly portable.

However, it is recommended that you avoid storing or placing the mirror in humid rooms or areas with strong sunlight for prolonged periods.

Using its humanized switch design, you can effortlessly control the 4000k-5000k LED lights. The switch can be used to switch the LED’s on/off and still adjust brightness. For any adjustments to the illumination of the LED lights, you just hold down the touch button.

Lastly, is the detailed instruction manual and a single microfiber cloth that arrives with the package. It is recommended that you carefully read the instructions before using the product and to clean it using the microfiber cloth provided.

Overall, the Gotofine Lighted Vanity mirror is a perfect gift for moms, grandmas, grads, sisters, bridesmaids, makeup artists, skin care addicts and more. The mirror has a highly portable design and comes with a cleaning cloth.



  • Durable and Portable design
  • Scratch Resistant body
  • LED lighting system
  • Adjustable illumination
  • Dual power supply
  • Touch sensor system
  • Distortion-free 10X magnification
  • Provides lighting that is more of fluorescent than natural

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Simplehuman 5X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

Not so often can you find a mirror with the perfect combination of quality, features, and functionality, and that’s precisely why simplehuman sensor lighted mirror is so popular. This might be the perfect mirror for you if you are looking for detail viewing.


The 5X magnification is very clear and useful, so much comprehensive it allows you to see exceptional detail with an entire view of your face. The magnification is convenient for detailed grooming and makeup application.

The fact that you don’t have to stick your face out to get close to the mirror is amazing. This simplehuman mirror is adjustable, it tilts back nicely, allowing you to choose the angle that gives a clear and comfortable view of your face. You can also adjust the height for a perfect view while standing.

Lighting & Power

Starting with the LED lighting, the round ring of light provides a bright, brilliant and long-lasting source of light. The LED lights are powerful enough to last 40, 000 plus hours with everyday use giving you more than 100 years of service without replacement.

This astounding mirror features a Tru-lux LED light system that will illuminate your face twice as bright compared to a normal bulb. It also stimulates the bulbs to produce natural sunlight that enables you to see subtle disparities in your makeup ensuring you get a flawless result.

One of the greatest features in this makeup mirror is the sensor light that automatically turns on and off using the infrared sensors. It’s super-sensitive in that when you move your face close to the mirror it lights up and then turns off as you move away.

During use, the intelligent multi-sense adapts and becomes more sensitive therefore you won’t get unexpected turn-off. A very efficient touch-control system allows easy control of light brightness. You can also choose to have a different range of brightness from 100lux to 800lux.

This mirror is cordless, definitely a great design that can be recharged with a standard USB cable and adapter (both included in the package). A single charge can last up to five weeks before you recharge it again. We find this reliable while moving from one room to another.

Size & Shape

With only 8″ of thickness, the overall unit is thick and look gorgeous while the pink stainless-steel body is beautifully clear and resilient, offering lifelong durability. Apart from moisture-proof construction, this 9.1″W x 4.7″ D x 15.1″H round mirror is a perfect size for you.

Desgn & Matching

This unit has a strong base that offers support for free-standing effect. With no installation, the mirror also features an on/off button on the bottom of the base that is used to manually switch on the lights in case the sensor malfunction.

With a CRI of 90, this mirror is strikingly beautiful and well designed with smart technology. Coupled with all these great features and high-quality construction it’s one of the best round lighted mirrors in the market. We highly recommend.



  • Mimics natural bright light
  • Automatic face sensor
  • Long lasting LED lights
  • Brightness control touch switch
  • Rechargeable
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to clean
  • Great power magnification

The automatic on/off feature might malfunction

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Geek-House 12X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

You will feel like a movie star using this mirror. GeekHouse has a Hollywood style feeling and excellent lightening system that helps you achieve professional light for makeup application.

However, it doesn’t feature flashy designs, meaning with its simple appearance it looks more professional.

The frame and the base are made of high-quality tinplate metal. The metal plate is strong, solid, varnished and fitted with an anti-slip mat under the base that helps in stabilizing the mirror. The 5mm thick glass is durable and you don’t need to worry about wear and tear.

Perfectly rectangular shaped the mirror measures 20 inches in diameter and (12” W x 16” H). This size is large enough that allows you to view your entire face at once. A perfect professional vanity mirror for applying professional makeup, hair styling and even dressing

This rectangular mirror is surrounded by 12 LED energy-saving bulbs which are definitely more than sufficient to illuminate your entire mirror. These super bright LED bulbs have a long life span of over 50, 000 hours use so that you don’t have to replace them.

Using the smart touch technology, you can switch easily between natural, yellow, white and warm lighting tones. With a continuous long press, you can adjust the brightness to the desired tone and the makeup mirror will save in its memory which is convenient for the next use.

Another definite advantage featured in this unit is the removable 10X magnified spot mirror with suction cup. You can stick this zooming mirror it onto the big mirror but it must be very close for it to be effective. It’s a great feature for detail makeup applications.

Compared to traditional mirrors that force you to bend while applying makeup, this unit has a 360 degrees tilting angle that allows you to position the mirror to the desired viewing angle.

The free tilting stand was subjected to more than 10, 000 times endurance test and passed hence it’ll never get loose.

This mirror is powered by an external power source. Included in the package is the 16-inch long 12V power adapter that is both safe to use and UL certified. The cord is long enough for you to set the mirror anywhere in your room.

With no wiring or installation required this superbly designed mirror has to be one of the best rectangular and professional vanity mirrors. The mirror is packed and shipped in multiple layers that ensure you receive flawless mirror without cracks and marks.

This GeekHouse lighted makeup vanity mirror is one of the best professional Hollywood style vanity mirrors. Made of quality material it provides great illumination sufficient to see your face clearly when applying makeup even on low-light conditions. the versatility of this mirror makes it highly recommended.



  • Durable high-quality frame and base stand
  • Sturdy stand
  • Three different light setting color options
  • 360 degrees tilting angle is so much effective
  • Long lasting and energy-efficient LED bulbs
  • It memorizes the last brightness setting
  • Smart touch control is quite easy to use
  • Large viewing surface
  • Extra magnified mirror
  • It does not store charge
  • The lights might flicker sometimes

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Funtouch 10X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

When hunting for a mirror that is large enough to offer a perfect view of your entire face, the Funtouch large lighted vanity mirror is your best fit. You are assured of achieving flawless professional makeup.

In fact, this upgraded oversized vanity mirror is the biggest in the market. It measures 14.56 inches long and 8.97 inches wide. This large sized makeup mirror is rectangular in shape and offers a big wide-angle viewing with high definition clarity.

You will be amazed when it comes to applying makeup and doing your hair in poorly lit areas. The Funtouch large lighted makeup mirror is an upgraded table-top vanity mirror with LED lighting embedded all around its perimeter.

The unit is constructed with 35 pieces of built-in, adjustable LED lighting system. The dimmable LED’s are perfect as they provide natural light that can be used at home, office, dim-lit rooms and many other places.

Aside, it has a touch sensor system that lights up and controls the brightness of the LED lights. The lights turn on when you first touch the sensor switch with your finger.

However, if you hold the button for about 3 seconds, you will alter the illumination of the bulbs and you can release it when the brightness is right for you.

Another great feature is the superior removable 10X magnification zooming mirror. This detachable zooming mirror allows you to clearly see every detail.

It comes with suction cups that can mount anywhere on the glass of the main mirror. This makes applying delicate makeup like mascara, lipstick, eyebrow, and eyeliner easy.

With an adjustable axis, it is effortless to find the perfect viewing angle without too much hassle. The mirror has a sturdy base that supports it on flat counter tops with an axis at the center back to allow for vertical rotation of up to 90 degrees and still do a surround of 360 degrees rotation.

Besides, the unit has a dual power supply. You can power the makeup mirror by plugging its USB charging cable normally included in the package to a wall outlet.

Also, you can separately buy four pieces of AA batteries that won’t be consumed when the USB charger is in operation. However, this vanity mirror doesn’t store its own power and it is recommended that you do not power it with both batteries and USB cable.

To sum it up is the base of the mirror. It provides strong support and has a storage function. This saves up space by offering storage for your makeup tools while keeping your dresser clutter free.

Generally, the Funtouch Large lighted makeup mirror is a perfect gift idea for ladies in Christmas, Halloween, Valentine ’s Day and Mother’s Day. Most ladies will fall for the huge mirror size!



  • The huge high definition of mirror size
  • Great, bright lighting
  • Foldable with removable stand
  • Double power supply
  • Mimics natural light
  • Adjustable axis for the mirror
  • Sturdy base
  • 360 degrees rotation

It does not store power for itself

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Fancii 10X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

Do your make-up, cosmetics, and hair like a pro beauty queen with the Fancii Large vanity mirror fitted with LED lights.

This premium makeup mirror is a perfect combination of fantasy and functionality. It offers professional makeup results and has the ultimate convenience.

With a contemporary rectangular shape design, this Fancii vanity makeup mirror is a next generation mirror. It arrives packaged with dimensions of 7.3-inch by 4.5-inch by 14.6-inch and a weight of 2.8 pounds. This makes it very lightweight.

The unit stands 15-inches tall and has a width of 7.3-inches whereas the glass measures 9-inch long by 6.3 inches wide. All this is mounted to a base that is strong and sturdy to offer maximum support while sitting on a table, countertop or dresser.

The base has five compartments that offer plenty of storage space. You can use the cosmetic organizer to store your hair tools, jewelry, makeup and more grooming equipment for quick usage.

Aside, the mirror is fitted with 34 next-generation smart LEDs that are two times brighter than other lights. The long-lasting LED lights with up to 20,000 hours have an illumination that closely imitates that of soft natural light to offer you with the best color-correct details.

What’s more impressing, is the fact that this smart power design LED bulbs automatically turn off after being inactive for 30 minutes to save energy.

Besides, the unit incorporates dimmable touch sensors for you to choose or change between daytime and night-time lighting effects for accurate selection for the right amount of light.

The unit is fitted with a dual power system. It can be powered using four AA batteries that you buy separately or a mini USB cable that is included in the packaging. However, the package lacks a travel case and does not fold thus cannot be recommended for traveling.

Another impressive feature for this rectangular shape vanity mirror is its magnification power. The unit has an extra-large glass that is distortion-free with a dual magnification of 1X and 10X.

The normal 1X view is perfect for applying cosmetics. On the other hand, the 10X pull out mirror is ideal for doing facials and other grooming activities that require zooming for a clearer and closer view of details.

Apart from quality magnification, the mirror is highly flexible and easy to use. With a 180-degree swivel axis, the mirror offers vertical and horizontal rotations and can be tilted front and back for optimum angle viewing.

To sum it all, this mirror is recommendable to anyone looking for a mirror that is convenient and easy to use. With a large mirror for all your grooming needs, the Fancii LED lighted large vanity mirror, is one to go for.



  • Dual power
  • Dimmable function
  • Up to 20,000 hours of lights
  • Adjustable stand
  • 360-degree rotation
  • 1X to 10X magnification
  • Strong base with storage compartments
  • Offers soft natural light

Not convenient for traveling

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Beautify Beauties 10X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

The Beautify Beauties vanity mirror is a perfect demonstration of its name. Being a modern and stylish makeup mirror, it is the most ideal solution to all your hairstyling and cosmetic needs.

It is carefully designed, build and tested by experts in a state-of-the-art facility to ensure quality standards are met. The construction of this vanity mirror involves high-quality ingredients and input materials to make your life easier and gorgeous.

This table-top makeup mirror has a durable outer shell and a sturdy solid base. The outer shell is made of premium-quality materials that shield the mirror from getting damaged whereas, the solid base makes it easy to place the mirror on flat surfaces.

Another impressive thing about this unit is its ultra-high definition rectangular mirror. It is furnished with dimmable long-lasting LED’s embedded all around the perimeter.

These LED lights illuminate light focusing directly on the face and highlight all details. This feature makes makeup application easy while ensuring all your cosmetic and hair needs are satisfied all day and night long.

Using its touch-controlled adjusting system, you can easily regulate the LED lights. The mirror has a touch/sensor button that you click to turn the lights on and off.

This makes it easy to fix makeup more so in poor lit areas as you have the option to taper or enhance the lights by holding your finger on the same dual switch.

Besides, the Beautify Beauties makeup mirror has a Bluetooth Connection System. You hold down the button until the voice comes on via the speakers. The speakers are strategically located on the back for you to listen to your favorite tunes while getting ready for a party at night or office commitments in the morning.

With this makeup mirror, you get a clear close-up view of details and hard to see places. It comes with an efficient, well-polished glass and a detachable 10X magnification zooming mirror.

The zooming mirror offers perfect magnification as it is equipped with a suction cup to allow easy fixation or moving to and from any part of the rectangular mirror.

The removable zooming mirror allows you to color your lips, attain precise cat eye, create a perfect hairstyle and shape your eyebrows. Also, this enables you to be hands-free even while zooming.

In terms of ease of use, this vanity mirror is among the top. With an adjustable axis at the back, the mirror effortlessly moves in both vertical and horizontal directions.

In fact, this rectangular vanity mirror spins back, fourth and sideways up-to 180°. This makes it highly convenient for hairstyling and makeup application.

To sum it all, the mirror is rechargeable. It has a micro USB for charging that can be easily plugged to a wall outlet. This means the unit can store charge.

When looking for a Bluetooth enabled rectangular mirror, this is the perfect fit. It is a must-have for most ladies as it has the option to play music and great magnification power for all beauty needs.



  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Long-lasting LED lights
  • Rechargeable
  • Adjustable axis
  • Detachable zooming mirror
  • 180 degrees rotatable mirror
  • Convenient size
  • Easy to use touch button
  • The Bluetooth connection might not work with all phones

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Conair 1X, 7X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

Conair has been one of the most reputable names in the beauty industry for a very long time. even though they have a variety of different mirrors to choose from, their 3-way double-sided mirror stands out quite impressive.


You can flip the other side of the mirror and use up to 7X magnification power, the ideal feature that allows you to zoom in and out on the critical areas. Along with the lights, the magnification power works great when it comes to applying eye makeup or tweezing.

Lighting & Power

The 30W clear bulb produces a soft, warm and subtle glow that is neither too dim nor harsh. Plus, the bulb can actually last for a very long time before the need for a replacement.

One of the unique features is the touch control. Unlike most popular lighted mirrors, this mirror lights can be turned on and off using the ergonomic button on the base.

 The super sensitive touch control allows you to adjust the lights for low, medium and high-level brightness.

The Conair 3-way touch control is powered by plugging in the attached power cord to an electrical outlet. The power cord doesn’t detach from the whole unit making it even more convenient for quick makeup touch-ups.

Size & Shape

At 8.5-inches in diameter, the Conair double-sided round mirror offers the perfect view to reflect your entire face. This means you could carry your daily grooming routine conveniently.

Design & Matching

With its sophisticated design and all new features, this mirror overshadows other contemporary and exquisitely designed mirrors. To start with, the mirror has a stylish modern design that can go with any bedroom or bathroom décor.

Polished in a matte black finish this makeup mirror also features a fog-free viewing which ensures you always have the perfect glare-free viewing despite weather changes.

This feature helps to automatically eliminate the accumulating fog leaving your mirror clear and neat. The Conair 3-way mirror has two sides and both of them features a built-in energy saving incandescent bulb that surrounds the circumference of the mirror.


Standing at 16-inches tall, the mirror is designed to rotate up to 360 degrees so that you can fix it at any right angle you are comfortable with. Consequently, the mirror manages to stay in the same tilt position until you change to a new angle, isn’t that incredible?

In regards to usability, the mirror is very lightweight and compact featured with a 5-foot long line cord thereby making it more convenient to move from one room to another.

In addition to its high portability, the base is sturdy enough to steadily stand on your vanity or countertop without flipping over.

This mirror is no stranger to great reviews. It is made of high-quality blemish free glass on both sides coupled with great magnification power. It’s one of the best choices and we would recommend for everyday makeup application and grooming.



  • Blemish-free without fog glass
  • Circular three light settings
  • Stable base
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It is a two-in-one mirror with great magnification power
  • Easy to use touch control
  • 360- degree swivel rotation
  • 30 W energy-saving incandescent bulb
  • The light might be unsatisfactory to some
  • It doesn’t store charge
  • Super sensitive touch control

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