JiBen 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

Are you someone hunting for a makeup mirror to provide perfect close-up views for applying cosmetics and hairstyling?

The cordless Jiben lighted makeup mirror comes with extreme magnification power to offer clear undistorted closeup images appropriate for all your beauty routines.


A great feature of this makeup mirror is the extreme magnification. The parabolic shaped mirror has 10X magnification power to aid you to see specific spots on your face.

Since the mirror is 10X magnified, you will need to position your face within a distance of 5-inches to the mirror for clear distortion-free images.

Lighting & Power

When it comes to functionality of the Jiben Lighted mirror, you will definitely be amazed. With 14 bright long-lasting LED lights embedded all around the perimeter of the mirror head, this vanity mirror will make your daily makeup routine easy and quick.

The energy-efficient LED lights mimic natural daylight to provide a bright illumination that is ideal for any makeup procedure. To turn on the lights, the mirror incorporates an easy to access push-button switch that is normally located in front of the mirror head.

In order for light provision, the single-sided lighted makeup mirror is fitted with a battery compartment usually found at the back of the mirror head.

Unlike its competitors, the compartment is not bulky since it’s designed to use and fit only three AAA batteries that you will purchase separately.

Size & Shape

Aside, the mirror comes with a nice round shape mirror-head structure holding the glass reflective surface and the brightly illuminated ring light.

The overall frame measures about six inches whereas the crystal-clear glass is 5-inches in diameter, enough to cover your entire face.

With such a compact size, this unit is cleverly constructed to utilize and save on space. In fact, the vanity mirror takes up zero counter space since you are required to attach it to your existing mirror or mount on any smooth, non-porous and flat surface.

Apart from space-saving, the single-sided makeup mirror is very easy to use. It boasts of a 12-inch extendable arm that allows the mirror to come to you rather than you having to constantly bend or adjusting your position towards the mirror and countertop.

Design & Matching

First and foremost, the wall mount mirror is carefully designed and constructed with you in mind. The mirror incorporates a timeless design featuring a sleek and elegant outlook that is not just attractive to the eyes but goes well with most room decorations.


In fact, the adjustable gooseneck is also capable of rotating thus adding ease in re-positioning the mirror. The 360-degree rotation swivel arm effortlessly adjusts to provide perfect viewing points and angles for quick beauty process every morning.

On one end of the flexible gooseneck is the mirror head while on the other tip, you will find the mighty suction cups for easy installation.

Besides, the unit features a cordless design that makes it a clutter-free. With the mirror in your home, there will be no more dealing with messy power cords.

In fact, you will no longer need to keep searching for an electrical outlet each time you are getting ready for your commitments.


It is recommended that before mounting, you clean the surface with soap and water to eliminate any grime or dust and enable proper contact with the suctions.

An area of at least 3-inch by 3-inch is required for the suction cups to work efficiently. By twisting the suction lock clockwise, you trigger the locking mechanism and anti-clockwise to unlock. For a stronger suction, ensure the surface is a little moistened.

The makeup mirror works perfectly on surfaces made of the glass, marble, granite, porcelain, ceramic or fiberglass. However, it is important to note that the suctions may not work as required on surfaces such as stucco, grout, wallpaper, drywall, and textured wall.

Lastly, the Jiben LED lighted 10X is for anyone looking for a flexible wall-mount and highly portable makeup mirror. With a lightweight foldable design, the unit is ideal for travel.



  • 100% 30-days satisfaction guarantee
  • 10X magnification power
  • Lightweight, foldable and highly portable
  • Energy efficient lights
  • Long lasting batteries
  • Adjustable gooseneck arm
  • Space saving
  • The mirror is single sided.

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SunplusTrade 7X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

Are you on a hunt for a makeup mirror that can mount on any bathroom vanity? Well, the SunplusTrade Flexible Gooseneck 7X is your best fit. With a clever design, the wall mount unit incorporates strong suction cups to allow secure attachment on any mirror or wall.


Amazingly, this mirror is designed with you in mind. It comes with 7X magnification power that is perfect and not too strong. For precision and crystal-clear images, you are required to be at least six inches or closer to the reflective surface of the mirror, otherwise, the images will be blurry.

In fact, the mirror functions flawlessly and even people with bad vision can see clear images while grooming themselves. The 7X magnification power is ideal for beauty routines such as pore extraction, hair removal and putting on contact lenses.

Lighting & Power

Besides, the square shape lighted SunplusTrade makeup mirror comes with bright LED lights embedded all around its perimeter to offer ideal illumination that is great for applying cosmetics and other beauty activities like eyebrow tweezing.

For perfect brightness, this wall mount lighted mirror is battery powered. The mirror needs three AA batteries that you are required to purchase separately. Indeed, the unit is long lasting and you can use it for prolonged periods without changing the batteries.

Size & Shape

First and foremost, this mirror’s package is 7.3-inch long by 7.3-inch high by 4.2-inch wide and comes in a perfect size to easily fit on most bathroom vanities. With its distortion-free reflective surface of 7-inches diagonal, you are assured of quality images that are perfect for a daily makeup routine.


When it comes to usability, this mirror is among the most effortless to use. The mirror has a flexible gooseneck measuring 9.8-inches long that you will no longer be required to lean over your bathroom mirror to get those close-up images.

Also, the flexible gooseneck comes with a 360-degree swivel rotation that is adjustable to any suitable position for applying makeup. Now, you just stand straight and use the flexible gooseneck to adjust the height of the mirror to the best angle anytime.

Actually, the mirror has a cordless design that makes it clutter free. It goes well with most room decor since no wires are visible. Weighing 12.6 ounces, the unit is lightweight and highly portable. These features make the mirror great for home use and perfect for travel.


In terms of installation, this unit is cleverly designed for wall mounting. It is easy to install and ready to utilize without too much hassle. No screws are included and no drilling is required since the mirror has powerful suction cups for mounting and no mess is caused.

To mount the unit firmly on your bathroom mirror, simply twist to lock the suctions and the mirror is ready for use. The suction cups are carefully structured to work on all standard bathroom mirrors.

Another amazing feature is the wide base to offer maximum support and hold firmly while the mirror is wall mounted. The base holds the battery compartment and has the on/off switch for the LED lights.

You will also like the two-year hassle-free warranty that arrives with this lighted wall mount makeup mirror. With this product, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the quality and functionality of the mirror.

Overall, we can recommend the SunplusTrade Flexible Gooseneck 7X for anyone looking for an easy to use and install wall mount mirror. It’s lightweight and portable for travel too.



  • 7X magnification
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Easy installation
  • Clutter-free cordless design
  • Distortion-free mirror
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Lacks anti-fog function

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JUHALL 10X Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror Reviews

If you are more into a round shaped mirror for a real close-up and personal magnification, then JUHALL might be the ideal magnified mirror for you.


With 10- times magnification, you will be able to get a clear image when touching up your make-up, eyebrow tweezing, inserting and removing contacts or any other mirror viewing needs.

This astounding mirror features only a 10X magnification one-sided mirror that is very clear and useful, allowing you to focus on specific areas of your face. The strong magnification is convenient for detailed makeup application, shaving, tweezing and other grooming needs.

It is recommended that you keep a distance of 5.9 inches between the magnifying mirror and face for a better view or in case of dizziness.

Lighting & Power

Starting with the LED lighting, this round mirror mimics natural daylight that illuminates your face twice as bright compared to your normal makeup mirror. The LED lights are powerful enough to last over 50,000 hours with everyday use without replacement.

Aesthetics aside, this mirror is very easy to use. At the top of the mirror slightly press the ON/OFF button to turn the lights on or off. This is very effective especially when you are in a poorly lit area.

However, compared to other advanced mirrors this one lack light dimmable effect. Besides, the lights are powered by 3 AAA batteries not included in the package.

Size & Shape

This mirror is roundly shaped with an inner diameter of 5.12 inches just a perfect size for you. The overall unit is made of beautifully brushed high-quality ABS and silver material that offers lifelong durability.


In regards to ease of use, this JUHALL mirror is among the top. With a 360 degrees adjustable swivel axis, you can easily adjust to any desired angle making it highly convenient for makeup application and hairstyling.

With its suction locking cup and no tools required this unit is a breeze to install. You can securely attach it to any flat, smooth, clean and non-porous surface such as marble, granite or glass above your vanity or wall mount it.

With great suction force, the mirror moves freely without falling off. You also get to have a lifetime warranty of guarantee with this unit.

Lastly, this cordless mirror is very compact and portable. It occupies zero counter space and also folds up neatly and efficiently. Since it is highly portable, the mirror comes with a storage bag and wiping cloth making it convenient for both home storage and traveling.

Overall, JUHALL 10X lighted makeup mirror with circular lighting has a strong magnification and suction power ideal for everyday grooming routine. The fact that is cordless and lightweight is a big plus. We would highly recommend.



  • Easy to use on/off button
  • 360 degrees adjustable angle for different viewing
  • Come with a storage bag and cleaning cloth
  • Mimics natural daylight
  • Long-lasting LED lights
  • Offers great magnification power
  • Light and easy to carry around
  • A strong suction locking mechanism
  • It’s a space saver
  • It can only be attached on a clean, non-porous flat surface
  • The 3 AAA batteries are not included
  • the lights are not dimmable

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KEDSUM 10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

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