Chende Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

Opening our list of the top round-shaped lighted vanity mirrors is the Chende Hollywood mirror. This is our favorite pick in this category as it’s simply the best model available out there right now in terms of quality, design, functionality, and convenience.

First of all, the unit is built to last for a very long period of time. It has a frameless design but the makeup mirror is backed with high-grade stainless steel that makes it feel heavy and very solid.

The base is a wood and stainless steel combination firmly fixed to the mirror. It’s equally sturdy and keeps the whole structure stable when placed over the table. You won’t worry about damage or the mirror tumbling over even when you accidentaly push the table.

As for aesthetics, it’s doesn’t dissapoint either. The glossy stainless steel finish with lights arranged nicely in a full arc all around the perimeter gives it a stunning look that’s bound to add a bit of glamour anywhere it’s placed.

The mirror, on the other hand, is a round-shaped 2.4 inches thick optic-quality glass. It’s a top quality glass that will reflect every little detail of your face clearly without any deformation whatsoever.

It measures 27.56 inches high and 25.6 inches wide which is pretty large and considering that it has a round, frameless design, it will comfortably give you a full view of your whole face plus upper body. In addition, the edge smoothes all around, so it won’t cut your hand.

The mirror is surrounded by 12 LED light bulbs that produce a bright yet pleasant soft white light. It’s almost close to natural light and the bulbs are evenly spaced such that the light forms no shadow even in dark conditions.

It will show all the hidden details on your face allowing you to apply your makeup uniformly without missing a single spot so that you are able to achieve great results.

However, the light is extremely bright when you first turn it on but this won’t be much of a problem as the unit features a dimmer twist switch on the side. Therefore, you can adjust the brighteness in accordance with your needs and since they are LED bulbs, they won’t either hurt your skin when you touch them.

Installation is simple and straightfoward. There isn’t much to do as almost everything comes already assembled except for the bulbs. It’s something that can take only a few minutes and the structions are very clear.

The bulbs are replaceable and easy to remove with the package including two extra bulbs to give you a headstart should one or two bulbs get damaged. They are energy-saving LED bulbs which means you won’t have to deal with exorbitant power bills every month.

So were there downsides to this Chende vanity mirror? Well, there’s really nothing negative to point out. Everything seems built to great quality and it functions perfectly. Probably what is worth mentioning is the fact that’s a frameless model, so you can’t hang it to a wall.

Overall, this is no doubt a superb vanity mirror that offers an accurate reflection of the face and perfect natural lighting. It’s one of the best mirrors particularly for makeup application both during the day and at night. If you are thinking of getting a round-shaped, frameless vanity mirror, then this is an option that should be at top of your list.



  • Solid, durable construction from the mirror to the base
  • Stunning design with a sleek stainless finish
  • Large-sized, framelss optic glass that offers clear visibility
  • Energy saving LED bulbs that produce a bright, soft white light
  • You can dim the light intensity to your liking
  • Easy to install and use
  • Can’t be hanged on the wall

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Tangkula Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

When looking for a vanity lighted makeup mirror, you will need one with a large mirror surface to illuminate your entire face. This mirror by Tangkula features a round shape and beautiful design with fancy backlit LED lights that add an elegant feeling to your vanity.

It has a minimalist round look with the glass material full of texture. As its name suggests, it’s fully round measuring 24-inches in diameter. The mirror size is wide and slightly larger than average mirrors, a perfect size to view yourself without craning your neck.

Durable and made of high-quality material you will be amazed by how sturdy it is, once anchored on the wall. The back of the makeup mirror is coated and the edges safely polished to prevent corrosion or accidentals scratches.

Besides from a large viewing surface, this vanity mirror is designed to use LED lights to perfectly illuminate brightness on your face. It provides corona of illumination which is not too bright to reflect true colors without casting any shadows.

The standard powered LED lights are controlled by an intelligent touch sensor. However, you can only use the sensor to turn the lights on and off. Given that the LED lights are natural bright there’s no need for a dimmable feature.

The long-lasting LED lights are energy-efficient with no UV, no mercury and no flickering. Plus, the light strip is anti-fingerprint which ensure the LED lights is always clean and clear. The 13-foot long electrical plug for an AC110-240V outlet comes included with this vanity mirror.

Very easy to install, the mirror comes with an easy slide screw tracks for install. Like most mirrors, you can vertically hang it on the wall and make sure it is in a central position and not sliding. Use a leveling tool to ensure it’s installed in the right position.

Despite being batteries free, the lights can give you a lifetime use without replacement. This mirror is IP44 certified meaning that you can use it for your daily makeup application for many years to come without major damage.

Tangkula goes an extra mile to guarantee customer satisfaction. The mirror is wrapped in a complete foam for safe packaging which also ensures you receive a flawless mirror without cracks and marks.

At first glance, you’ll be astonished of how glamorous and functional this mirror is. Round design with simple intelligent touch sensor and long-lasting LED light. The Tangkula large vanity mirror is a high-quality mirror that can be ideal for you.



  • Large size
  • Classic round shape
  • Easy to use touch control
  • High quality
  • Easy to install
  • LED natural cool light
  • Energy-saver lights
  • Back of the mirror is resistant to water corrosion
  • The LED light is not adjustable
  • It doesn’t store charge

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HAUSCHEN Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

The HAUSCHEN wall mounted, lighted vanity mirror really goes above and beyond with its aesthetic style, sophistication, functionality and set up.

This rectangular mirror will make you feel like you are in an expensive hotel while brushing your hair, shaving or applying make-up. Truly functional art, this mirror boasts a super-slim depth of 1.4 inches, which is quite low profile.

 Its 36 by 38 inches dimensions brings luminosity to your bathroom making it a perfect size for your make up application or hair styling without craning or hurting your neck.

With copper-free surface and frame, this makeup mirror is eco-friendly as it doesn’t have harmful elements that will react with the environment or cause health problems. Compared to other regular silver mirrors this is much more durable and has less corrosion rate.

Additionally, this mirror is backed with fogless features that will automatically keep away fog or steam foaming. It also keeps the mirror surface clean so that you can always get a clear reflection image. However, to activate the anti-fog function you are required to turn the LED lights on. 

The long-lasting LED lights with CRI of 90 glow through the rectangular frame to illuminate your bathroom with light up to a maximum of 6540 lumens without even the need for extra lighting.

The lights shine comfortably bright, without any mercury, no UV or flickering rendering it a safe viewing light to your eyes.

Another great feature in this mirror is the memory touch sensor that can be used to control the light color temperature and the level of brightness. This means that the brightness of the LED lights can be adjusted from 5%-100% with each stage producing the desired glow.

Besides changing the brightness of the light, you can switch between different color temperatures that help you view yourself in different situations. 

The 3000k color temperature is more of warm white light while the 5500k provides natural daylight perfect for makeup application.

The HAUSCHEN lighted mirror has an external power source that can be connected to the mirror via a wall switch control. The support wall switch can be used to directly turn the lights on and off.

The unit comes packed with UL listed electronics parts that are approved and covered by safety housing. Installation is a quite easy and safe activity that require two people.

Plus, it doesn’t occupy too much space. This mirror is designed to be mounted on the wall either vertically or horizontally. However, for sturdy hold, you can screw mount on the wall.

For quality assurance, the HAUSCHEN lighted vanity mirror is backed with a 3-year warranty against any material and manufacturing flaws.

Generally, this mirror is equipped with a lot of features that are perfect for anyone seeking a mirror that is still stylish and yet functional. It offers that flexibility that will make your bathroom décor uniquely exceptional.



  • It has brightness memory function
  • Environmental copper-free construction
  • Beautifully designed
  • Long-lasting LED lights
  • Multiples light color temperature
  • Different setting range of the light brightness
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-fog function
  • Perfect view size
  • Comfortable visual lighting
  • It might not be bright enough to some

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Deco Brother 7X Non-Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

Unlike most mirrors on our list, this round shaped model does not have a lighting system. This is an excellent option designed with a good quality double-sided mirror that provides the right reflection with no distortion.


The 7x powerful magnification side is ideal for detailed makeup application such as eyeliner, eyebrow plucking and more. It zooms in the intended area ensuring you get flawless makeup.

Design & Matching

To ensure that the mirror is stable whenever you are applying cosmetics or grooming, this elegant mirror is equipped with a strong and sturdy base. In addition to stability, the mirror is neither lightweight nor heavy, it has a perfect weight that boosts its sturdiness.

Mostly reviewed by users for its high-quality construction, sturdy body and flawless mirror, it is more than durable and you can use it for many years to come. The nickel finish prevents the mirror from rust at the same time giving it an expensive look.

Size & Shape

Standing on its base this mirror is 13-inch tall with an 8-inch diameter round mirror surface. The double-sided mirror is conveniently mounted on a swivel which rotates a complete 360 degrees.

Elegantly designed it has a sleek nickel finish and a classic styling that can fit with any décor in your bedroom or bathroom.

The Decobros large swivel mirror tabletop design makes it compact and portable allowing easy movement from room to room while occupying small space.

The 8-inch viewing surface is just the right size for accurately applying your make-up and any other grooming needs. Despite being very thin, it reflects a true, perfect image free from any distortion.


This double-sided mirror incorporates a flip design that makes it easy to switch between both sides of the mirror. Both of the mirrors provide different magnification power options for a clear image reflection.

However, it doesn’t swivel meaning you can only flip from the magnified side to the regular side. You get to choose either the 1x or 7x magnification depending on how detail you want your makeup or hair styling to be.

As we mentioned earlier, this rounded makeup mirror has no lights. Meaning that in order to get an effective reflection, you are required to use the mirror with reasonable lighting that can illuminate your entire face. For applying makeup look for a more natural light provision spot.

To sum it up, Decobros large makeup mirror is simply designed to provide exemplary results. With the high definition distortion free look at yourself, this 8-inch mirror is the epitome of effectiveness and quality.



  • Two magnification double-sided makeup mirror
  • It is flexible to flip smoothly from one side to the other
  • Stable and sturdy base
  • Made of high-quality durable material
  • Elegant nickel finish
  • Portable
  • Large viewing surface
  • It does not have lights

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Ovente 10X Magnifying Mount Makeup Mirror Reviews

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