Waneway Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews

This free-standing vanity mirror design will definitely add personality to your bathroom or room décor. This is the first of our Hollywood-style mirror that features an all-round exterior bulb. It is similar to those mirrors you see on runway backstage or makeup rooms.

This frameless free-standing tabletop mirror is carefully constructed with diamond-cut slanting edges. The slim design with 31.5″ Width and 24″ Height illuminated mirror provides a large view mirror for accurate makeup applications, dressing up and hairstyling.

It doesn’t occupy too much space, can be either horizontally or vertically mounted. However, the design was well thought so that it can be portable.

It has a strong reflective mirror base that offers support for free-standing effect, plus you can place your small make-up tools.

You will feel like a movie star using this makeup mirror. It features color-correct lightening with a maximum of 1400 lumens and CRI of 90 that provides non-flickering, even lighting free of shadows.

To achieve a professional light for makeup application, the mirror has multiple glow modes to select from. It can easily switch from 4000K which is a warm glow to a 6000K white daylight.

This helps you view how your makeup looks in different situations. Hollywood lighted mirror is more than twice bright to reflect your natural skin complexion.

In contrast to other mirror bulbs which tend to burn out or overheat, this vanity make-up mirror has the safest bulbs.

These 14 dimmable high-quality LED lights operate on low-voltage to ensure that they never get hot and will still shine bright for more than 50000 hours without any replacement.

Hollywood lighted vanity mirror is best rated for its reliability. The 12V DC safe to use and UL certified adapter comes included with this vanity mirror.

It also has non-flickering Hi-pot LEDs and a sensor touch dimmer control equipped with advanced technology that prevents the bulb from overheating in case of unstable voltage.

For quality assurance, Hollywood lighted vanity mirror is backed with lifetime free replacement. Installation is quite easy taking only 5 minutes.

The Hollywood lighted makeup vanity mirror is among the best lighted Hollywood style vanity mirrors on the market today. If you are a makeup and fashion enthusiast, this unit can lighten up your days and nights.



  • Elegantly designed to suit your taste
  • The 110 LED bulbs are durable
  • Perfect size for your small vanity
  • Strong sturdy base
  • Multiples glow setting
  • Dimmable touch switch
  • Reliable
  • Easy to install
  • Poor packaging might arrive broken

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ProductWaneway Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights Reviews
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Waneway Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror Reviews


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