Zadro 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

While some people think they have pretty good notions and beliefs of what goes where on their faces, almost none can apply makeup accurately without a great piece of quality mirror.

The Zadro 10X LOVLW410 make up mirror is a Next Generation lighted oval shaped mirror for all your beauty and grooming needs.

Manufactured by Zadro Health Solutions, a leading innovator in the beauty industry with over 30 years of excellence in producing premium quality products, this unit is cleverly designed and constructed with you in mind.


On one side of the mirror is the flat 1X magnification reflective surface while on the opposite side, the mirror boasts of its concave 10X magnification power.

This makes your personal care routine quick and easy as you are able to get a crystal-clear detailed closeup image of your face.

Lighting & Power

The functionality of this unit is undoubted. This oval-shaped 10X magnifying mirror incorporates a diffused LED ring light for proper and efficient makeup lighting.

With a brightness of 227.036 lux, this energy-saving LED’s consume up to 70% less power compared to regular knobs and aids in perfectly matching makeup to your face.

Also, the lighted round shape mirror has a dual power supply system. The unit arrives with a power adapter that you can connect to your home electrical wall socket. Besides, you can separately purchase 4 C batteries and use them instead of the power adapter.

Size & Shape

Its construction involves a base plate, mirror frame, extendable arm, and a dual-sided reflective surface. The round base plate has a 5-inch diameter large enough for maximum wall mounting support. Besides, this base plate houses the on/off switch button for lighting the mirror.

When it comes to the size of the frame and reflective surface, this mirror boasts of a 8-inch by 5.75-inch mirror head.

The size of the mirror is wide enough to cover your entire face thus perfect for personal and professional use.

Design & Matching

In terms of appearance, this wall mount bathroom mirror has great aesthetics as it comes in a nice Satin nickel finish that is attractive and adds glamour to any decorations. Actually, with the optic quality reflective surface your cosmetics’ application is now quick and easy.


Another amazing feature for this double-sided wall mount makeup mirror is its 360-degrees swivel axis to allow endless rotation of the mirror head. This adds to the convenience of utilizing this unit as you can effortlessly rotate the dual-sided magnified mirror to the side with the required magnification power for your tweezing, shaving, makeup and other grooming needs.

For flexibility and more convenience, this magnifying makeup mirror is fitted with a strong and firm double-jointed extendable arm that extends up to 12-inches from the wall.

The arm has various joint axes that allow you to adjust the position of the mirror to a more suitable point of view.


Installing this hand-free wall mount bathroom mirror is easy. The item arrives with a wall mount plate, standard drywall anchors, mounting screws and washers.

Weighing 3 pounds, the mirror is lightweight for lifting. It’s also cordless and runs on batteries thus can be mounted anywhere.

The mirror arrives in a nice package with measurements of 14.8-inch by 9.8-inch by 2.5-inch and a total shipping weight of 4.19 pounds. The size is ideal for transportation of the product and makes a great shelf presentation as well as storage.

Generally, the Zadro 10X bathroom mirror is recommendable to anyone looking for a good looking lighted oval-shaped mirror that can be used for all cosmetic needs and adds glamour to any home.



  • Dual-sided magnification
  • 10X powerful magnification
  • 360-degree swivel mirror head
  • Easy to install and use the mirror
  • Dual-power supply
  • Store power
  • Cordless for mounting anywhere
  • The LEDs light are energy efficient and durable
  • The lights might malfunction

Price & Rating

ProductZadro 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews
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Zadro 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews