Zadro 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews

If you are a fan of the oil-rubbed bronze finish, here is another Zadro mirror that you will love. Zadro has a passion for beauty innovation that has existed for over 35 years.

Their mirrors are constructed with a perfect balance between quality, functionality, and design.


Zadro 10X LED lighted magnified mirror features dual-sided mirrors made of high-quality optical glass mirrors which ensure you get a clear reflection of your true self.

The dual-sided feature on a makeup mirror always comes in handy since it allows it to be used for various multiples beauty requirements.

When applying false lashes, tweezing, eyeliner or other small intricate details you can easily switch to the 10X magnification side to zoom in on critical details.

Use the 1X side for all-around hairstyling, grooming, and general makeup. It allows you to see a clear image without any distortion or dizziness feeling.

Lighting & Power

Despite how dim the environment around is, the LEDs are sure to provide enough light that can illuminate every inch of your face. It emits natural cool bright lighting idle for professional makeup application with sure of a blemish-free result.

Additionally, the lighting system consumes up to 70% less of electricity compared to other regular bulbs. Since the lights are energy-efficient you will pay less for additional lifetime use of the LEDs lights without the need of replacing.

The fact that the LED light strip is featured in both side of the mirror makes it convenient whenever you use either of the sides.

In terms of ease of use, this magnifying mirror is on the top list. Using the switch button on the base of the mirror you can easily turn the lights on and off. However, having no dimmable feature can be quite a small setback.

There is no power supply outlet close by? No problem.

The 5 feet power cord included in the package is flexible and long enough to reach where you need it to. Apart from the power adapter, you can use 4 pieces of type C batteries to light up the LED lights.

Size & Shape

The reflective surface alone measures 7-inches in diameter, a perfect enough size to reflect your entire face when grooming, shaving or applying makeup.

Its rotation works wonderfully as well. Boosting a 360 degrees angle makes it easy to switch between sides in order to access different magnification power.

The mirror extension from the base to the end of the swing arm attachment is 12.5-inches. The short arm being 4.8-inches and long arm 7.7-inches. When not in use you can fold it back to the wall making it convenient for small bathroom homes, hotels and apartment.

Design & Matching

This unit has a very modern design which is at the same time simplistic. The unique oil-rubbed bronze finish it’s appealing to the eye and instantly adds an attractive accent of ambiance to the room.

Having guarantee durability, it blends well with a different environment.


With this adjustable rotation no need to worry about hurting your neck or getting the wrong view, you can simply adjust the mirror to the desired angle.


Since this mirror is cordless with no visible wiring required, you can easily mount it anywhere you wish to. In addition, it also comes with a simple set up mechanisms of screwing the base to the wall to achieve a sturdy hold.

Judging from the overall design, look, functionality and quality this eco-friendly mirror-treated with oil-brushed bronze finish blends in with any decorations.

Versatile and attractive this mirror is idle for those who want to have the flexibility of 10X power magnification and the regular magnification.



  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • Dual power supply
  • Offers 360-degrees swivels angle rotation
  • 10X power magnification
  • Long power cord
  • Simple setup
  • Bright lighting
  • Foldable
  • Elegant finish
  • Lights are not dimmable

Price & Rating

ProductZadro 10X Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Reviews
3.9 out of 5 stars
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Zadro 10X Lighted Wall Mounted  Makeup Mirror Reviews